Pure Love of Lizzy: Episode 16 by Ngozi Lovelyn O

It was terrible. The mother could not shed herself off the shock. Her father was making sure Lizzy's burial went smoothly. Some of her relations and friends gathered in their village kitchen cooking and as same time crying: "Lizzy, why did you allow him to kill you? Lizzy why? We won't question God, for he only knows the best, may your soul rest in peace."
The atmosphere was so moody, the elders carried their jaws, looking sad.
" Elizabeth my daughter, why? Why did you left your mother, am I supposed to be the one to bury you? Children are meant to bury their parents, and not the parents burying their child." Lizzy's Mom continued crying and lamenting as the ambulance approached.
A loud wail broke.... "So it's true!! Ada oma (good daughter) has arrived her father's compound to finally rest in peace" the crowd wailed.
Lizzy's mom rushed towards the ambulance, shouting in tears..."No, this is not Elizabeth, my daughter is in school, somebody should call her on phone"..... As she was still dreaming, Lizzy's Dad tapped her, waking her up.
She opened her eyes, stared through the room, and hurriedly rose from the bed, sweating profusely.

"What is it, why are you shaking in your sleep?"

"My husband, oh my God, thank God it's a dream oo..I had a terrible dream of where we were burying Elizabeth"

"God forbid, its not our own daughter, we can't bury any of our children" Lizzy's father proclaimed and the mother replied "Amen"

"Kneel down let us pray against it" the father who was also a pastor demanded and they prayed against the bad dream from taking place in the real world.

After the prayer, Lizzy's Mother asked: "My husband, I don't know if its wise to call Elizabeth now and inform her about the dream or should I wait till the day breaks before informing her? I'm not comfortable with the kind of feelings I'm having now."

Lizzy's Dad checked the time, and it was exactly the time Lizzy bordered a bike to visit Stanley at the hospital.
"Well, if your heart is forcing you to call her, then heed to it, call her" he said, reaching her phone, and handed it over to her.
When Lizzy was getting closer to the hospital, her Mom called her, asking her where she was.

"Mom, I am on bike now, rushing to the hospital, my best friend is in a critical condition, he needs my help"

"You are on the road, at this hour? And did you said "he" now? Please tell the bike man to park I really need to tell you something serious, it involves your life"

Lizzy doesn't joke it whenever her mother starts sounding in a strange manner. She requested the bike man to park one side.
"OK Mom, I'm listening"

"OK my daughter, I just had a terrible dream now where you died"

"God forbid! It's not yet my time to die, no weapon formed against me shall prosper"

"Amen" the mother replied.

"People were saying in that dream "why you allowed him to kill you"... So it was because of the " he" you mentioned now that I remembered that part" her mother worried.

"Mom, relax, the person I'm going to see in the hospital can not even hurt a fly, let alone killing a human. But hope you have prayed against it?"

"Yes, I have"

"Then that's it, it has already been cancelled from taking place in reality" Lizzy proclaimed.

"But my daughter, you might......."

"Mummy!" Lizzy cut in..just relax, since you have prayed over it, I have  faith, nothing will happen to me, I will call you back later mummy." She said and disconnected the call.

"Wait Elizabeth, wait" Mummy yearned, but she has ended the call already. She called her back, but she ignored it.

"Why is she always stubborn?" Mum asked, as she knelt down in prayers, asking God to protect her daughter from any danger.

"Mothers can worry a lot eeh" Lizzy said loudly to the hearing of the bike man as she told him to continue with the ride.

The bike man smiled and said: "You are lucky your mother is still alive to be worrying over you, I wish mine was still alive. I suggest you listen to what ever she was telling you, maybe God revealed something to her over your head, because God most times, reveal to mothers when evil is about to befall their families, especially those who are strongz spiritually."

Lizzy remembered how her mother used to receive revelations through dreams regarding future occurrences.

"But who is the " he" she was talking about? It can't be Stanley, he knew I was not the one who shot him. It can't be Chief as well"

She kept silent when she remembered Chief, as chilling feelings rain all over her

"Could it be Chief? Could it be him? Oh, I am so confused! Could it be him?" Lizzy continued asking herself as they approached the hospital.

"But why would he want me dead if he is actually the one?" Lizzy asked herself as the chilling feelings kept drenching her body. She then asked the bike man to please take her back to her hostel.

"Why?" The bike man asked

"I don't know, just take me back." Lizzy replied

The bike man said OK and turned back.
But already, Chief's men had sighted a bike approaching, but was abashed when he took a u-turn. They took a good look to know if she was the one the bike man was carrying. But the sight did not do justice to that. They stood watching until the bike man passed where a light shinned through them, they recognized her with the cloth she was wearing.

And they called Chief immediately, informing him on what happened.
Chief got infuriated, thinking that they have made a mistake again. He excused himself and went outside.

"What kind of stupidity are you boys suffering from? I told you how skilled I need this job to be and you allowed her to get away! "

"No Chief. She did not see us?" One of the boys blurted

Chief got angry by his response and wanted to give him a heavy punch on the face but realized they were in a hospital, he then controlled his anger.

"I need that girl dead, I don't want any excuses again, and don't ever call me again until you are done with the task. Now get out from my sight. Chief ordered in a low tone to prevent his words from joining the air.
The men spade off..running after Lizzy.

Chief went inside and started asking himself:" Who knows if Lizzy has told my son about my relationship with her?.........hmmm........So Lizzy was the girl he told me he disguised as a poor man to win her heart?............... I better destroy anything that could make my wife discover that Lizzy was the same girl Stanley was talking about, because that might lead Stanley into having a clear suspense that I'm the one responsible for his present condition..I better destroy his phone now because it might has Lizzy's picture in it"

So he went inside, took Stanley's phone. The people in the room did not suspect what was happening. He went outside and destroyed it.
The guys planned to track Lizzy down was futile, because the bike man took another shortcut to her hostel, and thereby missing the lane.

To be continued.

The author of Pure Love of Lizzy is Ngozi Lovelyn O.
Warning: No part of this work should be used, copied, redistribute, reproduce either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author.

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