Pure Love of Lizzy: Episode 15 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

About 2:am, Lizzy was still tied to the chair, weakly calling out for help. But nobody came to rescue her. She struggled to free herself, but was very difficult for her.

Chief reached to the place they shot Stanley, but his body was no longer there. And there was nobody he could ask, all the shops around the place locked up immediately after the incident, they got scared and fled.

"Where could they have taken him? I pray he survives the gunshot. I know my son to be a very strong man. I pray he survives it, Stanley my son, I want you to survive it, you are strong, please survive it." He wished, placing his hands on his head racing on his mind on where Stanley's body could be.
Suddenly, one of the boys who ran away called him and informed him that they took him to Crest hospital but they declined to attend to him without a police report.

"Tell them that he is the son of Chief Ohadike, that they should attend to him immediately............ I am on my to that hospital now." Chief said and spade off.
When the guys relayed Chief's message to them, they still ignored them, they thought they made up a lie.

Immediately the doctor who was about to leave the hospital saw Chief alighting from his car, he asked: "Chief Chief! I was told that your son was rushed down to this hospital, is that true?"

"What kind of hospital is this? You saw somebody who is dying and you are still requesting for a nonsense police report?" Chief roared in anger.

"Calm down Chief, we have a procedures for treating people with such case. Don't worry, we will attend to him now." The Doctor said, as he went inside.

Luckily after, he was stabled after trying out their best, but he was still unconscious. He lost a great amount of blood. Good thing those men rushed to the place the time they did, otherwise, he wouldn't have survived it, although the shooter aimed wrongly.

Chief does not know how to inform his family about the tragic news. His family will hate him for the rest of their lives.
"How do I tell them about this now? Because of a woman that I wanted to kill my own son? What a shame, what will the world say? This will destroy my political career. Why now that I'm aspiring the seat of the governorship? How do I handle this?"

"Chief, I want to suggest something?" One of the boys named Bullet said.

"Yes, what is it?"

"Chief, we are very sorry for what happened. We never knew he was your son!"

"What do you want to say?"

"Chief, you know, if your son finds out you are behind this, I can't imagine the kind of relationship that will exist between you and him again oo..."

"I know that, that's why I'm contemplating on how best to handle the situation, to obstruct him from finding out" Chief said

"Chief, the only person that can bring that knowledge to him is your Lizzy, and as for us, we are leaving straight from here before he regains consciousness, but before we leave, we would like to clear up any link that might trace to you."

When he mentioned Lizzy, Chief gave him a very hard look.

"Yes Chief, I know you love her, but you have to choose between your son and her. If your son finds out that, because of a woman, you wanted to cut him out in his prime, believe me, he will reject you as his father, his hatred for you won't be remedied."

"Bullet, I think you have a point. So what do you suggest I should do?." Chief asked.

"Chief, you have to take the extreme measures to ensure this matter did not get to the public" Bullet said and went closer to him and whispered: "Let's end her life. Let's kill her Chief, that is the only best way"

Chief's eyes widened in shock, as his face wired maintaining a very short silence. The other guy nodded his head in affirmation to what Bullet said.

"But, is there no other way? Chief asked
They shook their heads, and said, there is no other way Chief.
Chief said, he will still think about it first.
Later, Chief called his family and informed them on what happened.
They were shocked in tears.

"My only son! Jehovah! Please don't allow me to go sonless oo....if you will take my son, please take me too. It will not be well with the person who did this to my only son. It will not be well with them" Gloria cried
The husband who was behind watching how depressed the whole family were, decided to kill Lizzy so as to save himself and his political career.

He gave his men sign to carry out the deal and warned them to avoid any mistake.
Lizzy finally succeeded in freeing herself and ran out of the place. When the men stormed there, they couldn't find her and they relayed it to Chief immediately. He became tensed that Lizzy might tell somebody about it.

He told his boys not to worry that he will control the situation. He called Lizzy on phone, and in a warmly manner asked her where she was,  that he rushed back to the house to release her but couldn't find her.

"You have succeeded in killing your only son, what else do you still want from me? You are such a beast, the whole world will hear your story..just watch and see. I will personally destroy you Ohadike"

"Lizzy, please don't take it like that, I never knew he was my son. But that's not the reason I called, Stanley is still alive, he is responding to treatment in the hospital now."

"What! Are you serious? Oh! Hallelujah! oh Lord I thank you, oh Lord I thank you." Lizzy knelt down waving her hand in praise."In which hospital was he admitted?"

"Crest Hospital. Lizzy, I am regretting my mistakes now, I don't know what came over me" Chief said pretending to be crying, as if he was regretting his actions and continued: " Lizzy, my son needs you right beside him now, he needs you Lizzy, I have agreed to your request, I never knew my son was the man you found love with. So I am letting you go, I wish you two goodluck and all the happiness in the world."

Lizzy who was shocked at his sudden change of heart asked:" Does it mean I am free to visit him in the hospital?"

"Yes Lizzy, you are free to. You can come now, my family has not yet arrived. Just come and see him quickly"

"Chief, thank you so oo much, I am on my way right now" Lizzy said, checked her time, it was 5:12am, she rushed out immediately and bordered a bike.

Chief then informed his boys that the girl was coming and that, he does not want any mistake.

To be continued

The author of Pure Love of Lizzy is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: "No part of this work should be copied, used, redistribute, reproduce either electronically or manually without permission from the author.

Copyright 2017

To be continued....

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