Pure Love of Lizzy: Episode 14

Lizzy maintained arms length to her friendship with Nenye. Turning a new leaf means dropping some of the friends that might drag you back to your spat. Lizzy understood that and stayed away from Nenye.

Nenye noticed her sudden change in attitude and approached her in school.

"Nenye, I want to return to my foundation. This is not the kind of life my parents desired for me. And as for Chief, I am no longer marrying him. You can have him now."

"Why?" Nenye asked, thinking she had finally succeeded in ruining the relationship.

"I decided not to go ahead with the marriage anymore. I can imagine the tension I'm causing the wife. I have been asking myself, 'what if my Dad wake up one morning and decides to take a second wife, what would be my reaction?' Off course, it will destroy the peace my home has ever built."Lizzy said.

Nenye kept speechless watching her.

"And Nenye, I'm urging you to follow my lead, extricate yourself from this illicit business, there is no gain in it. You will only end up soaking yourself in more trouble." Lizzy said and walked away from her.

Nenye who was dumbfounded kept watching her leave, void of the words to utter.
That night, Lizzy decided to tell Stanley about her past life.

"In order to start up a new life, I better tell Stanley about my past, so that I will be free from any hunt it will pose, in case, it somehow surfaces in my future...Yes, I have to..But how do I do that? I don't have the courage to face him and start spitting them out"

Lizzy was still contemplating and Stanley called her on phone.

"My Queen, how are you?" Stanley asked

"I am fine Stan, you?"

"I am good My Love. I am missing you''

"I am missing you too. What are you doing now?" Lizzy asked

"Just lying on the bed, thinking about you."
Lizzy giggled and remembered she was cooking something. And said:" Let's talk later Stan, I have something on the cooker"

"Alright Baby" and they ended the call.
As she was about to enter the kitchen, a calm bang was heard from the door. She thought it was one of her lodge mates, and she opened without asking who it was. To her utmost surprise, Chief was standing right infront of her.

"Oh my God! How did he find out my new apartment?" She asked in her heart.

"Surprise?" Chief snapped her out of her confused state."You don't expect to see me here right.? I told you, you won't get away from me easily. You are anxious to know how I found out, right? OK I will tell you. My men have been keeping a close track on you. I have all your details for the past few days. Oh yes, I knew when you sold the car, the boutique, when you packed in here. Yes, I knew all that, but I kept quiet to know your real motive."

"Chief! Stop wasting your money and energy snooping me out." She blurted and continued: " I still stand on my decision. I don't want this marriage anymore. I can't marry you Chief. I won't be proud of this marriage."

"You said you won't be proud? Have you forgotten how you used to enjoy my co..ck.....screaming for more....?
Off course you know I'm very strong, that your small boyfriend does not even posses the kind of strength and vigour that I have"

When he mentioned 'boyfriend' shocked Lizzy stared into his eyes.

"Yes! Are you surprised that I have found out you have a boyfriend? My men are doing their job well. Lizzy, you won't get away from me easily, I warned you earlier."

"Chief, Please I am begging you in the name of God, allow me to have my peace. Honour my decision Chief, consider your family.
I will not even be happy in the marriage, because your wife and children will steal my peace of mind.
See the age gap Chief, I'm still very young, my full life is still ahead of me, but you are getting older to your grave"

"What? Whose grave?" Chief snapped. So you are wishing me dead?

Lizzy, who never knew how the last words slipped from her mouth said she was sorry.
"It's not what I meant to say Chief, I am sorry"

"Lizzy, I know its what you are thinking, but look, you might even die before me, nobody knows when dead will come knocking. That's why its good to enjoy life while you still have it. I will take you to anywhere you want in the world, give you all the happiness. You can't leave me because of that riffraff. According to my men, he has nothing to show for as a succesful man. How come you fell for that cheap scum in the first place?"

"Chief, money is not everything" Lizzy replied

"Lizzy, I came here to warn you for the last time, stop seeing that young man or else, it will be disastrous. This is my last warning. You can call it a threat and its not empty." Chief warned and left.

Lizzy rushed and locked her door, turned her back and rested on it.

"What mess have I gotten myself into. That I don't want him anymore, what is the big deal? Is love by force? Chief you better leave me alone oo...." Lizzy switched off the cooker and lied on her bed, she had lost all appetite for that night.

"I think its time I told Stanley and my parents what is going on" She suggested.

At about 10:56pm, Stanley called her on phone that they needed to see.

"Hope you can still come out from your Lodge by this time? He asked

"Yes, in fact we really need to see, I have something important to tell you."

He said OK.

Stanley had been warned by one of Chief's men to stop seeing Lizzy. He never wanted to tell her that some men approached him to quit seeing her, so that she won't get unnecessary worried. So he decided to play James bond, to propose to her, reveal his real self to her, take her to somewhere safe and report the matter to police for protection.

When Lizzy was leaving, her eyes was on the lookout to know if she was been followed. They arrived at the place they agreed to see.

"Stan, there is something I need to tell you. You might decide not to see me anymore after hearing my story, but one thing you should know is this, I did it because of you, I stopped it because of you"

"Baby, go on, tell me. I believe whatever it is, my love for you will stand the test of it." Stanley assured.

But before Lizzy could open her mouth to say something, Chief's men stormed the place, shot Stanley and abducted her.
Lizzy couldn't contain her shock went berserk....went crazy, struggling to free herself from them.

They sole tapped her mouth, tied her hands behind her back and her legs, zoomed off to her former apartment.

Chief was already there waiting for them.
He laughed out wickedly and said: "You see, I told you, but you wouldn't listen, the young man had to pay the price. I have made up my mind to marry you, and that is final. Just look at you, I'm promising you a better life and you are spitting it out, what kind of human being are you?"

Lizzy who couldn't talk kept on crying profusely.
She was still in shock and couldn't even comprehend what happened. The sound of Stanley's wail when they shot him kept pinching her heart.

"Why are you scared of my family? They are cool and harmless, with time they will get to accept you as their step mother, and my wife Gloria will have no other option to accept you as her mate. OK let me show you their pictures"

Chief brought out his phone and showed Lizzy the recent picture of his family.

"This is my wife, my second daughter, my only son"
Lizzy couldn't believe her eyes....she started struggling out gestures. Chief stood looking at her, wondering what was happening to her.
She kept twitching with all her strength, humming out loudly.
So Chief called one of the men to remove the tape from her mouth.

"Chief, what is the name of your son?"

"What do you need his name for?"

"Chief, I want to clarify something because the man you just showed me here look exactly like Stanley, the man your men shot"

Fear gripped Chief's heart when she called Stanley. He showed the picture to the men to know if he was the same person they shot.
They looked at each other when they noticed that he was the same man, they took to their heels.

"Heyi!!! My God, I'm dead. Is that how I killed my only son?" He exclaimed
Lizzy was just on the chair they tied her crying herself out.

Chief entered his car and rushed to the place the men said they shot his son and left Lizzy tied to the Chair and she was even forgotten with no food nor water.

To be continued in the evening

Author of Pure Love of Lizzy is Ngozi Lovelyn O.....
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