Pure Love of Lizzy: Episode 13 by Ngozi Lovelyn O

Lizzy accepted to see the man she had been chatting with for a very long time.
She left her SUV and took a bus so that she won't send a different identity to Stanley.

"I'm getting to the junction now, I'm wearing a black tight Jean with a blue silk top, what about you?" Lizzy asked as she approached the place they agreed to meet.

"OK, no need telling you mine, I will recognize you the moment I see you"

"Tell me naa. So this is your plan, right?" Lizzy teased

"My plan?"

"Yes, your plan. You want to weigh me first, to know if I'm beautiful or not" Lizzy replied

"I don't understand" Stanley said

"Yes naa, so that you will disappear the moment you discover I did not catch your fantasy" Lizzy explained

Stanley burst into laughter, and said: "No dear, I'm not like that. I have already made up my mind with you, don't worry, just get here first, you will see what will happen"

Lizzy said OK and ended the call, wondering why she always felt extreme happiness each time she heard Stanley's voice.

"And what does he mean by making up his mind with me? I am sure he won't lead me into any kind of temptation. Anyway, let me see him first since I have already made up my mind to see him"

Lizzy reached the place, stared but did not see anybody that looked like him.
At a minute, somebody tapped her from behind, she turned and saw the most handsome man she had ever seen glaring directly into her eyes. His soft lips, gaping his teeth in smiles watching Lizzy, he hugged her and said finally, I have seen you.

The body contact sparked off lightening in Lizzy's veins, his perfume was so soft that Lizzy desired to rest on his arm the whole day.
She regained herself immediately and said

"Stanley! So finally, I have seen you. You look more handsome physically. And you don't even look like somebody who is suffering, you look so fresh and clean"

"My dear, I'm blessed with a good skin texture, that's why. But look at  you, you are such an Angel. So beautiful in real life. Your pictures hid your sexy eyes" He said and they smiled together. He requested for them to look for somewhere cool to sit.

As they were trying to locate a cool place to stay, Lizzy was so lost. She couldn't understood what was happening to her. Seeing Stanley sparked off another strange feelings which eluded her imagination. Lizzy had been in love before, but the kind of feelings she had for Stanley was different from the one she had with Gozie.

"Could it be I'm in love? What is all these, why am I feeling this way?"

Finally they got a good spot and sat. Stanley ordered for two soft drinks. As they were drinking, she couldn't look directly into Stanley's face, when he noticed that, he thought she was shy and touched her palms.
And his soft touch melted Lizzy instantly.

"Don't tell me you are shy?" Stanley asked squeezing her palm softly

Lizzy gave a simple smile and said: "No, I'm not shy, just that I'm here with you, I don't know if you are evil or a kind person. Don't you think it's kind of risky meeting somebody you have less knowledge of?"

"Come on dear, knowing someone starts just in a day. Don't worry, we will soon get to know each other." Stanley said

 After drinking and talking about their few life experiences. They stood to leave.

Stanley had fallen in love with Lizzy, her calm nature approved all the qualities he desired in a woman.
As they stood to leave, he drew her back, held her jaw and asked: "Can I kiss you?"

The question waved through her brains but before she could open her mouth to reply, he planted a quick kiss on her lips and smiled.

"Oh my God, he has a sweet soft lips, and a nice breath. Who is this Guy, really?" Lizzy wondered

"Sorry I did not wait for your permission before doing that, just that I have fallen in love with you, I can't hide it anymore. I love you so dearly, and I promise not to make you cry, just give me a chance in your life" Stanley professed

"Hmm, I don't have any response to your request right now, but I will think about it" Lizzy said

"Please, after thinking about it, let the answer be yes, please" He pleaded

Lizzy laughed and requested: "Give me some time to think about it first".

"Alright alright! I will wait" And later they left.
That night, Lizzy wasn't herself, any call that came to her phone, she desired it to be Stanley's.

"Oom, just look at the time and he hasn't called, or should I call him?" Lizzy asked herself lifting her phone to call and said: "no, it will look somehow. I told him I will think about it, so let me relax."

After about 40 minutes, Stanley called

"My Princess, how are you?"

Lizzy who was buttering in happiness replied "I am fine".

"I am sorry I haven't called since. Was busy with some family issues"

"OK, hope all is well?" Hmm, I know I'm not supposed to be telling you this, but I have to, because I have already considered you a part of me.
"OK, what is it" Lizzy asked

"My mom is so heartbroken, my Dad is planning on taking another wife and the thing is eating her up. I just pray my Dad doesn't go ahead with his decision because it will tear the family apart. My poor mother does not deserve that from him. She contributed a lot to his success and he wants to bring in another woman. The little brat should pray I never see her or else she will pay for all the pains she is causing my mother now."
As he was saying this, Lizzy was touched deeply, thinking about Chief Ohadike and his family. On the pains the wife must be going through just because of her. Lizzy who doesn't want him to continue with the discussion, jumped into another topic because she was already feeling guilty.
So they engaged in another sweet talks.

After they ended the call, Lizzy was so touched. Stanley excavated the human conscience that was buried deep in her. She started fighting with her mind on what best to do.

As day passesby, their love kept growing stronger. Lizzy decided to quit her relationship with Chief because she won't find happiness there and she does not want to be the reason for the family's disintegration. Her parents were happy about her decision.

When she told Chief about it, he turned down her request.
Told her to cast her mind off from any threats her family might be posing to her, that he can handle his family.

"Chief, it's for the best. I don't want to be the reason for you home's breakup"

"Lizzy, what are you saying. You can't just quit after going this far. You want my wife to laugh at me, that all she said about you were all true? I am a man of pride, Don't do this Lizzy. See, I will make you happy for the rest if your life"

"Chief, you are 35 years older than me. My parents disapproved of this marriage, they are not happy I'm marrying a man of your age. Also consider your wife and children as well. I don't want to create catastrophe in your family. I can't marry you Chief."

"Lizzy, are you seeing someone else? Because your sudden change of mind is quite incomprehensible. Tell me the truth now, are you?" Chief asked, grabbing her by the shoulder.

"Chief stop, you are hurting me. It has nothing to do with seeing someone else or not. I'm just doing what I thought is right." Lizzy said and ran out from him.

"Come back here Lizzy, I said come back here!" Chief called in rage.

"What? Look at this small girl. She think she can mess with me. She must go ahead with this marriage. She doesn't know who she wants to mess with."

Chief made a call and arranged for 2 guys to track Lizzy to know if she was seeing some one.

When Lizzy got home, she decided to park out from the house Chief bought for her. She had decided to quit everything about Chief.
"I have to strip myself of anything that has to do with Chief. I will vacate from this house and also return his car to him. Yes, that's what I will do.,,,,hnmm,,,,no! i don't think it's such a good idea. I better sell the car, sell off the boutique and use the proceed to sustain myself for the remaining days in school.....Yes, that's what I should do. I can't just go empty handed, after all, I gave him my body too. It's not wise to be 'aron'." Lizzy said but unaware of Chief's plans.

To be continued

The author of Pure Love of Lizzy is Ngozi Lovelyn O..

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