Pure Love of Lizzy: Episode 12 by Ngozi Lovelyn O

It was the day of the introduction and Lizzy was nowhere to be found. Chief had contacted the police and a search was mounted for her.

Chief's wife, Gloria blew the bubble when she was taunting Chief on the disappearance of Lizzy, that he was about to marry a girl who was old enough to be his daughter.
"I have performed my wifely duties effectively, show me the areas where I have failed in my duties. Instead of rewarding me, you want to bring in another mate, bring her in naa let's see. You think we are fools" Gloria blabs

"What do you mean we?" Chief asked, but
Gloria did not answer, she pinched herself for not keeping quiet.

"Gloria are you not the one I'm asking, what do you mean, we? I hope you and these Children does not have a hand in her disappearance because I have been suspecting you people's movement since yesterday night. If you know what's best for you, better tell me where she is now." Chief roared in angry voice.

"My husband, I don't know what you are talking about oo, I don't have anything to do with Lizzy's disappearance."

"What? Did you just call her name now? I don't think I have ever  mention her name to you before. Gloria now tell me, what did you do to Lizzy?" Anxious Chief asked, vibrating in anger.

When she noticed the rage in Chiefs eyes, she ran to her Children's room and informed them that their father had discovered the truth. Chief stormed the room and demanded them to reveal where they kept Lizzy or else he will get them all arrested by the police. But they all kept quiet and did not say a word.

Chief called the police and informed them that the culprits were the members of his household.
The mother called her son who was abroad and informed her what was happening. That his father wanted to get them arrested all because of a whore.

"How, why? I don't understand, explain Mum" Son asked

"Its because of one stupid girl he said he wants to marry, a girl who is old enough to be his daughter" Mum replied

"Calm down Mum and help me understand, why is he getting you arrested?" Son asked

"Its because we hid the girl. Today is supposed to be her introduction, so we hid her so that he won't proceed with the stupid marriage. He can't do this to me, not after toiling to create this family to the level it is today" Mum laments

"No Mum, you should have settled this amicably, hiding her its just like kidnapping her and its a serious crime. Just tell him where the lady is. I will talk to Dad now. It's remaining few days to my return"

"No Son, you don't know your father." As she was still talking, the police arrived and she ended the call.

When Chief was leading them to where his wife and children were, his phone rang, he checked, and found out it was his son. He ignored it. He called again, he ignored it.

"What kind of nonsense is this? How can Dad go crazy all because of a woman at this his age?" The son said in his heart developing a great hatred for the step wife who was about to break his mother's marriage.

"Arrest them all, arrest them!"  Chief ordered.

"Dad, don't do this ooo, all because of a stupid woman o, a prostitute for that matter that you want to disgrace your own family. That girl does not love you, she only want your money." His daughter said.

Chief never wanted to arrest them, he only wanted to induce them into blurting out the truth.

"Gloria, I'm warning you for the last time, where is Lizzy." Chief asked but she kept quiet.

He approached his younger daughter, and patted her:
"My princess, I know you don't want to see mummy and elder sisters in prison for Kidnapping, I know you must have read in school that its a serious offence to engage in Kidnapping."

"But Daddy, that girl is a bad girl, she does not love you, she only wants to break our peaceful home"

"But how did you know all this?" Chief asked
As she was narrating, Mummy was given her sign to shut up, forgotten that Policemen were still there

"Keep quiet madam and allow the girl to speak" Policeman ordered.

"I promise you my daughter, just tell me where she is, then we will talk about the Lizzy girl later, just tell me all you know about her whereabouts" Chief said inciting her to say something.

"OK Daddy, I don't know much about her whereabouts, but I overheard Mummy and Adaeze(the elder sister) saying something about the old house in the village."

"Is that all you heard?"

"Yes Dad"

The wife frowned, looking at her daughter who couldn't keep her mouth shut, she hardly keep secret when it comes to her father, she was his pet.

Chief and the policemen rushed down to his old house in the village and saw Lizzy tied up. The men who were paid to look after her ran away the moment they saw policemen approaching the compound, they were chased after, but they evaded the police.

Frail looking Lizzy was carried to the car. Chief asked her if they hurt her, if they molested her. She said no. That they only starved her.

Chief drove her to a nearby hotel, fed her, bought her a new cloth to change in. So he decided to close the case since his family was much involved in it.

"Chief, your family does not like me. I don't know how they find out about me. They stormed my house with some group of armed men and abducted me. I was about returning to my village when they whisked me off in their car. I was so scared, thinking they would kill me"

"So sorry that you had go through all that. I was calling your number that yesterday, but it was not reachable, I became worried. So I decided to come to ur place, when I arrived there, the gate was wide open, it were the neighbours who told me what happened, so I had to involve the police immediately." Chief said.

"Oh my people, let me call them immediately, I even forgot." Lizzy said

"Hello, Daddy, is me, Elizabeth"

"My daughter, my daughter!! Thank God, thank God oo," Papa said rejoicing.
 And called the mother who was in the room praying, crying out to God to help them find their daughter.

"Hello, Elizabeth my daughter, you are alive, thank God, mama knelt down, thanking God.
"Elizabeth, what happened, how did you got found? What happened? Who kidnapped you?"

Lizzy did not want them to know that it was Chief's first wife who got her kidnapped, so she lied to them that it was some kidnappers but she escaped from them.
The mother shouted "Praise the Lord! That her God had delivered her daughter from the hands of kidnappers, that it was God who helped her escape.
"Elizabeth, this calls for a thanksgiving"

"Yes mummy"

"Hope you are on your way home now?"
"I will return home soon, I'm with Ohadike, he was the one who came to pick me up from where I was."

" Ohadike?" Mummy asked in a faint tone because she does not like Chief Ohadike

Lizzy noticed the displeasure in her mother's voice and said: "Mummy, we will talk later, bye" And they ended the call.

Lizzy's introduction was rescheduled to a later date.

Five days later, Chief's only son, Stanley returned from USA. There was jubilation in the family. The happy mother tabled everything that happened in his absence.

"But mummy, how did you guys find out about her?" Son asked

"It was one morning like that, when I was about driving out, I saw a girl who claimed to be the girl's friend, she gave her name as Ifeoma. She told me everything about the Lizzy, that she is a prostitute, that she only wants your father for his Money. So I did some little investigation and found out that all she told me were true. Did you know your father even bought a bungalow for her?"

"Mummy, are you serious? What is wrong with Dad? At this his age, he is still worrying about girls"

"Don't mind your father oo! Please tell me about your US experience" Mother requested.

Chief was not around when his son arrived. He traveled to Abuja for a conference. 

Stanley logged into his Facebook to know if pinkyvegas(Lizzy's facebook name) was online, but she wasn't, so he sent her a message that he came to the East. That he would love to see her, that it would mean a lot to him if he could grant him the request.

 Stanley never told Lizzy that he lived in US, he disguised himself as a common man who was struggling with life. Reason was because, he wanted to marry a girl who would love him for who he was and not for what he was. He had about 3 girls, but the only girl who could accept to love him been poor will be the one he will marry, but Lizzy was the first person his interest lied in. He wished his plans worked with her.

After some minutes he sent the message, Lizzy replied.: "Really? Since when and you did not care to inform me?"

"My dear, I was so scared telling you earlier, that you might not like to see a common guy like me. I have lived in Lagos for so many years, but have not achieved any reasonable thing. So my people advised me to return to the East to see if I can start up a small business here?"

"Eh ya! I know you must be struggling with life, but don't worry, with God all things are possible" Lizzy assured.

Lizzy's kind words melted his heart, Stanley jumped to his feet and said"I have seen my wife"

To be continued............
"Stanley and Chief Ohadike" 
Omo what happened next?.......Me sef, I'm so anxious to know what happened next..........lolzzzzz

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