Pure Love of Lizzy: Episode 11

Nenye reached the Waves Cuisine, and fortunately for her, Chief was still there.
She searched the entire tables and saw Chief at the extreme end discussing with Alhaji.
She approached them and greeted.

"Haa, Nenye, is that you? How are you?" Alhaj asked

"I am good Alhaji" she replied and swifted her neck towards Chief and greeted him.

"Your face looks familiar young lady, have we met before?" Chief asked

"Yes, we have, I am Lizzy's friend"

"Ow, I see" Chief said

Nenye turned to Alhaji and asked: "You are not asking about us again Alhaji or don't you need our services anymore? Lizzy and I miss you a lot"

"Ah, you and Lizzy are sweet. And how is Lizzy doing? I miss you guys pu**y you know" Alhaji asked naughtily.

Chief Ohadike who couldn't contain his shock snapped it out:
"Wait wait wait! I am lost here, please which Lizzy are you referring to?"

"Lizzy naa, the one you know. Chief, you can engage us in threesome, we will treat you sweet like we did to Alhaji, isn't that right Alhaji"

Alhaji was just gazing at his friend because he noticed the shock in his face.

"Ohadike, is everything alright?" Alhaji asked

"My friend, I have to go now, we will talk on phone"

"Alright" Alhaji said
Chief stood, shook hands with him and left fuming in his heart

"Young lady, what have you done now?"

"Nothing oo Alhaji, I don't know what his problem is"

"I have to go now." Alhaji said

"But Alhaji, you came to town and you did not bother to call me?"

"Nenye, some other time, I need to get going now." Alhaji said and left.

Nenye wired her face, watching him as he left, she hissed and said, she had achieved her aim of coming to that place, and later she left waiting for Lizzy's call, expecting her breakup news with Chief.

"Chief Ohadike is a well known man in the society, he wouldn't want to be associated himself with somebody like Lizzy and let alone marrying her. Knowing about her means automatic break up with her" Nenye said rejoicing in her heart but her hope was cut short.

Chief drove to Lizzy's house in full rage, he entered without knocking because he had his own keys to the house. He met her n*k*d taking her bath. His temper was mashed after watching her fair curved hips, with her long dark wet hairs sprinkling water on her protruded hips. Chief lost himself, licking his lips.
Lizzy was unaware of his presence. She started humming her favourite song. Chief desired for her instantly because the hums sent him a signal of her screams when ever they are making love.

Chief undressed himself and approached the bathtub. Lizzy wanted to scream, thinking someone broke into her house. Chief said: "Its me baby girl, I'm the one, don't be scared"

"Oh, Chief you startled me"

"Did I? Sorry about that, your body has captivated my soul. I lost total control after watching your endowed hips. I wish to sleep in there for the rest if my life"

Lizzy giggled and said : "Chief, but I'm all yours".

They got wet as Chief grabbed her soft banana cupped brexxt , sucked it like a kid. Chief who doesn't want to wait anymore dipped his xxxxx in Lizzy's already wet honey pot.

"Aww, Chief... I love you so much......aaaaahw...........oooow....I love you for ever....." The sweetness of the thing was making Lizzy to be quoting ancient and modern verses.
And Chief was hitting her hard "Baby girl, hope you know, I.....I........hu..hu.hu......will do......everything for....you?"

"Yes, Chief I know" Lizzy answered and demanded him to please hit her harder

"Are you willing to drop your lifestyles for my sake" Chief asked drilling her pot as they were getting more hotter.

"Off course Chief, I have already done that the moment you rescued me from Gozie"

Chief said OK.........and gasped for release.
After the love making process, Chief sat in the bathtub, weak, Lizzy lied on him, and he cuddled her.

Lizzy felt he had somehow knew about her past and said: "Chief, I know I owe you some explanations. I should have opened up about my past. But I want to let you know that, its already in my past now. You have given me all I ever wanted, so why should I return to my old ways again? I'm sorry I did not tell you earlier"

"Lizzy, its OK. I love you, that is what matters, and I hope you love me too because I'm not ready to accept any disappointment. Don't ever see any other man again, or else he will face my wrath, and you will not escape from it too. So if you know what's best for you, destroy any relationship you have with any other man now, before its too late."

As Chief was saying that, she remembered Stanley and said anyway, he was only a
Facebook friend and nothing can come out of it.
She promised Chief that he was the only man in her life.

Lizzy thought that it was Alhaji who revealed to him about her past, that probably they saw her walked into the Cuisine. So she never bothered to ask him how he found her out.

Chief scheduled to come for her introduction in the upper Sunday, Lizzy was so happy about it. When she called her friend Nenye and informed her goodnews, she was so confused.

"How? I don't understand, does it mean Chief still went ahead with the marriage after finding out her illicit behavior? I really don't get it." Nenye said in her heart.

"Hello are you there?" Lizzy asked from the other end
"Oh yes, I'm here. I'm so happy for you my friend. You deserve the best." She faked to be happy for her.

"We need to see my dear so that you will help me with the preparations" Lizzy requested.

"Alright" Nenye said and they ended the call

"What? Are you sure Lizzy did not use Charm on him? How come? I knew it, I should have known she went that far to have Chief. So she used charm on him, no wonder! That is why she does not want me to be a part of it. I should have known all along. Lizzy, so after all I did for you, you want to relegate me to the corner. So after showing you the way, you want to prove to me that you are smarter? You are now hiding things from me, right? I will show that I'm still the leader in this game. Let's watch and see how you will succeed. Nonsense!" Nenye fumed in her heart

To be continued....

The author of Pure Love of Lizzy is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this wieo should be copied, user, redistribute, reproduce either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author.

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