Pure Love of Lizzy: Episode 10

Lizzy was at Nenye's hostel charging her phone and at same time chatting with it.

"Lizzy, allow the phone to charge naa before making use of it, and you know its dangerous charging and making use of phone at same time, it can explode." Nenye urged

"No Nenye, it won't explode, Stanley is online now, I don't know when next he will be online again" Lizzy explained

"Who is Stanley again?"

"He is one of my Facebook friends. I don't know why I can't contain my excitement each time I'm chatting with him. He is the main reason I log in to Facebook" Lizzy explained

"Hmm, you don't need distractions now, you said you have accepted Chief, so why delvinig yourself into confusion" Nenye pretended to care.

"No, there is nothing like confusion here, he is just a Facebook friend and nothing can grow out of it, trust me. I don't think he can jeopardize my marriage with Chief"

"Lizzy, I can see you are already falling for him?"

"No o, nothing of such nature will happen, trust me, I can handle the situation."

"OK, so who is he, is he rich?"

"To tell you the truth, I don't know, and I don't care to know, just that he makes me happy each time I'm chatting with him. He has only two pictures and 65 friends. He is not that into Facebook thing. He loves chatting with me too"

The next day, Chief declared his intention of coming to see Lizzy's parents to make known his intention to them.
It was a huge turmoil because the parents rejected the idea. They abhorred the idea of any of their Children becoming a second wife to any man.

Lizzy tried all she could to make them accept her decision, but they refused. So she threatened them with pregnancy that if they still decline the idea, she will get Chief to impregnate her.
Instead of defiling herself before marriage, the parents accepted to give consent to the marriage, but continued praying she changed her mind, they thought she was still a virgin.

Chief Ohadike entered 'Waves Cuisine' to have an African continental dish, and called his future second wife to join him.
Lizzy dressed up sexily and drove in her Lexus SUV to the place.
On reaching there, Chief had already sighted her but unexpectedly, she saw Alhaji whom she had had a three night stand with, and to her shocker, both knew each other, Alhaji went straight to Chief Ohadike's table as they exchanged a warm embrace, chanting greetings.
Lizzy felt like disappearing into thin air...she was void of the idea on what next to do.
She stumbled out of the place immediately and rushed to her car and zoom off, called Nenye on phone and narrated to her what happened.

"Babe, I'm finished, it seems Alhaji and Chief Ohadike knew each other, infact, they are friends" Lizzy explained panting.

"Calm down, where are you now?" Nenye asked

"I'm still driving out of the place." Lizzy answered

"And you, where are you?" Lizzy asked

"I'm still in school, at the department." Nenye answered

"OK, I'm coming there now."

Lizzy drove to their department and narrated everything to Nenye.

"Which Alhaji are you talking about?"

"Alhaji naa, the one you and I had things with" Lizzy explained

"Oh oh! Are you serious! Wahala dey oo.
Babe, it's a good thing you left the place the time you did, but did Chief see you enter the Fast food joint?" Nenye asked.

"Mmm, I don't think so.." Lizzy replied

Nenye said in her heart that that could be a better opportunity to strike Lizzy, that since she had the mind to deny her access to Chief, that she can't have him either.

"Nenye, I don't want Chief to find out about my life, it will ruin everything and turn me to ground zero." Lizzy feared.

"Don't worry, nothing of such nature will happen, the way you left the place was the best. Don't ever see him in open place until the wedding is over" Nenye said, slamming Lizzy in her heart that her end with Chief Ohadike is near.

As they were still talking, Chief called Lizzy on phone and asked her where she was. That she thought she had arrived the place.

"Chief, I'm still caught up in school, the lecturer wants to give us quiz, so I can't just leave..." Lizzy said
"So does it mean you have not entered this place yet?"

"No Chief, I can't be in two places at same time, I'm still here in my department"

"OK baby girl, I will call you later" Chief said and disconnected the call, getting all confused because he remembered vividly seeing Lizzy walked inside the fast food joint.

"Nenye, its like he saw me oo, but I denied it totally. He will only be confused, thinking his mind is playing tricks on him"

"Lizzy, I think he saw you, but the way you denied was perfect. Where did you said he is?" Nenye asked

"Erm, at 'Waves Cuisine'. Lizzy answered without suspecting Nenye's reason for asking.

After some minutes, Nenye pretended to be receiving a call to rush to somewhere. She lied to Lizzy that she is needed urgently at a particular place and then, she bordered a bike to Waves Cuisine to reveal to Chief the kind of woman Lizzy was. She was so determined to stop the marriage from taking place.

Hope you are watching how the story is unfolding. Now Stanley has entered the scene.
The big question is, Who is Chief Ohadike and Who is Stanley?

The author of.......Ngozi Lovelyn O..

Warning: All rights reserved...

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