Pure Love of Lizzy: Episode 1

When we set our minds on the positive realm, assuring our being we have found the missing part of us, it creates a shock when we discover we were only living in darkest dreams.

"Where could he have gone to?" Lizzy asked dialing Gozie's number

"Hello Baby, where are you? I am standing right at your door now, and its locked." Lizzy asked

"How, I don't understand. You mean you are standing at my door, now?" Gozie replied asking, wiring his face at his friend, Batho and continued:"You never told me you were coming. I am at my friend's place now, and I won't be leaving anytime soon."

"Baby, come naa, I want to see you. I brought some food items to prepare rice and stew for you" Lizzy said in a warm romantic tone.

"Hey Lizzy, I don't like it when you try to pull control over me like that, I said I'm at my friends place, ah ah...please talk to you later" Angry Gozie said, hanging up.

"Hmm, how do I make this guy love me eh, I have tried all I could, yet he is pulling a strong head. Ok oo, make I carry my food stuffs dey waka naa." Lizzy said leaving.

"Oh boy, take am easy na, the babe dey mad for you, go give am wetin dey hungry am" Batho teased, laughing mockingly.

"Guy, I am tired of that babe, I have tried to chase her away, infact I have done virtually everything within my power to sack her from my life, but still, she vowed to die on my side......nawao, I tire for her. I need to experience real love abeg and not hers, she thinks I'm still in dark about the series of sugar daddies she keeps. If you see the way she keeps her head up, pretending I am the only guy she has, she never knew I know everything. Oh boy, I have to save myself before she infect me with a disease."

"But Gozie, what are you telling me sef, you are still in school Guy! You shouldn't be talking about a serious relationship now, and besides no babe will ever accept to have you as her serious lover because you don't have anything to put on the table, yet. Or else you want your heart to be shattered before you finally become a man. Guy, no money, no love, trust me." Batho said.

"Batho, I don't believe that, I can still find a good innocent girl and not Lizzy, please" Gozie said

"Gozie, open your eyes, girls don't love like that. OK, answer this question for me. 'Has Lizzy ever disturb you for money?" Batho asked.

"No, she has never done that" Gozie answered.

"Simple, do you know why? Because she is getting all the material support she needs from her sugar daddies while you provide her with the emotional support. So open your eyes, guy and also benefit from her too."

Batho's words fell on deaf ears. Gozie later broke up with Lizzy and some weeks later, fell in love with Amaka, a newbie in the campus. He loved Amaka but still missed Lizzy. Lizzy was good for s"xual satisfaction but Amaka was good for moral support. As their love progresses,  Amaka started bothering him with finances to keep up with fashion and other material things she needs in school. 

Gozie was from a third middle class family, he was not buoyant enough to provide for himself and let alone, his girlfriend. In other to keep up his relationship with Amaka, he started designing a plan on how to support himself financially.

When he relayed his plans to Batho, he replied:"Guy, didn't I warned you to live your life to the fullest while you are still in school. Forget this love matter, you should have benefited from Lizzy, all she needed from you was your "f..k, and nothing more. Don't meddle with all this small year one students, even this your Amaka will still dump you when she enters year three.
Did i mentioned third year? Year 3 is even far, year two. Once she enters year 2, just say bye bye to her." Batho said lighting his cigarette

"Yes, Batho, that is why I'm trying to protect her from leaving. But to tell you the plain truth, I still miss Lizzy, that girl is fire. I miss her rock die...."

"Gozie, do you know what? You don't know what you want. Comot here joor" Batho joked.

"I think I will need both ladies in my life. I'm suggesting returning to Lizzy, but this time will be to make money from her. I heard she is now a big babe, I can partake from the benefits she is getting from those old men she is frolicking with."

"How"? Batho asked

"Once I dragged her to my side again eeh, I will lure her into making a scxtape with me, then the tape will be the weapon I will use in extorting money from her"

"Now, you are talking. So tell me more about it" Batho requested getting so interested 

"That's just it" Gozie replied.

"That's just it? Hope you have a backup plan, you know its an offence to blackmail someone?"

"Guy, relax, I have already set out my plans, I know Lizzy, I can control her in this" Gozie assured.

"Hmm, well if you say so.....But, guy, so you bad reach like this....I don begin dey fear you oo" Batho mocked as they laughed out together.

After two weeks, Gozie and Lizzy were already back together, and this time, he professed so much fake love for her, and Lizzy fell for it.

"Baby?" Gozie called

"Yes Love" She replied

"You know I can't live without you. When I left, I realized that you are the best among them all. I can't leave you again, I promise" Gozie said.

Lizzy melted after hearing his love words.

"Come here Baby...." She said as they delved into a deep kiss. Within some minutes, they were both nxkxd.

"Baby, I need you ontop" Gozie screamed silently. Lizzy climbed on him, grabbed his already strong average sized dcck and dipped in her honey pot....and he started blabbing in alien language..
"Oh yaahuu...baby, awwuu..iiiee....give it to me.....I am there...." etc

Lizzy loved it when Gozie screamed like a child while making lxve to him.
After the lxve play, Gozie began: "Baby, I will always Cherish the way you lift me high. I have been thinking, why don't we have our own scxtape? Others have theirs. I want to have us on tape so that when you are far from me, and I am feeling you, I will satisfy myself watching you, baby."

Lizzy accepted immediately without giving it a second thought, but when she informed her room mate who was also her best friend, about it she rejected the idea, opened her eyes on the negative consequences of engaging in such act.

She searched for a way to inform Gozie about declining his idea. She loved him and doesn't want to loose him in the process.
When she finally gathered the idea on how to go about it, Gozie went berserk, pretending he is mad at her. Accusing her of faking his love for him, that she wanted to play revenge on him for having left her before.

"No Baby, don't talk like that, please try to understand me, things might fall out of control tomorrow and we might end up regretting it"

"Fall out of control, how? Just tell me you don't want me again in your life anymore and not giving me this flimsy excuses." Gozie angered.

Lizzy was left in a very serious tight corner, whether to do what her friend says or what her boyfriend desired.

To be continued...

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