Pure Love of Lizzy 2: Episode 8

"Is this a mistake or what? And how come my mother is in a bad condition and Lizzy kept lying about it? What is going on at home? Staying here won't solve my curiosity, I better travel home and see things for myself" Stanley said

After the result was conducted, it was confirmed to Lizzy that she was pregnant...
"Doctor, are you sure of what you are saying? How can I be pregnant when I haven't had s*x for 3 months now? This is unbelievable..., OK let me ask? Can one be pregnant from sexchat? Because, I do that a lot with my husband, he is not in the country" Lizzy asked

Her question made the doctor laughed softly her and he then replied: "No my dear, its not possible.. But why are you so confused?"

"Because, I have not had s*x since my husband traveled. Why this pregnancy, or have I become the second Virgin Mary?"

"You have to think deep to know if there is any way you made a mistake, because its not possible for one to be pregnant without having s*x?"

"Doctor, there is nothing to think about, I am sure of what I am saying" Lizzy replied

"If you say so then" Doctor said and then pressed the signal for another patient to enter.

When Lizzy left the place, she was shaken all through, she tried to figure out how she became pregnant, but no idea came. She then headed home. On her way, Stanley called.
Immediately she saw his name on her phone's screen, her heart flipped.
"What am I going to tell him now? And Adaeze has first told him everything. Nobody will believe my story....
No, I must not tell him anything until I figure out how this child got into my stomach"

Lizzy had no iota of idea that Chief Ohadike was the one who impregnated her.

"Hi Baby" Lizzy answered in a cheerful mode

"What did the doctor said that is wrong with you?" Stan asked

"Just like I thought, he said its malaria and typhoid...he prescribed some drugs for me....So how are you baby?" Lizzy asked

"How am I, you are asking me how am I? How do you expect me to feel when you hid the truth from me, Lizzy? I am so disappointed right now, I never expected this from you" Stanley said feeling so disappointed on how Lizzy hid the truth of his mother's illness from him and Lizzy thought Stanley was talking about the pregnancy....

"Baby, to tell you the truth, its not possible. How can I be pregnant when I have not done anything. The doctor said its Malaria, trust me"

"Lizzy, I am not talking about that one. I am talking about my mother." Stanley replied

"Oh shit! He found out?" she said to herself. "But Baby, how did you find out?" Lizzy asked

"I never expected you to hide such an important matter from me or is it because you were the cause of it?"

"No Baby, it wasn't my intention to hide it from you, I acted under father's instructions. He said it will create unnecessary worries for you and that it will affect the new project you are doing... I am sorry my Love, I never meant to hide it, believe me.. And as for Mama, I am taking good care of her, I believe she will be fine soon, you don't need to worry."

"To tell you the truth, I don't know what to think anymore. But believe me, I am really mad at you. You should have at least told me about it. You were accused with such a heinous crime and you decided to keep it from me, maybe you don't want me to find out what you did"

"Excuse me! Baby? What are you implying? Don't tell me you don't trust me?" Lizzy asked

"I just finished talking to Dr Kanayo and he was congratulating me. He was so sure of the result..... Lizzy, are you really pregnant? What is happening? With all the things Adaeze told me, coupled with the video clip she sent, I don't know what to say to you right now. I will be returning to the country soon and you better not be pregnant.....talk to you later." Stan said, disconnecting the call.

"Hello? Hello? Baby?" Lizzy called but there was no response..: "Oh, he hung up on me? Oh Lord, I am in your hand in this my marriage oo.. Save me oo, where is this pregnancy from?"

When Lizzy reached home, she searched for Adaeze in her room, but couldn't find her.
"OK let me check her in mother's room" she said.
When she reached there, she saw Adaeze telling her father about the pregnancy...

"Adaeze, how could you? You defiled father's instructions and told Stanley about mother's illness, why?"

"Why what? Why won't I tell him? it's time someone put an end to this your nonsense in this house? You don't belong here.. You are a pastor's daughter but you don't behave like one." Adaeze said

"Lizzy, we trusted you, but how come?
So you were cheating on my son?. Shame on you Lizzy, I have been supporting you all these while, I even had high reverence for you. I think its time you leave this house, I can't stand and watch you ruin my son's life" Ohadike said

Lizzy then laughed while her eyes were fixed at Ohadike: "Just see who is talking" she blurted

Adaeze became stunned on the statement Lizzy made...

"So its your both plans to push me away from this house, right? Let me tell two of you, your plans will never work. It can never work. The only person who has the right to throw me away from this house is Stanley, since he has not said anything about me leaving, I will still stick around and be taking care of mother. Please excuse me!" Lizzy hissed and walked away from them.

"What? Dad, did you hear that? You see, she is now revealing her true colours" Adaeze said

"Calm down Adaeze, I will make sure she pack her things and leave this house" Ohadike assured

"OK Dad"

When Lizzy entered her room, she locked her door and sat, wondering how everything happened....
She then felt a sharp pain down her abdomen....
"Ouch! Could this be true?" Lizzy then picked up her phone and browsed about pregnancy.... And found the similar symptoms she was having.

"What is all these confusion?
Wait a minute! Could it be?" Lizzy's mind stroke to the day Ohadike tried to sleep with her, she also remembered how she woke up late and the pains she felt in her private part when she woke up.

"Oh my God! Oh my God! Could it be that Ohadike raped me?" Lizzy stood looking at herself in the mirror, pressing her abdomen.

"No it cant be possible, even if I was in deep sleep, I would have felt it.... I think I should run a scan in the hospital to put an an end to this confusion and if it turns out that I am pregnant, terminating it will be the best option. I can't give Adaeze and her father the opportunity they have been craving for. Stanley is my life, and I can't live without him" Lizzy suggested and continued

"But what if I'm truly pregnant? God forbid that I have a child for Ohadike. No need confronting him yet, because that will be admitting that I am pregnant. And I also need to leave this house as soon as possible, my safety is no longer guaranteed here. Hmm.............. No, that will look suspicious.. I have to apply smartness this time around. And Stan will be arriving any moment, so I better stay back and be taking care of mother." Lizzy said to herself

Lizzy then went back to the hospital and requested for a scan, and it was confirmed again she was pregnant. She then arranged for an abortion.
They scheduled her for Thursday (which was in 4 days time during her time). But she never knew that Stanley will be arriving the country on Wednesday morning.

"As for Ohadike, you won't get away with this. Trust me.... I can't forget this thing you did to me...Its now obvious he drugged me.......No he must pay for this......I swear....... Ohadike, you are now in a clear battle with me" Lizzy said, crying bitterly."

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To be continued

Pure Love of Lizzy is Written by Ngozi Lovelyn O
Warning: All Rights Reserved, no part of this work should be used, reproduced, redistribute either electronically or manually without the prior permission of the author..


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