Pure Love of Lizzy 2: Episode 7 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

The next day, Lizzy got set to visit the hospital.
"Adaeze, I am going to the hospital now, please take good care of Mama, I will make sure I return soon"

"Lizzy, as you can see, I am already prepared too. We are going to the hospital together" Adaeze replied

"Going to the hospital together? Then who will take care of mother?"

"As for now, she doesn't need anything. We will return before she knew it"

"Adaeze, can you just listen to yourself? There is no one at home and you are trying on leaving sick mother all by herself. Adaeze, I insist you stay back, I am not requesting you, I am ordering you as an elder"

Adaeze then realized that, it was not wise leaving her mother all alone. Her eagerness to know the test result stopped her mind from thinking straight. She was so bent on seeing Lizzy walk away from her family, forever. She then replied: "Lizzy, for your point of correction, you can't order me. I will stay back but only for the sake of my mother and not because you ordered me to"
She hissed angrily and left.

Lizzy then shook her head and left.

"Lizzy, pray to your gods that you are not pregnant, otherwise, that will be the end of your fake love for my brother, Gold digger! But how am I going to find out if she is pregnant or not? How do I find out now?" Adaeze asked herself, biting her finger: "Yes! As soon as she comes back, I will grab her bag from her and check the result myself"

When Lizzy reached Ohadike's family hospital, she met Doctor Kanayo who has been treating her inlaws for years.
After they exchanged pleasantries, she explained to him how she was feeling and after the test was conducted, it was confirmed that Lizzy was pregnant.

Lizzy then laughed softly, because she found the lab result, hilarious.
"Doctor, this result was not interpreted well"

"What made you think so?" Doctor asked

"Because, it's not possible. It can never be, because my husband has been away for 3 months now and this result says, 4 weeks pregnant?... Haaa, no doctor, I am sure of what I am saying, I am not pregnant. This result is a mistake, maybe its another person's result"

"Are you sure of what you are saying?" Doctor asked

"Doctor, I am so sure" Lizzy replied

"You see, when you told me the symptoms you were having, I quickly understood you were pregnant, and the reason I requested for the test was to be sure and to show you the result too. 
So, Mrs Elizabeth, I can assure you that, this result is 100% accurate, we don't make mistakes in this hospital. We have been treating your family for yours, and you can confirm from your husband that we are among the best in the city and that is why they trust us so much" Doctor replied

Lizzy does not know what to say again. She just concluded within her that the hospital made a mistake, and that she would get tested in another hospital.

"OK Doctor, I will have to be on my way now" Lizzy said with a smile

"Alright my dear, and please, take good care of yourself. My regards to everybody"

"Alright Doctor, have a nice day" Lizzy wished

"And you too" Doctor replied

When Lizzy stepped out of the hospital, she did not take the result seriously, she concluded on checking another hospital.
"But I will have to reach home first to checkup on mother before going to another hospital" she said

When she reached home, Adaeze observed her and discovered she was calm.
"She is cool, does it mean it's not what I'm thinking?.. I have to ask her to be sure and if she refuses to give me a satisfactory answer, I will carry her bag and check out the result myself" she said to herself and then asked "Lizzy, what did the doctor said that is wrong with you?"

Lizzy wasn't prepared for the answer to give her yet. 
"I haven't gotten the result yet, I just returned home to see how Mother is doing, I will still go back again for it" 

In other to be sure that her speculations were right, she took Lizzy's bag from where she kept it and ran to her room. 
Before Lizzy could knew what was happening, Adaeze had already reached her room.

"Oh no, she will see the result now and create a problem for me" Lizzy feared

"Heyi! What? I said it, I said it oo" Adaeze shouted, opening her door.

"Elizabeth, you are pregnant? Oh my world! To tell you the truth, I am not surprised. I am calling my brother right away"

"What are you insinuating, Adaeze? I told you I haven't gotten my test done. That result is not accurate. I was about going to another hospital but decided to reach home to check up on mother" Lizzy explained

Adaeze laughed out loud and asked: "Elizabeth, do you think I am a fool or what? Oow, you want to go to another hospital to terminate it, because you know Doctor Kanayo can not try such in his hospital"

"Stop this nonsense at once Adaeze! I am sure of myself. And as far as I am concerned, I am not pregnant, that Lab result is not real, please. Can I have my handbag now, I am off to have my test, please."

"Stop putting up this charade, you are going to terminate it, but don't worry, your end days in this house has finally arrived. I can't wait to kick you out myself" Adaeze said and threw her bag at her.

"What is wrong with this girl, one of this days, I will beat her severely so that she will know that she shouldn't disrespect me" Lizzy said and stepped out.

Adaeze who couldn't hold the news to herself, immediately called Stanley on phone and informed him what was happening.

"What are you saying, Adaeze? Have you suddenly gone insane?" Stanley asked

"Brother, you should know me naa, you should know that I don't lie. Your wife Lizzy suddenly changed the moment you traveled, and now she is pregnant, she is 4 weeks pregnant, call Doctor Kanayo and ask him. The test was conducted in his hospital. That Baby is not yours because I knew she saw her period last month. I am sure of it."

"Enough now, Adaeze, I said enough! You know you like creating problems. When is mother returning from the camp?" Stan asked

"No, she is at home" Adaeze replied
"I think its better I reveal the whole truth to brother now, I know Dad will be mad at me, but let it be, at least I have achieved my aim. My desire is to see that girl get kicked out from this house." Adaeze said in her heart

"What do you mean she is at home? I thought Dad said she went to holy camp" confused Stan asked

Adaeze then revealed everything to Stan, she even sent him the clip of how the gold watch was found inside Lizzy's room.

Stanley felt bad that Lizzy did not tell him any of it. 
"How come she hid such an important thing from me? No, this is not like Lizzy, this is not like her at all"

"Brother, my mother is in a very bad condition because of Lizzy, she can't even do anything again, she is only confined to her wheelchair and her bed all because of Lizzy" Adaeze said, crying.

Stanley loved his mother so much. He never played with her and did not found it easily with the people who messed with her.

Stanley quickly called Lizzy on phone and asked where she was.
She said that she was not feeling well, that she just went to a hospital for treatment.
And Stanley then asked her the hospital she went to, she gave him the name.

"What happened to our family hospital?"

"I was there earlier, but the test they conducted was not accurate, so I decided to check another hospital"

"Why didn't you ask them to conduct another test" Stanley asked

When Lizzy noticed the fastness in Stanley's speech, she asked:" Baby, what is wrong, you are not sounding alright?" 

Stanley does not want to jump into conclusions yet, he decided to call Doctor Kanayo to confirm the report from him.
He then replied Lizzy that he will call her back later.

"Baby wait? Adaeze called you, right? Listen to me, what she said is not true, see I ........"
Stanley interrupted her, telling her he will call her back.

Stanley then put a call through Dr. Kanayo and he confirmed that his wife was pregnant. He also congratulated him.
Stanley then managed to hide his confusion and replied him, in a cheerful tone.

To be continued.

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The author of Pure Love of Lizzy is Ngozi Lovelyn O.
Warning: No part of this book should be copied, used, redistribute, reproduce either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author......


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