Pure Love of Lizzy 2: Episode 6 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"Oh my world! What a disgusting man! He is not even ashamed of himself. I thought Ohadike has forgotten about me, but I was very wrong. That means I am in a very big trouble. Oh Lord, what do I do now? I think I will have to leave this house tomorrow morning, yes! But what about Stan's mother? She is in this condition because of me. Maybe, I will take her to my place and be taking care of her there" Lizzy said as she called her mother on phone and informed her about her plans.

"But why do you want to bring her here?" Lizzy's mother asked

"Because there is nobody at home, the daughters have gone back to school, so I am feeling lonely in this big house" Lizzy replied and hid her main reason from her mother

"And what about your father in-law, who will be cooking for him?"

"Mother, no need getting you unnecessary worried, my father in-law is the main reason I want to run away from this house" Lizzy said in her heart.

"Hello?" Her mother called

"Yes Mum, my father in-law can always manage, you know, he can take care of himself" Lizzy replied

"No my daughter, you shouldn't talk like that. And as for Gloria, I don't think it will be a very good idea bringing her here. She would love to be at the walls of her home. Her memories, experiences, everything are all there, and they are necessary for her recovery. No need bringing her to a strange place"

"Mother I know all these things, just that I can't tell you my reason, the beast in my father in-law has resurfaced, and I need to step away before something dramatic happens."Lizzy said in her heart and then replied her mother: "OK Mum, I have heard you. We will talk again tomorrow."

"Alright my daughter, always be the best daughter in-law and don't give your family any reason to hate nor complain about you, and don't allow a similar incident of what happened before to repeat again"

"OK Mum, thanks and goodnight" Lizzy said and then hung up.
"I am all alone in this and I will have to handle it myself, I can't tell Stan, because it will create tension between father and son, I can't tell my parents, because they will never have peace of mind, they would even want me to leave my marriage. So I think the whole thing lies on me now."

While Lizzy was busy calling her mother, Ohadike was at his wife's room loosing the bolt of the door. With Gloria's illness, Lizzy started sleeping in her room, so that she will always attend to her incase she needed anything in the middle of the night.

After loosing it, he took a spare key from the bunch and sneaked back to his own room.

"I will be discreet this time around, I won't give him chance to try any of his nonsense on me. I will be locking the doors each time I enter a room. Infact, Ohadike, I am ready for you.... Let me return to Mother now" Lizzy said as she headed to Gloria's room, tried to bolt the door, but found that it was not there.
"I thought there was a bolt here before? Anyway, let me lock it with keys " she said and then locked the door.

About 2:45am, Ohadike had figured out Lizzy was already in deep sleep, he then sneaked inside and injected Lizzy with a tranquilizer. With that, Lizzy won't know what happened to her, she won't even feel anything, and she won't even recollect what happened to her.
And Chief Ohadike forced himself on Lizzy. After having her, he cleaned her up, and used his hand to bring out some spe*m that might dripped out and stain her when she wakes up. He cleaned her up, dressed and tidied her the way she was. After having his ways, he left the room and locked it from outside.

"Eewf!! Lizzy, hohohoho!! Finally, I have eaten my food. You think you are smart, right? I think this is the way I will be doing it each time I feel like having you." Ohadike said and then slept.

About 13:12pm, Lizzy woke up and checked the time: "Oh my God! What? How come I slept this long hours? Oh mother, please forgive me, it will never happen again, you have not eaten anything, you have not taken your drugs, oh damn! What happened to me?" Lizzy said trying to approach her mother in-law and felt some pains down her va*ina
"Ouch! What's that pain? Why am I feeling this way and the pains?" Lizzy tried to recollect anything that might be the problem, but none came to her mind. She was left worried but she later discarded it, saying that, it might be some changes in her body system.

When she approached Gloria, she saw tears rolling down her cheeks.
"Oh mother, I am so sorry, it's already noon and you have not taken your breakfast. I am sorry mother, I am so so sorry, don't worry, I will get your food in a minute"
Lizzy rushed out to prepare her food.

Later in the day, Lizzy phoned Adaeze, and suggested to her on the needs to always visit her mother, that her presence around her can quicken her recovery. Lizzy's reason was for Ohadike to have limited chances of disturbing her. And Adaeze accepted, and also suggested that since her school was in the same state, it will be a good idea to be attending lectures from home.

Lizzy knew that Adaeze's staying at home would be a problem for her, because she never liked her, but she preferred her tantrums than Ohadike's illicit attitudes.

She also called a carpenter to fix Gloria's door so that she can always bolt it. She was prepared to put Ohadike under control, but she never knew he had had his way with her.

Ohadike wasn't so happy about his daughter's new decision. He couldn't do anything since Adaeze's reason lied in the benefit of Gloria.
And he was also surprised to see that the door bolt had been fixed.

"Anyway, I think I will lie low for now, but Lizzy, that doesn't mean that I am through with you" Ohadike said to himself

Stanley had tried speaking to his mother several times, but Ohadike kept avoiding him, he told him that his mother went to prayer and will be spending 3 weeks there. While she was there, her phone remained off, that was the rule.

Lizzy was not happy that Stanley was kept in the dark about his mother's illness.

And Adaeze was not happy because she couldn't wait to reveal to Stanley everything Lizzy did in other to send her away.

3 weeks later, Lizzy started feeling funny. She started feeling dizzy and was vomiting at any slightest smell she found offensive.

"Lizzy, what is wrong with you?" Adaeze asked

"I don't know oo, I think I have malaria, I will visit the hospital tomorrow" Adaeze replied

"OK oo" Adaeze said, looking at her in a detested manner.

"Seriously, I have had malaria and these are no signs of it. I'm feeling so funny" Lizzy said to herself.

Adaeze who couldn't hold the suspicion to herself told her father what she felt she noticed around Lizzy.

"Father,I am not yet sure oo, but I'm suspecting Lizzy might be pregnant, I have been noticing some funny things around her"

"What do you mean by that. If she is pregnant, that is a good thing, its a good news for the family, is she not your brother's wife" Ohadike replied

"No father, I can remember vividly she saw her period last month. I saw it, I even saw the carton of tampon in the trash bin last month. Father, I am so sure of what I am saying. So so sure. If she is pregnant, that means she is cheating on my brother, hmm, she should pray to her gods she is not, or else..."

Ohadike was dumbfounded, but he managed to tell his daughter to keep quiet, that she should stop pocknosing into Lizzy's affairs. He also ordered her to go and check up on her mother.

And Adaeze left.

"What? Could it be she is......? No, She better not be pregnant... In fact, it can not be possible" Ohadike said to himself

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To be continued....

What happened? Do you think Lizzy is pregnant?

Pure Love of Lizzy is written by Ngozi Lovelyn O.
Warnings: No part of this work should be used, reproduce, or redistribute either electronically or manually without the prior permission from the author.

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