Pure Love of Lizzy 2: Episode 5 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"Mother!" Adaeze called in so much anxiety in her heart.

"Honey!" Ohadike called in shock

And Lizzy who was frightened at the effect Gloria's fall might have on her health stepped down the stairs, in sheer anxiety, anxiously waiting to see if she will say something, waited to hear her voice. She tried to move closer but Adaeze scorned her not to step forward. She also stood and grabbed Lizzy by the shoulder, threatening to deal with her if anything happened to her mother. But Lizzy did not utter any word, tears were freely, flowing down her cheeks.

"Enough of that for now, Adaeze. Let's pray she is alright" Ohadike commanded as he phoned the hospital for an ambulance

And Lizzy sat confused, crying, and also grinding her mind, trying to figure out what happened.

"But who hid that watch in my room? How did that watch got in there? Or could it be Ohadike? ..... But his recent attitudes towards me showed that he is on my side. Or could it be Adaeze? She has said it to my face several times that she doesn't like me as her sister in-law, that means she has gone extreme to throw me out of his brother's life, and that was why she filmed everything in order to have proof against me...... But Love why? Why? Why did you allow me to get married into this family? I love Stan so much that I couldn't control myself, and I can't even imagine myself sharing my life with another man. Everything points to Adaeze, I think she is the one trying to separate me from his brother, but that won't happen. I have chosen to love Stanley, and no one can stop me."

When she brought out her phone to call Stanley, to tell him what happened, and how it all started, Ohadike ordered her not to.
"But why, father? He needs to know what happened" Lizzy said

"I demand you don't tell him anything yet, he just told me yesterday about an important project he is doing, and he will be executing it today, so I don't want anything to throw his mind off from it. We will tell him when the time is right"

"But nothing could be more important than his mother's health" Lizzy said

"Lizzy, do you have a problem with your brain? Don't you understand anything at all? I said you shouldn't tell him anything? Do I make myself clear?" Ohadike warned

"Daddy, this is not possible. This worthless prostitute brother Stan brought here as a wife can't live here anymore.... Father, I captured everything. Brother Stan needs to see this video, I will send it to him immediately so that he will start making preparations of dragging her out if his life" Adaeze infuriated, hating Lizzy the more.

"What is wrong with you people? You were here when I was ordering her not to tell Stanley anything. Adaeze, nobody tells Stan anything until I say so. Infact, I will tell him myself. But now, the time is not right, he has an important project at hand and I wouldn't want him to dump everything and return to Nigeria"

"But Da......." Adaeze wanted to say something and Ohadike interrupted her and asked her to keep quiet.

And the ambulance arrived. After the health workers checked her, they demanded to rush her to the hospital immediately, that she was in a critical condition.

The statement made Lizzy's heart flipped. "Oh no, Lord, please, don't let anything happen to her, because if anything happens to her, I will be in a very deep trouble"

"Lizzy, what are you still doing in this house. Pack your things and leave. Hope you heard what the Doctor said? Just pray to your gods that nothing happens to her" Adaeze threatened as she joined the ambulance.
When Lizzy wanted to enter the car, Adaeze pushed her down, and she sustained some bruises.

The car zoomed off to the hospital.
But that did not stop Lizzy from going to the hospital. All through the time, she was praying to God not to allow anything to happen to her mother in-law.

The next day, Ohadike was called by the doctor.
"Doctor, how is my wife?" He asked

"Chief Ohadike, you know your wife has been battling blood pressure, and now the fall has affected her badly. It affected the flow of blood to her brain and thereby resulting in some brain damages"

"Doctor, can you please go straight to the point, brain damage? What are the life risks?"

"I am sorry Chief Ohadike, your wife has a 'stroke'" The doctor revealed

"What? You mean the parts of the body are dead?" Heartbroken Ohadike asked

"She won't be able to hear, speak or even do anything without the help of somebody."

"But Doctor, she can still be alright?" Ohadike asked

"I am afraid, Chief"

And Ohadike was left agape, dumbfounded and later, he stumbled out of the Doctor's office and headed to the ward where his wife was staying.
He sat beside her, cursing himself on what he had caused his wife.

"Why me? Gloria my wife, this is not the type of life I planned for you. My selfish desire pushed you down the boid and left you paralysed. It was all because of Lizzy, but I promise you, I will make sure Lizzy leave that house and out of our son's life, this I promise you"

He was still sitting down, mooring over his wife's ill health, Adaeze arrived the hospital with some food. Meanwhile, Lizzy had gone  to her parents place and told them what happened. She also discouraged them from telling Stanley anything, because her father Inlaw demanded her not to say anything to him.

"Lizzy, he is his father, he understands his son more than you do. So if he insist on not telling him, then heed to his advise." Lizzy's father said as they prepared to visit Gloria at the hospital.

Lizzy's mother understood the pains in her daughter's eyes, she approached and asked her what the problem was.

"No mother, its nothing, just that my mother Inlaw's accident was my fault"
Lizzy never wanted to tell her family the exact story. She only told them that Gloria had an accident, but hid the true cause of the accident.

 "What? How was it your fault? I demand you tell me the truth now. Tell me the truth now! I demand you tell me the truth" Her mother demanded

"Calm down Honey, this is not the way to ask her. Lizzy my daughter, just tell us what happened" Her father requested.

And Lizzy broke down in tears and told them that her in-laws were trying to threw her out of Stanley's life, that they had been conspiring against her, that if not for her father Inlaw, they almost succeeded.

She then went ahead and told them all that happened.

"Lizzy, you mean you pushed her down from the upper stairs? Lizzy how could you? This not the way I trained you. You should have kept quiet, to prove your innocence. Now I see the reason Ohadike demanded you not to tell your husband because he will hate you after hearing all these"

"But mother, what could I have done? She was dragging my hair, and the pains was so unbearable, I couldn't withstand it, that was was why I had to push her, I never knew it would result to an accident"

"Relax, nothing will happen to Gloria, she is a strong woman, the deed had already been done, all she needs now is our prayers. Lizzy, you have now seen the reason we were against this marriage in the first place but you were proving so stubborn that you love Stanley, I know that his family will turn against you oneday, and now my fears are coming to reality. My daughter, I never wished for trouble marriage for you, I pray
Stanley doesn't hate you because of this" Lizzy's father hoped.

About 1 hour later, they arrived the hospital and saw Adaeze crying profusely. Immediately she saw Lizzy, she shouted at her on what she was doing at the hospital.
"You see you have succeeded in destroying my mother, she won't be able to laugh, smile, or do anything again. My mother is paralysed. You pushed her to stroke, Lizzy. I can't wait to see Stanley throw you out of his life. You are worthless" Adaeze cried bitterly

Lizzy was shocked in tears: "Oh Lord, what have I done? Why did you allowed this to happen to me?"

Lizzy went closer to where Gloria was lying and held her, crying: "Mother, I am so sorry, it wasn't my intention, I don't know how it all happened. But I promise you, I won't leave your side. I will be by your side to attend to all your needs"

"What needs? Lizzy you are not stepping your foot into that house again. I hate you, Lizzy, ever since you came into our lives, we have never remained the same, my father went to prison for years just because of you"

"Adaeze, I said enough! Enough!!" Ohadike ordered

But she wouldn't stop talking, and that angered Ohadike who gave her a hot slap.
Adaeze never saw that coming. Her father who hasn't slapped her before, did just because of Lizzy.

"Oh no, you shouldn't have slapped her, please calm down my in-law, please calm down. She is just a child, allow her behave like one" Lizzy's father calmed Ohadike

"Lizzy, I received a slap today just because of you. Don't worry, you will pay for this"

Lizzy didn't say anything but she continued crying. She was so unsure of what fate had for her at her in-laws place. Everything had became complicated. Even if Stanley return to take her to US, who will look after Gloria. The responsibilities then lied on her.

Lizzy's parents also pleaded on behalf of their daughter. They requested him to forgive her, that it was all a mistake.

"What are you saying, my In-law? I saw everything. It was not Lizzy's fault. As for my wife, I believe she will be alright. Don't mind what Adaeze said, like you said, she is only a child. As for Lizzy, as far as I'm concerned, she remains the daughter in-law of my family"

Ohadike's assuring words made Lizzy's parents to have a resting mind, that atleast, her daughter was still safe at her in-laws house.

Few days later, Gloria was release from the hospital, and Lizzy vowed to take absolute care of her.

"Though I am not happy at my wife's present condition, but I think I will use this opportunity to my advantage. All this while, I have shown Lizzy that I am on her side. She thought Adaeze was her biggest enemy. But just watch and see how everything turns out in my favour"

One night, he called Lizzy to the sitting room to inquire from her how she was feeling about everything that happened.

"Father, to tell you the truth, I don't know." Lizzy replied

"What do you think Stanley would do if he finds out everything?" Ohadike asked

"I don't know. I don't know why I was accused. But I believe he will trust me. The reason I did not tell him anything was because you said so. But I believe that mother will be alright before he returns" Lizzy replied

Ohadike then laughed and said: "Lizzy dear, you see, I never stopped loving you, even though you dumped me for my son, but that is OK. We can still role things together. Can't you see, I am on your side. Lizzy Baby, I know you still love me, like I do"

"Excuse me? Father, what are you saying?" Lizzy asked standing up

And Ohadike approached her and said: "Lizzy, can't you see, there is nobody in the house now, except my wife, she can't hear nor say anything. Lets just enjoy ourselves. Just give me this thing I have been missing for a very long time, my princess. I promise you, you will never leave this house, no matter what."

"Father, I think you are drunk" Lizzy said and began to leave. And Ohadike dragged her back, trying to kiss her. And Lizzy forced herself out from him and ran inside her room and locked the door.

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To be continued.

The author of Pure Love of Lizzy is Ngozi Lovelyn O.
All Rights Reserved

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