Pure Love of Lizzy 2: Episode 4 by Ngozi Lovelyn O

Chief Ohadike was astonished to see that Lizzy outsmarted him. "But what actually happened?" He asked himself. "Or could it be she saw when I was adding something to the drink? Hmm,,, no, that can not be possible, I must surely find out the reason she failed to dance to my tune this night" he said to himself.

Mrs Gloria was already feeling sleepy and Lizzy requested her to go upstairs and sleep.
She then yawned weakly and said: "Alright my dear, and you too, you should go to bed, its already late" Gloria requested

"Alright mother" Lizzy replied

Lizzy then entered her room and Dialed Stanley's number. Stanley had told her to call him back after she was through, chatting with his mother.

They were chatting over the phone in their usual romantic way, Chief Ohadike who was passing by the room overhead her sweet melody laughter, he came closer to eavesdrop to their conversation.
Stanley and Lizzy were deep in their sex chat and Ohadike was hearing all she was saying.

And that made him to desire Lizzy that night.
"Should I knock and tell her how I am feeling? Because I can't help it, I wanted to get rid of her off my mind, but that is far from happening. Just look at my Lizzy baby, my precious princess and Stanley came and snatched her from me. Stan, this is not fair o, how do you expect me to have it easily watching you, enjoying my sweet food." After saying all these things to himself, he started imagining himself making love to Lizzy.
Ohadike started reminiscing his precious moments with Lizzy, how she was so into him then.

Lizzy and Stan were deep in their feelings when it came to Stanley's mind that somebody might be listening to their erotic chat. 

"Baby, hope your door is locked?" Stan asked

"There is no much need for that, everybody has gone to bed. OK, let me lock it since I am about to sleep" Lizzy said, rising to lock the door. When she opened it to jam it back, in other to close it firmly, she was shocked to see Ohadike standing right at her door, licking his lips, with his eyes closed.

Ohadike was so lost in his imaginary world, he never knew when Lizzy approached the door. 

Lizzy quickly disconnected the call and called: "Father?"

And Ohadike was brought back to reality.
He stood watching Lizzy, in lost of the words to express himself.

"What are you doing here, were you listening to my conversation?" Lizzy asked

"Yo..........ur con....versa...tion? Wh.....y?" He stammered: "But your door was lock, how could I have heard anything?"

Lizzy became confused and recalled how she heard a licking sound the previous day.
"Could it be Chief Ohadike is still holding on to his feelings for me? Oh my God, I think I am in a very big trouble if that's his stance over me" Lizzy said in her heart.

Ohadike who saw on Lizzy's face that he was trying to figure out why he stood at her door, tried for an excuse to cover up his act and he blurted: "Yes, Lizzy, before I forget what I wanted to ask you, I need a glass of pineapple juice, I couldn't find the remaining one you left in the Can after pouring out for my wife"

"Oh that, I am sorry father, when I was about to lift the cup, it slipped from my hand and fell. So I had to pour the remaining one for her" Lizzy explained

"Ooh, is that what actually happened, now I understand" he said in his heart
"OK, get me orange juice then" Ohadike requested

When Lizzy left to get the drink, Stanley called back, she answered and requested him to call her back, that father had sent her on errand.

"But it doesn't mean, we can still be chatting as you perform your daughter inlaw's duties" Stan laughed

"OK Baby, its not even a much work, its just to get juice for him" Lizzy said but she was still not comfortable with Ohadike asking her to do something for him when everybody was deep in sleep.

She quickly got the juice, rushed inside her room and bolted the door.

She contemplated on whether relaying to Stan what she caught his father doing that night: "I don't think it will be a good idea telling him, maybe I misinterpreted his actions. I have to keep this to myself and also minimize the way I visit here. I have to start avoiding them, it's just remaining 3 months for me to finish everything about school and join my husband over there in US." Lizzy said to herself as she was still chatting with Stan. And later, she slept.

The next morning, Mrs Gloria started shouting that her gold wrist watch was missing.

She dashed out from her room and started calling Lizzy: "Lizzy, why? What have I done to you? After all the love I showered on you despite knowing your horrible life style, but what did i get in return? I decided to allow you into my family, with the hope that the love you and my son share will change you for good, but no, that is never happening"

Lizzy who was so confused at what Mrs Gloria was blabbing about asked: "Mother, I don't understand what you are saying?"

"You don't understand, right? You will never understand" Gloria replied

Adaeze who heard her mother's voice from her room stormed out and said: "I said it! I knew that this worthless thing does not deserve my brother." She then turned to her mother and asked: "Mother, what are you still waiting for? Let's search her room immediately"

"Search my room? Search my room for what?" Lizzy asked in sheer confusion

"Lizzy, someone stole my mother's expensive jewelries and we all know that you are the only person who could stoop so low as to performing such an act"

"Watch your mouth, Adaeze, you shouldn't accuse me falsely, when did you see me steal from mother's room?"

"Mother, are we still wasting time here?" Adaeze asked

"Adaeze, calm down. This is not something you should be shouting angrily at. No need for outburst" Ohadike said and approached Lizzy and asked: "My daughter, your mother inlaw started looking for her jewelries yesterday morning, they also found a wrap of marijuana beside the cooker in the kitchen, and Adaeze believed that it was yours, and that it was the substance you added into their food so that they would sleep for long hours in other to be easier for you to have access to her room and make away with her jewelries"

"Father, I promise you, I know nothing about all these, and marijuana, I only hear about it, I have never seen it with my own eyes. Father, trust me, I haven't stolen all my life and I can't start now" Lizzy explained

"Alright my daughter, I trust you" Ohadike said pretending to be on Lizzy's side.

"What? My husband, don't tell me you trust her. Why are you suddenly turning a blind eye to all she has been doing? Thank God for he has finally answered our prayers. This girl is not the right thing to happen to my son" Gloria yelled

"Oom, you people are still wasting my time." Adaeze said and pushed her way through Lizzy's room, searched the whole room, both her purse and bag, but she couldn't find anything.

"What of the mattress? Lift the mattress to know if she hid it there" Gloria demanded

And when she raised the mattress, to their utmost surprise, the gold watch was found under Lizzy's mattress.

"What? No! No!! No!! This is not me, this is not possible, this can't be me. Mother, there is a misunderstanding here, I have never stolen anything before and I won't start now"
As she was busy defending herself, Adaeze brought out her phone and started filming the scene in other to send it to her brother as a proof to see the true nature of Lizzy.

Lizzy broke in tears, saying that its a frame up, that it can't be her.

"Enough of this honey, let's settle this amicably, the neighbours might hear our voices"

And Gloria got irked on how Ohadike was having compassion on Lizzy.

"Settle what amicably? Why are you even having compassion over her? Don't tell me you still have a soft spot for this worthless girl, don't tell me you still love her?" Gloria irked

"Enough! I said enough! Let me not hear such words from you again" Ohadike ordered

But before he could finish, Gloria had dragged Lizzy outside the room and started hitting her. She picked a flower vest and hit it on Lizzy's head, and she got injured.
This got Lizzy infuriated, and she roared, stood challenging her: "Mother, what are you doing? Do you want to kill me just because of a watch? Now see, my head is bleeding"

"What? You have the guts to shout back at me?" Gloria raged and grabbed her by the hair

And while Lizzy was trying to save herself from the scotching pains, she pushed her away and Gloria missed her balance, fell down from the boid, hitting her head on the tiled floor.
She was unable to move...

To be continued

Hmm.. What do you think will happen now?

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Pure Love of Lizzy is Written by Ngozi Lovelyn O
Warning: All Rights Reserved, no part of this work should be used, reproduced, redistribute either electronically or manually without the prior permission of the author..


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