Pure Love of Lizzy 2: Episode 3

When Lizzy reached school, she called her in-laws to tell them that she had reached, but none answered, she figured out that maybe they were still sleeping, so she decided to call them later in the night but she forgot.
It was on Monday morning, and Lizzy was preparing to meet her project supervisor, she brought out her phone and dialed Adaeze's number.
But she did not answer the first call, on the second redial, she answered.

"Hello" Adaeze asked in a deep angry tone

Lizzy who quickly interpreted the anger in her voice answered: "Good Morning Adaeze, how was your night?"

"So you are calling to know how my night was after all you did?" Adaeze replied

"Did, how?" Lizzy asked in sheer confusion

"Infact, I don't even have time responding to your stupid questions, keep pretending, thinking we know nothing" Adaeze replied

"Adaeze, did anything happen at home? Why sounding like this?" Lizzy asked

But her questions infuriated Adaeze the more and she started shouting at her: "You disgust me, you are such an outrageous liar, a thi......."
Before she could finish her statement, Chief Ohadike came and snatched the phone from her and disconnected the call.

"Hello! Hello!! Adaeze, can you hear me, hello?" Lizzy asked and then checked her phone "Oh, she hung up... But what could be the problem, why is she sounding that way? Did anything happen at home? Why did she call me a liar? This is confusing. OK let me call my mother in-law to know
if I can find out why Adeaze was sounding very angry"

She then dialed Gloria's number, but no response, she dialed again, no response
"Hmm, something is not right, something is definitely not right. Or should I call my father in-law?.......hmmm....No! Chief Ohadike is one person I should keep avoiding, though he has repented, but I still need to be watching my back, provided with that creepy sound I heard the other day.........Oh Lord, please protect me in this marriage. I accepted to marry Stanley because I love him so much. And god of love, please protect what you believe so much in, protect me because I believe so much in love like you do".... Lizzy prayed in her heart and said: "I think I will have to return home in the evening to know what is actually going on" she concluded

"Adaeze, what are you doing? Why do you want to blow the bubbles now? I told you to act cool as if nothing happened, in that way, we can be able to catch her red handed." Ohadike roared

"But Dad, the more time we waste, we loose the more chances of recovering the expensive jewelries she stole. Why do you want us to keep quiet?"

"Honey, I think Adaeze is right. We shouldn't waste time, we should go there in her school and catch her red handed. Those are my expensive jewelries, and they are running into millions, I can't afford to loose them, please"

"Honey, listen to me, hope I was the one who bought those jewelries for you, and what if they get lost? I can still replace them for you. But let's not be hasty and make mistakes. If Stanley's wife was actually the person who stole them, then we will find out. So, you should all relax and follow this matter maturely. Do I make myself clear? Your mother will invite Lizzy today, and we all will act as if nothing happened. We will set a trap for her, and see what happens, I think it will be better this way instead of making a baseless accusations, and you know how stubborn Stan can be. So before we tell him anything, we must have proof, so that he won't say we are accusing his wife wrongly"

After listening to her Dad, Adaeze said: "I think you are right Dad, I did not even think of all that. OK then, we will do it your way"

And Mrs Gloria nodded.

When Gloria went to her room and saw Lizzy's calls, she called her back: "Hello Lizzy, how are you, I just saw your calls now" She said in faint voice

"Yes Mother, how are you? You are sounding so weak" Lizzy inquired

"I have been feeling weak since I woke up, I think I am going to fall sick. And I don't know what is wrong with Adaeze, she is just acting weird this morning. Lizzy dear, I wish you are not too busy in school"

"No mother, I am not that busy. I am on my way to school to meet my project supervisor now, don't worry, I will be at home in the evening, OK?"

"Alright my daughter. Till evening then" Gloria replied with a faint smile and disconnected the call, she said to herself: "I have gotten so fond of Lizzy, I just wish she is innocent of all these. She is so sweet, and I will be more heartbroken if she disappoints me"

Later in the evening, like she promised, Lizzy arrived home, Chief Ohadike and his wife, Gloria welcomed her warmly, acted as if nothing happened except Adaeze. Adaeze was so hurt, and hiding an anger is something she doesn't know how to do. So instead of her outburst, she decided to avoid Lizzy completely.

Later in the night, after dinner, Adaeze was away from Lizzy's sight. And Lizzy who noticed asked her mother in-law why Adaeze locked herself in the room.

"Maybe, she just want to have her time, alone" Gloria replied

"Really? OK, I will go and check up on her"

"Lizzy, allow her be" Gloria demanded

"Allow her be? Did anything happen to her?" Lizzy asked: "Don't worry mother, let me just check why she felt to be alone"

"Lizzy, I said allow her." Gloria insisted

After seeing the seriousness in her eyes, Lizzy decided to heed to her advise but kept worrying in her heart on what might be the problem with Adaeze and they seemed to be so unconcerned about it.

Chief Ohadike was contemplating on the best way to hit his second step, but an idea was not forthcoming: "Ooh! Ohadike, think, think, think! He said to himself, hitting his head with his hand. After some minutes, an idea came: "Yes! Yes!! Lizzy, I think I will use my former technique again"
He then stepped out and saw Lizzy pouring out some juice in a glass.

"Oh, what is she doing? Is that juice for my wife? This is the perfect opportunity, seems the universe is favouring me this night" he said and then approached her and asked: "Lizzy, what are you doing?"

"I'm getting this juice for mother" Lizzy replied

"Its like she is calling you, I heard her said something about 'you forgetting about the juice, that she is not drinking again"

"Oh! I did not even hear that. Let me go and ask her then" she said and then left,
Ohadike then smiled in his heart and watched her leave. Immediately she stepped to where her eyes could not reach him, he then spiked the drink.
When Lizzy asked her mother in-law if she said anything about not getting the juice for her again, she said no, that she did not say anything of such.

"Oh! Really?" She said and then went back to get the juice.

When she was about to leave to get the juice, Ohadike stormed to where his wife was sitting and asked: "Honey, I thought you called her not to get the juice again"

"No, I did not say anything of such" Gloria replied

"Ow, maybe I did not hear right"
Ohadike said

As soon as Lizzy left, Ohadike asked: "Why did you allow her to get juice for you, what if she add something to it again? You have to be very careful with her or else what happened before will repeat again"

"You are right oo, I wasn't even thinking at that direction" Gloria replied

When Lizzy arrived with the juice, Gloria called her back: "My daughter, why not enjoy the juice with me?"

Lizzy smiled and said: "Thanks mummy, my tummy is still full and I don't feel like taking anything"

"Are you turning me down, just have some drink ok, my sweet daughter in-law" Gloria insisted

And Lizzy approached and drank some. She then thanked her and began to leave.

"Are you leaving? Why not get a seat and sit with me, let's have some ladies talks"

Lizzy smiled and brought a chair.

Ohadike was watching her to know if she would stagger, but she didn't.
He waited for minutes, but Lizzy was agile, and not feeling drowsy.

He then left them and went inside his room, peeped from the window, still Lizzy was still fully awake with all agility.

"How come? Why is she not feeling dizzy yet? Or could it be the drug this guy sold to me was fake? This is unbelievable, how come" Ohadike asked himself as he gets more confused

To be continued

Pure Love of Lizzy was Written by Ngozi Lovelyn O
Warning: All Rights Reserved, no part of this work should be used, reproduced, redistribute either electronically or manually without the prior permission of the author..

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