Pure Love of Lizzy 2: Episode 20 (The End) by Ngozi Lovelyn O

Lizzy's mother was becoming so uncomfortable after waiting for hours without seeing her daughter's call.
She went to her husband and told him how tensed she was.
"My husband, I am no longer myself, this is unlike our daughter. Are you sure she is alright?"

"Why are you being so negative? Our daughter is fine" Lizzy's father said, trying to make his wife extricate her mind from the unnecessary worries

"OK, since she is not answering, why not call her husband? Yes, call him"

The husband said OK and then called Stanley on phone.

"Hello my in-law, Good morning, Sir"

"Good morning my son, how are you and the family?" Lizzy's father asked

Stanley then paused for 4 seconds and then replied: "My mother is dead, I was even planning to call you to inform you about it before your call came in"

"What? Oh my God! When did this happened?"

"This morning, Sir. And we are in the hospital, Lizzy was admitted here"

"My daughter? In the hospital? What's wrong with her? In fact, which hospital is that? We will be coming right away"

"You know our family hospital?" Stan replied

Lizzy's mother was no longer herself, she was so frightened to the bone, thinking her dream will be coming to reality, following with Gloria's death.
She began crying already as the fear of loosing her daughter engulfed her.
"You see why I was against Elizabeth returning to that house, and now they have succeeded in killing her?" She feared

"Quiet woman! Sometimes I wonder if you even have any atom of faith in you. You are a Christian but you don't act like one. Have faith, nothing will happen to her. You have prayed, so allow God to do the rest." Lizzy's father said as they dashed out of the house, straight to the hospital.

When Lizzy woke up, she found Stanley and Adaeze sitting close to her hospital bed.
She then wondered how she got there. She stretched her hand and tapped Stanley.

When Stan saw her awake, he brimmed in joy and called: "My heart, I know you will not leave me. You are finally awake, I was so scared that I have lost you again"

"Lost me, how?" Lizzy wondered why he said that as she stared into Adaeze's face who was shedding tears.
"Sweetheart, why are you crying?" Lizzy asked Adaeze.
"Lizzy, I am so sorry for how I have made life so difficult for you since you came into my family" Adaeze pleaded, sobbing

"Sorry for what? But you did not do anything wrong, my dear... And what are you doing here? How come you left Mother all alone in the house?"

When she made that statement, Stan and Adaeze surprisingly, looked at her.

The whole event came flashing again on Lizzy's face.
"Mother.... Oh mother......." She broke in tears and continued: Stan, it was father, I saw him with my own eyes, he killed mother, he killed her, I saw him strangling her, Adaeze, I saw father, I swear. When I caught him, he lied that he was only trying to adjust her neck, he should be arrested, he is evil, a murderer. He killed her, Stan, Adaeze, he killed mother. When he said that I should come closer and check that she was alive, that he was only trying to adjust her neck, so I foolishly went hoping it was all my imagination, I never knew he had an ulterior motive. The next thing I knew, was a heavy knock on my head." Lizzy said as she felt her head with her right fingers and noticed she had a bandage on. And she continued: I guess I was badly injured from the blow, so who brought me here? What later happened? Because there was nobody at home when all these things happened?"
She asked, but none of them were in the mood to answer her question.

Stanley and Adaeze were thrown into deep river of tears after hearing the shocking news, though Stanley had suspected, but he never knew how devastated the truth would make him feel.

Having the knowledge that her mother was killed by her own father traumatized Adaeze for years.

Stan was about heading to the police station when Lizzy's parents arrived.
And they greeted Stan whose face was burning red in anger.
They stared at Adaeze and Stanley's faces, and began sympathizing with them on the death of their mother.
They were also relieved to found their daughter, healthy.

"How is your father?" Lizzy's father asked Stanley
"He is no longer my father and he is at the place where he is supposed to be and this time, he will rot there for the rest of his life"

Lizzy's father who became unease hearing such things from a son about his father scolded Stanley, and stopped him from making further utterances.

"No Sir, you don't know the atrocities that man had perpetuated. This innocent girl has endured a lot all because of that man. Lizzy, remember you once said that I should prove your innocence. That I have done." Stanley said as he went ahead and narrated everything to them, how he found out the truth.
Lizzy's parents were shocked down as they starred at their daughter who said nothing but kept sobbing.
"Elizabeth, you had to endure all that trauma without even telling us" her mother asked as he patted her.

"No mother, its just nothing. And thank God he has been arrested, he will be paying for his sins from now on"

Emotions, tears, anger, regrets filled the room as they expressed themselves according to how their feelings led them.

Few months later, Stanley gave his mother a befitting burial.
His other siblings who were having their educational program in Canada got permission and returned for the burial, and they all went back without even giving it a thought to visit their father in prison.

Ohadike's children deserted him.
"Why me? Why did I allowed my anger and revenge to consume me like this?" He said as he looked at his hand and said: "Look at me, I used this very hands to kill my own wife, the mother of my world, the mother of my children, the woman whom I built my empire with. What kind of a husband I am? I am a disgrace to fatherhood. What will my children think of me? What will my grandchildren think of me in the future? I allowed my lust for a woman to ruin my beautiful family" Ohadike cried, wishing for another chance to amend his ways.
But it was too late for him.

Stanley and Lizzy learnt to move on with their lives and buried the past behind them.
Adaeze later got forgiveness from Lizzy, though that was what her heart told her, because Lizzy was never mad with her.

The autopsy report proved that Gloria was murdered as strain marks were found round her neck.
After 4 years of the legal proceedings, Ohadike was found guilty of murder and rape.
He was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment for rape and then sentenced to death for murder.
So he first spent 14 years in prison for rape and then was hanged to death for murder.

Stanley found his happiness with Lizzy, though the pains of loosing his mother sometimes crept in. They lived a very happy love life together and their marriage was blessed with 3 boys and a girl.

When it was time for Ohadike to be executed, Lizzy pleaded with all the family members to at least visit Ohadike for the last time.
They declined initially, but later, they found some reason with her and visited him at the prison.
He couldn't explain how happy he was seeing his children and his grandchildren. He did not say anything much because they were not given much time, he only managed to say: "Thank you all for coming, I really don't know what to say because I have lost how to communicate with you all after long years, please do find it in your heart to forgive me."
He then emotionally looked at Lizzy and said: "please take care of my family, forgive me for all the pains I made you go through."

And finally, Ohadike was executed by hanging. Nobody wept for him. His last wish was for him to meet his wife and ask her for forgiveness.

The End....

I strongly appreciate our sponsors who through their good hearts appreciated this book and may the good Lord continue blessing them, in Jesus Name, Amen.

And to all our readers, you guys are superb. Thanks for your time and the encouragements. You all are a pure blessing to us, you will never lack anything in this life, in Jesus Name, Amen.

Pure Love of Lizzy was Written by Ngozi Lovelyn O
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