Pure Love of Lizzy 2: Episode 2 by Ngozi Lovelyn O

"We need to start fasting about it from tomorrow?" Ohadike suggested

"Fasting? Eeh! You know I can't fast because of my health" Gloria replied

"That means I will fast alone then" Ohadike said

"But is the fasting necessary?" Gloria asked

"Yes, its very necessary. We are doing this for the sake of our only son's future" Ohadike replied

"Alright then. I must tell you, I am so happy you are doing this, it means you have truly changed for good" Gloria praised

Ohadike then smiled and gave his wife a hug.

It was on Sunday, and Lizzy planned to return to school that day. But she never knew there was a big storm coming.

Chief Ohadike had already bought an item he will use to execute his plans against Lizzy. He wished to make her look bad in the eyes of his family members.

While Lizzy was preparing Lunch with Stanley's elder sister, Adaeze, she received a call from school on the need for her to return to school immediately. And she then, hastened her cooking.

And having overheard her conversasion, Chief then knocked his knuckles that he had found a better idea.

After she finished cooking, she dished out some and set it on the dining table. She then went to where her mother inlaw was sitting in the garden and informed her that the food was ready. But while she went to call her, Chief Ohadike had already added some weed in the stew.

"Alright my daughter." Mrs Gloria said and sat up.

When she reached the dinning table, she called out for everyone, that food was ready.

"Where is your father?" She asked Adaeze

"Maybe he is in his room. Let me go and call him" she said and left to call him. When she reached his room, she found him praying.

"Father is praying? Like seriously, I can't believe my eyes. Wow! Father has really changed oo" she said and then left.
She told her mother that father was praying.

"He is really serious with this his new found faith. I am happy for him" Adaeze said

"This is not his first time, he is also on a strict fasting for the betterment of your brother, Stanley"

"Really? Wow, that is so nice to hear" the daughter replied

"Where is Lizzy, is she not eating with us?"

"Ow, like she is not here, let me go and call her then" she then left to call her but Lizzy informed her that she had eaten already, that she ate in the kitchen. She needed to rush to school for an important reason.

The sister in-law then left and went downstairs and relayed to her mother what Lizzy said. After they finished eating the food, they started feeling dizzy and stumbled to the sofa and slept. When Lizzy came out to inform them about her leaving, she found them dozing loudly.

"Oh, they are sleeping. No need disturbing them, guess I will have to leave" and she then left.

Chief Ohadike had succeeded in his first step. He went to where his wife used to store her valuables and removed some of her expensive jewelries and golds and hid them in a place where no eyes can find them. And took the wrap of the weed he added in the food and hid it beside the cooker in the kitchen.

Stanley's Mother and her Younger daughter slept for 11 hours without any interruption. When she finally woke up, she checked the time and was shocked on how she slept for that long hours.

She quickly went upstairs and found her husband sleeping, she tapped him, he did not respond, he pretended to be in a very deep sleep.

She then went to Adaeze, tapped her, and she woke up.

"Do you know the time now?" Gloria asked

Adaeze then checked the time and was shocked to found it was already midnight: "What? Mum, how come, does it mean I have been sleeping for the past 11 hours?.. Oh no, I was supposed to be at my friend's birthday party, and I prepared heavily for it. I even bought a new cloth for that occasion. And now my friend will say that I intentionally disappointed her. Let me see if I can call her on phone" she then left to bring her phone and found she had missed 27 calls. She then dialed her friend's number to explain what happened.

"This strange sleep is quite unbelievable, if I was the only one involved, I would have said its my sickness, but since everyone had the same strange sleep, I don't think there is any cause for worries" Gloria said and then went upstairs.

The next morning, Chief woke up and lied he slept for long hours.

"You too? Seriously, this type of thing has never happened in this house before. By what time did you sleep last night?" Gloria asked

"I think i slept the same time as you, maybe its the weather, and besides, we all need it. We all need a very sound rest" Chief said

"But I am feeling weak. I don't know why I'm feeling this way. Anyway, let me prepare for work."

"Yes madam. CEO" Chief replied as they laughed out together

"Mum! Mum! Dad! Come down to the kitchen, quickly" Adaeze called from the kitchen

"What could be the problem? This one she is sounding like this". Gloria worried

"Let's go first and find out why she is calling" Chief said as they rushed down immediately and saw the wrap of weed Adaeze was having in her hand.

"What is this?" Chief asked

"Mum, Dad, this is weed, I just found it hidden by the cooker" she explained

"What is weed?" Ohadike and Gloria chorused

"OK, you know Marijuana, right?" She asked

"Yes" Gloria replied

"This is Marijuana and that explained everything. Mother, I think this was added in the food we ate and that was why we slept for that long hours"

"What? This is not possible. Then who could have done it?" Gloria asked

"Mother, only one person could have done this, and that is none other than Lizzy. I suspect she smokes it too, if not, what is it doing here in the kitchen and because she was in a haste, that was why she forgot to clean up the mess"

"Shut up your mouth, Adaeze. Don't accuse someone blindly without having any proof" Gloria snapped.

"I think you have said enough Adaeze and your mother is right, you don't have to accuse someone falsefully. Put that thing in the dustbin, we must figure out how that thing got into this house" Ohadike said and then left the kitchen.

"I know that girl is not as good as she seems, I wonder why brother went ahead to marry her despite knowing her past. A runs girl will always remain a runs girl no matter what" Adaeze blurted angrily.

And having heard that, Chief Ohadike smiled in his heart and said: "Thank you so much my daughter, you are going to make this job easier for me"

When they reached upstairs, Gloria sat on her bed wondering.

"What is it? Don't tell me you are worrying yourself about what Adaeze said?"

"But what if she is telling the truth?"

"Telling the truth, how? I mean for what reason would Lizzy add such thing into our food."

"But can't you see, we have not slept this long hours before, its very strange. And don't tell me its a mere coincidence. Nobody smokes marijuana in this house, so how come the thing found its way into my kitchen?" Gloria asked.

"Let's not make hasty conclusions yet. You said you have an appointment to catch, so why waisting your time?" Chief asked

"You are right and I can't afford to miss it" Gloria said and stood to get prepared

After taking her bath, dressed up and headed to her jewelry box, but was shocked to found some of her expensive jewelries missing.

"What? No! no! This can not be possible" she said as she ransacked the box, her drawers and some possible places the jewelries could be, but she couldn't find them.

"What are you searching for looking so worried?" Ohadike asked

"Honey, my jewelries, I can't find them anywhere" Gloria replied

"That is not possible, maybe you misplaced them." He replied

"Misplaced them how? I haven't done that before. There is no hidden place in this room. And that jewelries are counting into millions. We haven't lost things in this house, why now?" Gloria said as she called out for her daughter to know if she in anyway took the jewelries.

"What are you saying Mum, you know I have never touched any of your things without seeking for your permission first" Adaeze replied as her mind struck on the weed stuff and how they slept for long hours.

"Mother, everything is now clear. This is the reason she added that thing into our food so that we will sleep for her to have every chance in the world to ransack the whole house. Mum, Dad, Lizzy is the wrong thing to happen to brother Stan, I don't know why you guys allowed him to marry such a girl. We all know her past, one of the qualities of a prostitute is stealing. And see, she has eyes for the jewelries, and she has succeeded in stealing them"

"Shut up Adaeze, enough of this accusations. Enough of it already" Ohadike shunned her

"Honey, I think my daughter is right. If not her, then who must have done it? Remember the prayers and the fasting, can't you see, God is already exposing her true nature. Let me call my son on phone now to tell him what is going on. That girl can no longer be my daughter in-law. He better divorce her."

"You would do no such thing! Don't make any call yet until we catch her red handed. What if she is not the one who stole it? Don't worry, we will set up a trap for her to find out if she is the one who stole it or not. And you would not call Lizzy about this, am I understood?"

They nodded.

Chief rejoiced in his heart and said: "Well Lizzy, I guess at the way things are going, we might not have the chance to spend our lives together because they will believe that I am the one who ruined your marriage with my son. So my ultimate goal now is to send you away from my family. I spent a lot of money in making my son to become who he is today. I would love him to get married to a responsible girl and not a girl whose past was already rotten, a girl who has slept with series of men, hmm, disgusting.
Stanley! How can you marry such a girl, seriously, you disgust me with this decision you made. So I am promising you as your father, I will make everything within my power to separate her from you so that you will marry a responsible lady and not the likes of Lizzy." He said

To be continued

The author of Pure Love of Lizzy is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning; All Rights Reserved

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