Pure Love of Lizzy 2: Episode 19 by Ngozi Lovelyn O

"My husband, did you still later speak with Elizabeth?" Lizzy's mother asked her husband who just returned from a morning church program.

"Oh my dear! I forgot. You know I rushed to the church because I was already late for the program, that was why I forgot to call her" Lizzy's father replied.

"My husband, you know my phone is not working, otherwise, I would have called her and told her about the dream, so that she will be careful and also be prayerful"

"You shouldn't bother her with such a dream, don't you know you will get her scared unnecessary. The most important thing is that, we have prayed against it, so nothing will happen to her."

"I know, but I would still like to call her, to hear her voice, at least to know how she is doing?" Lizzy's mother insisted

"Ok, OK, OK, let me call her number now" he said and started dialing Lizzy's number.
But there was no response.... He redialled the number, still no response.

"She is not answering, maybe she is taking care of her mother in-law. She will return the call once she see our missed calls" Lizzy's father said

And the wife sighed and then said "Ok"

Stanley was no longer himself... He was still yet to inform his in-laws about the death of his mother, but was left of the response to give them if they ask about their daughter, whom he promised to protect.

"Where is Lizzy? I hope nothing has happened to her. What am I going to tell her parents now? Ok, let me delay a little longer before breaking the news of what is happening. And that reminds me, where is Adaeze? She ought to have returned home by now, what's keeping her in school."Stanley rhetoric as he dialed Adaeze's number.

When she answered, Stanley noticed that her voice was breaking.
"Adaeze, what is it? You are not sounding like yourself"

"Brother Stan, where is father?" Adaeze asked

"I don't think I will answer that question on phone. You need to return home now" Stan replied

"Brother Stan, the gateman has told me everything. Mother is dead, Dad was arrested. But I still don't know why police took him away. So, I demand to know why?" Adaeze asked

"Adaeze, you need to return home first so that I will tell you all that happened, its not something I will start explaining to you on phone"

"Brother Stan, do you know what? I am with Lizzy here in the hospital. I found her unconscious inside Father's wardrobe so I rushed her to the hospital"

"What? Adaeze, where? Is it our family hospital?"

"Yes, but Brother, I fear if she will make it. She is in very bad condition."

"Adaeze, I will be there in the next minute" Stan said, disconnecting the call as his heart started beating fast.
While driving, he was praying for nothing to happen to Lizzy
"Lizzy, my mother has left me, are you planning to leave me as well? My Love, please, I need you now. I still have to pay for my mistakes of not trusting you. I still have to seek for your forgiveness. My Love please don't leave me"

Immediately he stormed the hospital, the way Adaeze hugged him when she saw him made him became nervous. He expected her to break it to him that Lizzy was dead.

"Brother, mother is no more" "Adaeze said, sobbing.

"And Lizzy, how is she?" Stanley asked, because that was where his interest laid at that moment.

"The Doctors are still with her in the ICU" Adaeze replied.

"But how did you find her? How did you know she was inside Father's wardrobe?"

"OK, when I returned home, the gateman stopped me and Informed me that Mother is dead, and that some policemen came and arrested father. He also told me that you have carried Mother to the morgue. I became devastated and slumped into tears. When I reached upstairs, I quickly went into father's room to search for anything that might implicate him in case the policemen return for a search. And that was how I saw Lizzy stuffed to the side of the wardrobe. I was confused on what she was doing there. Initially, I thought she was hiding from her sin, that she was the one who killed mother, but when I noticed that her head was bleeding, I then realised that something different had happened. So instead of fighting my mind, trying to figure out what it was, I then decided to rush her to the hospital first."

After listening to her, Stanley who was raining tears down his cheeks, embraced his sister, thanking her. That if it was not for her, it would have been late for Lizzy, that it wouldn't have gotten to the mind of anybody to search for her there. 

"To tell you the truth Brother, I don't even know what led me to that place. I seriously don't know."

"Adaeze, I don't know how you would feel if I should tell you this. But I hope you are matured enough, you will handle the news maturely."

"What is it brother? Tell me"

"Adaeze..... (He paused, as he sighed) Adaeze, it has been father all along. He was the person behind all that have been happening at home. You still have not asked your self the reason mother requested Lizzy to come back, it was because she is innocent. Mother saw everything, she even wrote it in a paper that Lizzy is innocent. That was why I started making some investigations to dig out the truth, and I was devastated at what I found. Father was the one who impregnated Lizzy, he drugged her and got her raped. If you don't believe me, everything is in the CD plate I got from the hospital. I even saw Dad threatening mother the other day when she was still alive"

Adaeze was only crying listening to her brother. 
When Stan saw that the news was becoming too painful for her, he then stopped. 

"Brother, to tell you the truth, I am not that surprised. After that day that I saw those jewelries at come, I came to realised that it 7couldn't be Lizzy, otherwise, she wouldn't have left them there. And that day Lizzy requested for a DNA test, father was left so worried, he did not even touch his food that night. But all these things never added up until I decided to ask mother some few questions. All the things I kept asking her were on the positive, she kept blinking twice. Mum was so sure. When I asked her if she think I was being harsh on Lizzy, she blinked twice.. It pains that I was being so harsh on her for no reason... Brother, I don't know if Lizzy can still forgive me for how I made life difficult for her at home. I will say that I even made father's revenge more easier for him. Maybe he was still bitter for how he spent years in prison for abducting her, he lost his political chances because of her. Maybe he was playing out revenge on her"

"You don't know Lizzy, she has a very big heart, and trust me, she might not even be bearing any grudges against you, that is the kind of person she is. She has suffered a lot but yet, you will see her living life as if nothing has ever happened to her before. I am only regretting the reason I never trusted her."

While they siblings were still discussing, the doctor came and told them that Lizzy was out of danger....

To be continued

Pure Love of Lizzy was Written by Ngozi Lovelyn O
Warning: All Rights Reserved, no part of this work should be used, reproduced, redistribute either electronically or manually without the prior permission of the author.

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