Pure Love of Lizzy 2: Episode 18 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

The previous night, Elizabeth's mother had another strange dream. Immediately she woke up, she told her husband about it.
"My husband, I think my daughter is in grave danger." She said, sweating profusely.

"God forbid, nothing will happen to her, I believe God is protecting her, but why did you say so?"

"I just had a very scary dream. I have never been scared all my life..." Lizzy's mother said, shaking.

"Tell me about it" her husband requested

"From afar, I saw a very dark cloud hovering around Lizzy and her mother in-law, Gloria, they were holding hands. Lizzy's colour changed to charcoal black the moment she saw me approaching them, at a point she started crying blood. And I was left screaming.. And suddenly, I woke up. My husband, you know how my dreams used to turn out in reality, I am so scared"

"Hmm, this is quite strange. Let's pray against it then, because anything that is cancelled on earth, is already cancelled in heaven"

And the couple knelt and prayed against any harm that was planning to befell their daughter, Elizabeth.

When the day broke, Lizzy's mother was outside her corridor, but her mind was never off from the dream. She found herself battling with it and goosebumps were raining all over her.
"Oh God, why am I feeling this way? I have never been this scared all my life, what is it Lord? Please protect my daughter, she is my everything" She prayed but still, her spirit wasn't satisfied, she then headed to their church and knelt at the alter.
And prayed to God to help her daughter fight her battles and come out victorious.

That morning, Adaeze had left for lectures and Stanley was away from the house,
Lizzy was busy preparing Gloria's food. So at a point, it came to her mind to check on Gloria.

What she saw when she reached Gloria's room almost made her lost her mind. All the bones in her body started knocking together.
Ohadike was wicked and evil but nobody knew he could exercise that on his wife.

"Chief Ohadike what are you doing?" Lizzy shouted as she caught him strangling Gloria to die.

Ohadike never expected Lizzy to returned to Gloria's room that early. Ohadike plan was to kill Gloria, get the food Lizzy was preparing for her poisoned and then lay the claim on Lizzy that she was the one who killed her.

"Father, you killed her! You killed mother. What have you done? What have you done?" Lizzy tensed loudly, shaken all through.

Ohadike then looked up and saw Lizzy who was so terrified looking at him.
"Oh shit! What is she doing here?" he muttered: "Lizzy, what are you saying? I was only trying to make her sit properly on the wheelchair, I was just adjusting her neck. How could you say that I killed her, my own wife, the mother of my children? Come on Lizzy, this is too much of you. Can somebody who is breathing be dead? You are doubting me? Then come closer and take a look" Ohadike acted so warmly that Lizzy even began to doubt what she saw.
And she then went closer and prayed in her heart for what she saw to be just an imagination. But she never saw what was coming her own way.
The moment she bent to check on Gloria's pulse, Stanley's car horn was heard from the gate.

"Oh no! Why now? What is he doing here now?" Ohadike became tensed thinking on what to do to Lizzy, his plans was to claim she killed Gloria.
But Stanley's early return jeopardized his plans, but still, he came up with a quick idea which also looked like the truth.

The moment Lizzy discovered that Gloria was no longer breathing, for her to scream, she received a heavy blow on her head and she fell unconscious.
"Yes, I should kill her now and tell Stanley that she killed Gloria and ran away? Yes, that is what I should do."
And Ohadike squeezed her neck, and quickly dragged her to his room, hide her in his wardrobe.
"Yes, let her remain here, in the night when everybody must have gone to bed, I will get rid of her." Ohadike said
When Stanley returned to the house, he called for Lizzy, but no voice answered him. He went to his mother's room and found her sitting on her wheelchair, with her eyes closed, so he thought she was sleeping. He then left and went to the kitchen and found the food Lizzy was cooking boiling, he then turned off the gas cooker

"Where is she? I have searched for her in the entire house, but she is nowhere to be found, and mother has not eaten her breakfast." Stanley got worried
and then headed to his mother's room to lay her on the bed since she was sleeping.

When he tried lifting her, he discovered she was too heavy and cold all through.
"Ouch! When did she suddenly became this heavy? And her whole body is cold.." And Stan decided to check her pulse and was thrown off balance after discovering his mother was dead.
"Mother! Mother Noo! Mummy, please don't do this to me?" Stanley stood shocked as he quickly brought out his phone and called the doctor.

Ohadike who pretended he was unaware of all that happened stormed out of his room and asked what was happening..

And Stanley did not reply him.
When the doctor arrived, after checking her, he shook his head and confirmed to them that she was dead.
Stanley rushed his father, held his cloth's collar and shouted: "You succeeded in killing my mother, you killed her, right? Stanley roared bitterly.
And the doctor rushed him and told him to stop accusing his father with such a thing.

"Doctor, you better stay out of this because you know nothing about this man. And now where is Lizzy? Did you kill her too?" Stan asked Ohadike

"Lizzy? Yes, that explains everything. Doctor, you see reason why I was against bringing that girl back to this house, but nobody cared to listen. I told you she was evil, I told you she is a witch. Now she has succeeded in killing my wife, she killed the mother of my children. Now where is she? She killed her and ran away. I saw when she was rushing out of the gate"

Stanley who noticed that asking his father about Lizzy won't yield any fruit, he then called the police station.

Earlier, when he left the place he went to meet with Nurse Precious, he rushed straight to the police station  and lodged a complaint against his father. His plans was to arrive the house with the policemen but they were still to get the arrest warrant, and Stanley who thought that wasting more time at the police station will be putting his wife and mother's lives in danger, he then decided to leave, for them to becoming later.

About 20 minutes later, the police stormed Ohadike's residence.

"Stanley, you called the police for what? To arrest your father? Stanley, you are a disgrace. See how a woman is controlling your brain, I am ashamed having you as my only Son.

"Ohadike you are hereby arrested for the murder of Doctor Putoris and the rape of one Mrs Elizabeth, who happens to be your daughter in-law. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say or do may be used against you in the court of law" the policeman said as he showed him the arrest warrant.

And Ohadike then looked at his son as the police whisked him away.

Stanley cried out loudly about the death of his mother. The doctor tried to console him.
"Doctor, I need an autopsy to be conducted on my mother, I want to know if her death was induced or that she died naturally." Stan requested

Later, an ambulance came and Gloria's body was deposited in the morgue.

Hours later, no words were heard from Lizzy and Stanley was no longer himself. He desired to delved on Lizzy's arms so that she will console him, wipe his tears. The death of his mother was a shock to him. He also wished for his mother's death to be natural, otherwise he would remain hurt all his life if it later came out that his father was the one who killed her.

When he returned to the house, after depositing his mother's body in the mortuary, he expected to see Lizzy at home, but still, her presence was not felt.
"Where could she have gone to? And I have been calling her number and she was not answering." He then brought out his phone and dialed her number again and he heard it ringing from the kitchen.

"And her phone is here? Oh no! I hope nothing has happened to her, I hope he did not kill her too"

And Stanley lodged a complaint again for a missing person and the search for Lizzy began.

To be continued...
Pure Love of Lizzy was Written by Ngozi Lovelyn O
Warning: All Rights Reserved, no part of this work should be used, reproduced, redistribute either electronically or manually without the prior permission of the author.

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