Pure Love of Lizzy 2: Episode 14 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

When Stan reached Lizzy's family house, he stood dumbfounded looking at Lizzy's mother who opened the door for him.
"Stanley, what is it again this time?" She asked in sheer anger

"Erm! Erm! Mother, can I talk to Lizzy please?" Stanley asked

"Lizzy is not here" she replied

"Where did she went to?" Stanley asked warmly

"You are asking as if you care. Haven't your family caused her enough harm? I warned her against this marriage, but she wouldn't listen, now see where love has brought her. The man she claimed she love so much could not even defend her" Lizzy's mother uttered

"Mother, what would you have had me do? Anyway, I did not come here for this. I came to take her back.."

"Back to where? Stanley, I would like you to leave her alone for now. She needs to be alone to clear things up for herself. I don't want to bury my daughter. Your father will destroy her for me, please allow her to sort herself out" Lizzy's mother demanded

Lizzy's father who was expecting to see who was at the door after his wife went to get it decided to check, since the wife was wasting time.

"Stanley! You are here? Come inside, why are you standing there?" Lizzy's father requested as the wife stepped out of the way for him to enter.

"You can sit down" Lizzy's Dad offered

"Father, where is Lizzy, I really need to see her, its very important" Stanley asked

"Important, how?" Lizzy's Dad asked

"Father, you see, for the past 3 days now, my mother has not taking anything except water. You know she is very sick and needs to take her medicine, but she has refused to eat anything." Stan explained

"But why? Somebody should force her then. Its very important she take her medicines" Lizzy's father suggested

"Yes, we have been trying, but she has refused to take anything. When the doctor came and examined her, it was discovered that she is missing someone, she is missing Lizzy and she wants her to come and feed her"

"What? The same Lizzy you people accused of been responsible for her sickness? Are you sure of what you are saying?" Lizzy's mother queried

"To tell you the truth Ma, the thing is quite confusing. My mother is not the type who pretend about her feelings. If she hates you, she will make it clear to you. Lizzy was the one who pushed her down, but she is the only one she wants to be feeding her. Sir, please, I really need Lizzy to come with me, my mother's life is in danger. She needs to take her medicines... She needs to, I am begging you, please"

"Stanley, your father is still living in that house, so my daughter is not going anywhere with you, you get it?" Lizzy's mother turned down his request

"Please, can you excuse us, I would like to discuss with my wife?" Lizzy's parents then went inside the bedroom to agree on something.

"Can't you see? This is clearly understandable.. Gloria is trying to tell his son something. Among all the people living in that house, why did she chose my daughter to be feeding her when she knew quite well that Elizabeth was the one who caused her present predicament?." Lizzy's father pondered

"You have a point my husband, You really have a point. But sending Elizabeth back there could be dangerous. What if that Ohadike harm her again?"

"You don't have to worry about that, my wife, I believe God will handle everything"

"Alright my husband, if you say so"

When they returned to the Living room, Lizzy's father urged Stanley to promise him that no harm will come near Elizabeth again.

"I promise you Sir, its not like when I was in the States, I am here in Nigeria now, and nobody will harm her, this I promise"

"OK then, that settles everything but that will be after she agreed because we are not going to force her. But right now, she is not at home, she left 2 hours ago without giving us the location of where she headed to" the father said

Stan appreciated them warmly and then asked: "Sir, please, time is running out. My mother needs to eat. Can you call her on phone?"

"No, you call her." Lizzy's father replied

Stanley then brought out his phone and dialed Lizzy's number, but discovered the phone was ringing in her room.

"Where could she have gone to leaving her phone at home? She hardly stay away from it." The mother asked looking worried

"You don't have to worry. She will return soon." Few minutes later, Lizzy's father decided to head to the church to make preparations for the program he will be having later in the day. He told them to wait for Lizzy that she will return.

He then left, but when he reached church, he melted after seeing his daughter lying weakly at the alter. He wept, imagining the pains his daughter must be going through...
He then cleared his eyes, and tapped Lizzy.
When she opened her eyes, she saw her father.. And he offered her his hand and he lifted her up.

"My daughter, you came to the right place. Remember this all your life, whenever you are facing any kind of challenges, never forget to lay them at the alter of God. Because, he is the only one who can set you free. Stop crying my daughter, your God has answered your prayers" he said and hugged her

But Lizzy thought that her father was referring to "faith answered prayers".

"Its like you did not understood what I said. Your husband Stanley is waiting for you, he wants to take you back home"

"Dad, you mean Stan is at home right now? How, I don't understand"

"Yes, he returned for you and he also promised to protect you against any harm. But do you know the most important of it all? His mother has refused to eat anything. She has refused to accept food from anybody except you."

"Dad, are you sure of what you are saying? Isn't that strange? Before the accident, she was swearing to push me away, how come she is showing me this kind love and importance?"

"My daughter, its the Lord's doing. Elizabeth, Stanley is your husband, I have seen it. All that is happening now are just challenges that will help solidify your relationship. Trust me..."

"So Dad, you think its right I should follow him?"

"Yes offcourse, my daughter. You should follow him, he is your husband.. Let me call him to come here and pick you."

"OK Dad, also tell him to get my bag while coming"

"Alright My daughter" he said and started making the call.

And Lizzy went to the alter again and asked God to give her all the strength and wisdom she needed to expose Ohadike.. She also sought for protection against any evil plans that might be coming her way.

About 20minutes later, Stanley arrived the church. Lizzy's father handed her to him and said: "Stanley, I am handing my precious daughter over to you again, nothing should happen to her"

"I promise you father, I will protect her" Stan promised and they drove off.

While in the car, they were mute. They did not say anything to each other.
Lizzy then said in her heart: "Stan My Love, my God is about to expose the true colours of your father, that was why he sent you to bring me back again. Don't worry My Love, very soon this tension that is creating rift between us will be lifted. I can't live without you my love"

They maintained physical silence but their minds never kept quiet.

"Why is it that I can't hate her even after trying hard to? Mother thank you for requesting her back, with this, I will get to be seeing her everyday. At least, I will be a little happier until I find peace with what she did to me. Upon all the love I have for her, she cheated on me with that man? But this is unbelievable, after all these, I am still not that angry with her, but why? Why am I feeling this way? I should be having a great hatred for her, but instead, I was so happy to see her again. But still, that does not change the fact she betrayed me, hmm." Stan said in his heart

Minutes later, they arrived home. Adaeze who was in the living room when she arrived, hissed loudly.
Ohadike was burning in his heart. He wondered why his wife requested for Lizzy to be feeding her.
"Could it be she saw what I did to Lizzy?.... I don't think so. She was fast asleep that night. And even if she did, nobody will get to hear about it because she can't talk.... Oops! So my secret is still intact. And as for you Lizzy, don't think you have escaped this. I will keep igniting the hatred my son already has for you in his heart until he finally throw you out from his life" Ohadike said to himself.

Immediately Gloria saw Lizzy, the duo were left in tears.
"I am sorry mother that you had to go hungry because of me. But don't worry, I am here now to take care of you, mummy. And just look at you, they don't even know how to bath you properly, they allowed you to be stinking like rotten fish... Mummy, I will feed you first, after that, bath and get you freshened, OK? And I will take outside to receive some fresh air." Lizzy said and rushed to the kitchen to get food for her mother in-law.

Stanley was astonished, he melted on how his mother and Lizzy were interacting. He then sat beside her and said: "Mum, I don't understand this. I am a little bit confused. Are you trying to tell me something, Mum? I wish this accident never happened..." He was still airing out his confusion when his mother began blinking her eyes.

"Oh yes, that! It never came to my mind. OK Mum, I need to ask you some few questions.. Blink twice at the questions their answers are yes and then blink thrice at the " no" answers.

"Mummy, do you truly trust Lizzy?"
She blinked twice

"Do you think she is innocent?"
She blinked twice

"Are you sure?"
She blinked twice

"Mummy, there must be a reason you trusted her again, because from that video, she pushed you down, and you were trying to send her away, so what happened, did you notice anything? OK, according to Lizzy, she said that Father raped and got her pregnant and that it happened right here in this room, so did you by any chance see anything?"

And Gloria started crying and when she was about to blink, Ohadike who was standing at the door, hearing all they were saying interrupted them and Gloria did not respond again because she new how dangerous her husband was, he might hurt Lizzy or her son.

"What are you two discussing, eh? Stanley allow your mother to rest and stop bothering her with all these questions. Lizzy is not a suitable daughter Inlaw, the sooner you get that, the better for you" Ohadike said
And when Stan looked at his mother, she was closing her eyes tightly.
"Why is it that mother keeps closing her eyes each time father approached her? Something is definitely going on and I must find out what it is"

Stan was still racing in his mind when Lizzy entered the room with Gloria's food and asked them to leave the room. So Stan and his father left.

When they were leaving, Ohadike's mind was fuming.: "What is wrong with this my son? What other proof do I need to show him for him to throw this stupid girl away from this house?.. Seriously, I can't allowed to be exposed, because if my son in anyway find out that I am behind all that have been happening, it will be my end. I am his father, but sometimes, I am scared of him. I better close any loop hole that will leak the secret to him.

Lizzy had finished feeding and bathing Gloria, she then placed her on a wheelchair and took her outside to receive fresh air. Stanley was peeping at them through the window. His mother's face was glowing in joy after Lizzy returned. The way Lizzy was laughing, telling his mother some stories kept melting his heart. He started reminiscing the good days with Lizzy.
Lizzy somehow noticed he was peeping at them, she then took Gloria to another spot where he will no longer watch them.

"Oh no! Why did she had to change the spot? I need to be watching her, her laughter and the way she is playing with my mother is giving me an immense joy." Stan said as he tried devising for a reason to go outside, so that his eyes will be where Lizzy was.
He then stormed out and asked Adaeze if she was interested in playing "Ludo Game" and she said yes.
He then asked her to bring it.
"But Brother, its been long I played that game, I don't even know where to search for it..." Adaeze said

"OK, why not check it at the place we park warn out stuffs" Stan requested

And that was the same place Ohadike hid those jewelries they accused Lizzy of stealing.

And Adaeze headed to get it. Ohadike was passing by and heard noises from the store, he then asked who was there.
And Stan answered him: "Its Adaeze, She went to get the Ludo Game that was kept down there"

The "Ludo Game?"? But it's in my room. How did you expect it to be down there? Adaeze, leave from that place immediately, I kept a breakable something there, before you break it for me... He then rushed to stop her, but before he could reach, Adaeze had already saw the Jewelries..

Pure Love of Lizzy was Written by Ngozi Lovelyn O
Warning: All Rights Reserved, no part of this work should be used, reproduced, redistribute either electronically or manually without the prior permission of the author.

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