Pure Love of Lizzy 2: Episode 13 by Ngozi Lovelyn O

"Where are we going?" Lizzy asked
But Stan maintained silence.

"Baby, I don't know how else to prove to you that I am innocent. Your father is trying every possible means to see that we get separated.."

"Don't mention my father ever again. I saw your boyfriend.. He came to visit you at the hospital, he even brought the photo you two snapped together. Elizabeth, enough of your lies, and don't ever mention my father ever again." Stan warned.

"Stanley, though the lies might be standing tall now, but I believe the truth will surely prevail and then you will realise what your lack of trust has caused you. And I can imagine how shameful you will become" Lizzy said in her heart.

When Stanley was driving closer to Lizzy's street, she asked: "Are you taking me home or what?"

"Why? Is there anything wrong with taking you home?"

"No, its not what I meant, just that I never expected you to bring me here" Lizzy replied

When Stan got home, he asked her to come down from the car.
But Lizzy remained adamant.

"I said come down or I will push you down myself" Stanley warned

And Lizzy gently alighted from the car so that the neighbours will not notice what was happening. When she alighted, Stan went to the trunk, brought out her bag and started heading towards her family's apartment.

She wanted to react, but people were looking at them, so she pretended to be happy and followed Stan.

When he entered their house, he dropped the bag and told her parents to take back their daughter, that he was not marrying her again.
"As for the divorce, that one will be done later, just that I don't want to see her anywhere near my house..." Stan demanded

When Lizzy's mother tried to utter a word, Lizzy held her and asked her not to say anything.

She then called: "Stanley, can you stop, please?"

And Stanley stopped..

"Like I told you before, I am very disappointed at you... And I meant it when I said it...
What is the firm quality of love? Is it not 'trust'?
Any relationship without trust can never survive the test of time.
You were so quick to believing everything without having atleast, a simple investigation. To tell you the truth, you are no longer the Stanley that I used to know. You are no longer  the Stanley who searched and waited for me for two years. You are no longer the Stan who dug out the true nature of his father and sent him to prison. Have you ever for once thought if your father will find it hard forgetting me easily after ruining his political career? Have you for once thought if he is still bearing grudges against me?"

"Elizabeth, I have warned you not to mention my father ever again or else" Stanley interrupted

"Or else what? Stanley, or else what?"

"No my daughter, you shouldn't talk to him like that...you shou......" Her mother tried to scold her

"No mum" Lizzy interrupted her: "Its time I air out my mind. I should have listened to you people at the initial stage. How can someone who call himself a loving husband listen to what people say about his
wife without giving her a fair hearing? Stanley was in US, but we never missed each other that much, you know why? Because we talked on phone everyday, and some times, we spoke thrice a day, so what time did I have for the other man that claimed he is my boyfriend?..
Stanley, one thing I want to tell you now is this, if the truth finally comes out, and you discovered that I am innocent, mark my word, I will never return to you as your wife again. I swaer, I will never ever return to your family.....

"Elizabeth, what are you saying? Come on keep your mouth shut!" Her Father ordered her.

Stanley was speechless listening to all she was saying

"No Father, I will not keep quiet. This man and his father think they can destroy my image, because they are rich and can pay anybody to carry out their evil biddings, but not to worry, no mater how firm the lie stand, the truth will surely overshadow it. As for the divorce, I am ready." Lizzy said, carrying her bag and went inside her room.

Stanley was left confused. He doesn't know what to think anymore. Lizzy released statement that permeated his conscience.
He looked at Lizzy's parents who were weakened by the sudden outburst of their daughter...and they were short of what to say to him either.

Stanley later left, but couldn't get rid of all she said to him...
"Is she telling the truth? But all the evidences against her were very strong. I am just confused right now, just so confused.... Hmm, I think all my interest now should lie more on my mother. And besides, she is the reason my mother is in that condition. And what is she even trying to prove by reacting the way she did? Lizzy, your techniques can not work on me anymore. Once a Runs girl, remains a runs girl. I married her thinking she has a golden heart, that she is different, but they are all the same. I should have listened to my mother earlier... "
And Stanley drove home.

Lizzy was in her room crying so bitterly, loosing Stanley was not her main problem, but the accusations they leveled against was what kept piercing her heart.
"How can Ohadike be the one to rejoice after all he did to me?" she rhetoric, crying herself out.
She tried to get hold of herself, but she found it very difficult to.
She then decided to head to church.
"Elizabeth, where are you going?"
Her mother asked.

"I am coming mother, I will be right back" she replied

When she reached Church, she knelt at the alter and cried like there was no tomorrow. She yearned for God in a heavy tone and asked him to come down and put Ohadike to shame.
Lizzy's heart was so heavy that she does not know how to pray to God about her problem, she only managed to say: "Father, you said you are the father of the hopeless, you never joke with the tears of the poor, I want you to come and remove this shame that is hanging on my head. I love my husband more than anything, Lord, please, this is too much for me, I need you now, I need you."

She continued crying, as she lay at the alter. She never knew when she slept off...and started dreaming where she was playing with Stanley, with Gloria watching them, smiling. Gloria was not sick in that dream, they were so happy together. And when she woke and realised that it was a dream, and she started crying again.
"Oh Lord, I love Stanley so much, I love him so much that I can not even live without him. I said all those things to him thinking I can get rid of him from my life, but No Lord, I can't. I need you Lord, where are you Lord? Come and answer my prayer! Lord, come and answer me!! I will never leave here until you answer my prayer. I need you.. I need you Lord...." Lizzy cried with a loud voice.

Gloria has refused to eat anything, and her family had been worrying about it. She was only taking water.
"Father, this is not good for her, I think we should call the doctor" Stan suggested.

And his father agreed. When the doctor arrived and checked on her, he said she really needed to eat something so that she can take her medicine. The doctor then asked them to bring her food, and when he fed her, she ate, and he then handed the food to her daughter to feed her, she refused to open her mouth, and when Stanley tried to feed her as well, she refused. When her husband, Ohadike approached her, she closed her eyes..

"Stanley, bring back my daughter in-law, she is the one to feed me, and please ask this horrible man that call himself my husband to leave my room" Gloria said in her heart, and was frustrated that she couldn't speak out her mind.

The doctor then asked them the person that had been feeding her and they said that the girl had left, that she committed a grave crime against everyone in the family and that she had been sent away.

"But maybe she has found a special place in your mother's heart. Maybe she still misses her and requested her to be feeding her. OK, let me ask her to know why she has refused to eat.
He then asked Gloria to close her eyes twice if she still want the girl in question to continue feeding her
" What is the name of the girl?" Doctor asked

"Lizzy, her name is Lizzy" Adaeze replied

"Lizzy? I thought she is your wife Stan? What happened?" Doctor asked

"Doctor, its a very long story. And there is no need asking my mother if Lizzy is the one she needs to be feeding her because she is the one responsible for this her condition.. So no need asking her..and I am sure she will be rejoicing in her heart that I have finally sent her away from my life because that is what she has always wanted. She never supported the marriage. I should have listened to her"

"But I will still ask her, who knows...." Doctor insisted

"You can go ahead if you want to" Stan replied

And when the doctor asked her, she blinked twice.

"You see, she needs her. Please Stanley, your mother needs to take her drugs, better go and get Lizzy here as soon as possible" the Doctor requested

"Mother, are you sure you want Lizzy here, after all she did?" Stan asked

And Gloria blinked again and goose bumps rained over Stan and he then left to get Lizzy... But he kept wondering why his mother who hated Lizzy with all passion could develop a soft spot for her.
"What if Lizzy is truly innocent, what if its all my father's plan?... Aaarrrrrh, somebody should help me here, I am so so confused..."

Pure Love of Lizzy was Written by Ngozi Lovelyn O
Warning: All Rights Reserved, no part of this work should be used, reproduced, redistribute either electronically or manually without the prior permission of the author.

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