Pure Love of Lizzy 2: Episode 12 by Ngozi Lovelyn O

 "See the disgrace your daughter has brought to my family. She is a disgrace to womanhood! Can you imagine? Getting pregnant for a dirty man like this, a man who can not even stand when my son is talking" Ohadike acted as the unknown man who claimed to be Lizzy's boyfriend interrupted him
"Hey Sir! Don't call me a dirty man again. Your son might be rich, but that does not mean I will watch you insult me or my Fiancée like that Or else you will see the stuff I am made off"

"Shut up your dirty mouth there! When men talk, you keep quiet." Ohadike shunned him as he turned to Lizzy's parents and continued with what he was saying " Like I was saying before this hopeless man interrupted me, I am in support of what my son said. I don't want to see her anywhere my home. She is just a disgrace. I should have listened to my daughter earlier, that Lizzy is a mannerless girl, that she is a gold digger, but I never listened, and I kept supporting her. But now, I have refused to be deceived by her innocent looks, anymore... Please I can't have someone like her as my daughter Inlaw. When she gets released from here, better take her to your house, or else you won't like what we will do to her"

"My in-law, don't treat her like that, believe us, we are sure she is innocent..." The mother pleaded, crying.

Ohadike then gave them a very mean look, hissed and walked away.

When she tried to stop him, her husband held her by the hand and stopped her, that he had seen that the battle was not a physical one, that God alone was the one who can save them from that situation.

Lizzy's mother then sat crying, asking God why he allowed such fate to befell her daughter....
"Why are you crying like someone who doesn't have faith? I know there is a mistake somewhere, allow her to wake up first, I believe she will clear all these misunderstanding" Lizzy's Dad advised his wife

15 minutes later, the unknown man decided to leave before Lizzy wakes up.
He then pretended to be answering a call from his brother in the village.
"Hello! Nnaemeka, how are you?
What? Mama is sick?... Take her to the hospital right away., what are you still waiting for? What?.. 50,000 for deposit?
OK OK, I am on my way...and please don't allow anything to happen to her. I will be in the village in the next 2hrs.." He said and then approached Lizzy who was still sleeping, and told her that he needed to be in the village, that his mother was very sick. He also told her that he will be calling her to know how she was doing.

And Lizzy's parents stood by the side watching him in disgust. The mother who couldn't bear her anger, went closer and slapped his hands off her daughter.
"You dare not touch my daughter with this your filthy hands, I am warning you oo, stay away from my daughter."

The man then smiled and said: "Don't worry  my future mother in-law, I was about leaving anyway, please help me and take good care of her"

"God forbid, I can never be your mother in-law"

The man did not reply her, he only smiled and then left....

Lizzy's mother who found it hard to understand what was happening asked her husband:
"My husband, what if the man was saying the truth? It still baffles me on why Elizabeth chose to hide her pregnancy from us. Can't you see that something is not right here? She hardly hide things from us, so why this? My husband, you are the one I'm asking, please answer me. Why would she want to disgrace us like this? You know how the church members will react if this news get to them. Our heads will be dipped in shame and all our years of hard work will be ruined. We will end up loosing our members..."

"Can you listen to your self? You are a minister's wife, and yet you don't behave like one. This is a small challenge compared to some of the issues I have experienced in my years of service as a minister of God. And with what is happening, I now have the conviction that Stanley and Elizabeth are made for each other. These hurdles means that, they will enjoy a lifetime of happiness together. They will grow old together. Do you think the enemy will engage in a battle he will not benefit anything from? My wife, you don't need to worry, like I told you, God will fight her battle." He said as he sat beside his daughter, held her arm and said:
"Elizabeth, my precious daughter, I know you have a soft heart. You always present the Interest of others before your own. I know you are innocent. You can't even dream of cheating on your husband. And come on! Not even with with that dirty riffraff, because you have a high taste when it comes to making choices... (He laughed, as he starred at his wife).. Yes I know, we don't settle for the less, that is why you chose the handsome and hardworking Stanley as your husband.. So, I believe that, that young man that came here claiming to be your boyfriend is simply lying, because you can't even stand him and let alone having something intimate to do with him. So my sweet daughter, your father is giving you the authority to fight this battle. The enemy can not succeed. Whoever that is trying to separate you from your handsome husband will find him or herself to be shamed. I know you love him so much, so fight for what is yours, this is what I am telling you, as your father." He said, breathing fast, saying in his heart that his daughter can never be thrown out of her marriage, and not even on the grounds of that grave accusations.

About 2 hours later, Lizzy woke up, she was shocked to see her parents standing close to her.
"Dad? Where am I?" She asked

"My daughter, how are you feeling now?" Her father asked..

"I am good....and......" She then remembered she was attacked the previous day"
"Oh my God! I remembered I had an accident... How long have I been sleeping?" She asked

"Just two days" her father replied

"Two days? Mother, I had an accident, but I can't call it an accident, because the bike man did it deliberately, he attacked me.. I think someone paid him to do that"

"Elizabeth, why? How would you cheat on your husband? You said you had an accident, but the doctor said that you terminated your pregnancy" the mother who couldn't bear her anger asked

"What? The doctor said what.....?" Lizzy asked in sheer surprise: "Oh, its now clear....and what about my husband? Did he come here?"

"Erm....you see, he he..." Her mother stammered, she doesn't know how to explain to her what Stanley and his father said.
Lizzy immediately understood that Ohadike had used the opportunity to his own advantage, by saving the truth of his atrocities.

"Mum, Dad, I think I need to get home now." Lizzy interrupted her mother who was still trying to explain what Stan said

"Lizzy my daughter, calm down first and tell us what happened. We learnt you were pregnant, tell us how it happened. Just tell us, though your mother and I were mad when we learnt the truth, but I later realized that you might have your reasons." Her father requested

"Father, I am sorry that I did not inform you about this earlier, reason is because, I don't want to get you worried unnecessary. I thought it was something I could fix myself, but I think it has gone way beyond my control. Father, everything is Ohadike's fault. He tried to separate me from his son by all means. He has now forged that I am pregnant. I know he conspired with the doctor and came up with this lie, but don't worry Dad, my God is in control." Lizzy said, hiding the main truth from her parents because they will get devastated after hearing that her father in-law raped her.

"But you are bleeding.." The mother blurted

"Mother!" Lizzy cut in: "It might be what they gave me, and besides, I am in my period. As for now, I need to get home, I wonder what that old man must have told my husband"

But meanwhile, Gloria had refused to eat anything. Despite all their efforts, she refused to take anything.
"I am doing this for you Lizzy. I will not accept food from anybody until they bring you back to this house. I wish I can reveal the truth to my son, and make him see the beast in his father. But meanwhile, while I wait for my healings, you will keep living in this house, and I believe with that, my son will come to realise the whole truth." Gloria said in her heart.

Lizzy's parents were trying to stop her when she dashed out of the ward, after taking a bath.

On reaching home, she knocked for the gate man to open the iron door, but the man refused, saying that he was acting under Stanley's instructions.

"I said you should open this gate now?" Lizzy ordered
But the man refused...

Lizzy knocked, knocked and knocked.. She rang the bell several times, but the door remained locked.

Lizzy stood under the sun for hours waiting for when somebody will arrive or leave the house, so that she will force herself inside.

"Hey! Ohadike, I must fight for my love, I can't allow you to win. I must fight this battle with all my strength, both physically and spiritually" Lizzy said to herself...

Few minutes later, the gate was opened for Stanley to drive out.
Lizzy approached and greeted him.
"So you are still here? Anyway, it's still better this way, get inside the car" he ordered

"You mean I should get into the car?" Lizzy asked

"Yes, I said get in" and Lizzy obeyed and entered gently with sheer uncertainty of where Stan was taking her.

She tried inquiring from him where he was taking her, but he kept mute and then drove off.

To be continued..

Pure Love of Lizzy was Written by Ngozi Lovelyn O
Warning: All Rights Reserved, no part of this work should be used, reproduced, redistribute either electronically or manually without the prior permission of the author.

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