Pure Love of Lizzy 2: Episode 11 by Ngozi Lovelyn O

That very day, Ohadike wasn't himself.
"This girl is a witch. Why is it that, she can't allow me to have rest? Why did she had to raise this issue of a DNA test? If the truth comes out now, my son will desert himself from me, forever... Oh No, that can never happen.... I must do something, immediately. One thing I hate about this girl, Lizzy is that she is too smart.. But I will show her that I have been in this world before her." Ohadike said to himself.

Lizzy was getting ready to go to the market.
Stanley had requested her to cook his favorite dish for him.
"Yes baby, I won't eat anything until you prepare my white plantain porridge for me." Stanley said, acting childishly..

"Ow My Love. Don't worry, you will have it in the next hour, OK? If you had told me this earlier, that you are craving for the food, I would have gone to the market before now. Ok, just have this cake, so that it will hold you before I return" Lizzy pleaded

"No no no.... I need my plantain porridge" Stanley insists

"Alright alright... Let me rush to the market then.. I will be right back my love... I love you my prince"

"You know I always love you my princess" Stan replied

And Lizzy smiled and then left.
After buying the food items and was about to return home. She saw a cyclist riding towards her direction, and she flagged him down.

And the man started approaching, when he was reaching closer to where Lizzy was standing, he increased his speed and then ran her over, and kicked hardly on her stomach.
Lizzy was left in pains on the floor. That was not enough, the man revised and climbed on her, and then spade off.
Lizzy wailed out loud in pains with all her strength.
And some good Samaritans rushed her to the hospital. Before she could reach there, she was having heavy bleeding and the baby was miscarried..

Ohadike was aware of everything. It was his dirty dealings. He had the bike man paid to carryout the attack on Lizzy. And he was also aware of the hospital she was rushed to. Because he had somebody who monitored everything for him.

He stormed the hospital and bribed the doctor with huge sum of money to lie to Stanley that Lizzy came to his hospital for abortion. He also told the doctor not to allow Lizzy to contact her husband, that he, the doctor will be the one to do that.

And the Doctor accepted and induced Lizzy to sleep.

Stanley worried himself out that very day. He contacted everybody he knew, he also informed Lizzy's family about it, but they couldn't find her. The next morning, he was about to lay a complaint at the police station when his phone rang.
"Hello! Is this Mr Stanley?"

"Yes, I am..." Stanley replied, and became anxious to hear what the unknown caller had to say.

"Your wife Lizzy is here in the hospital and she is dying" the doctor said

"My wife? In which hospital?"

And the doctor informed him.

Stanley grabbed his mother's car keys, and then drove off. While on his way, he called Lizzy's parents that she had been found. He also informed them the hospital she was admitted into.

When Stan got there, he saw Lizzy in deep sleep.
"Doctor, what happened to her?" Stan asked

"Meet me in my office, I will explain everything to you" the Doctor replied

After they sat down, the doctor began: "Your wife, Lizzy approached me this morning that she wanted to have an abortion, that she is a married woman but her husband agreed with her to terminate the pregnancy, that she is not ready to have a child now. So I conducted the abortion, but warned her to rest, that leaving immediately will pose a great risk to her health, but she insisted on returning home immediately, that there was something she left, unfinished.. That she needed to return home to have it completed. I tried stopping her, but she insisted, so I had no other option than to prescribe some drugs for her. Only for some men to bring her back here that she collapsed on the way. But good thing is that, she is out of danger now, she is only sleeping and will be waking up soon and you wi......"

The doctor was still explaining his fake truth when Stanley stood, headed towards the door with rage burning deep in his heart.

"Hello, Mr Stanley! Stanley" the Doctor called but Stanley maintained his gait, and walked away.

He went straight to where Lizzy was lying and stood looking at her. He was lost of the things to say. He tried figuring out how Lizzy could engaged in such despicable attitude. He only managed to say: "Lizzy, I trusted you, I trusted you, Lizzy, how could you?".

The next minute, Lizzy's parents arrived, and later, Ohadike stormed the hospital.
He looked at Lizzy and then asked Stanley what the doctor said.
Stan looked at him in sheer pity, he does not know how to narrate to them what the doctor said.
The next thing, an average man came to the ward and started crying: "Lizzy my baby! My Darling!! What happened to you? Somebody told me she saw you when they were rushing you to the hospital.. I hope nothing has happened to our baby.. You see, I told you to come and live with me so that I will pay your bride price, but you said I should give you some time, to get some money from those rich people you are working with" the man said and continued crying

Stanley does not even fought the man, he was just looking at him, wondering why Lizzy could cheat on him with such a dirty person.

Lizzy's parents who were shocked looking at the unknown man burst out: "Hey Mr Man! Are you crazy? This girl is not who you think she is, she is my daughter and her husband is that young man standing over there." Lizzy's father said

"I am sure of what I am saying, Sir. She is my girlfriend and she is also carrying my child.... OK, now take a look, see the photo we snapped together" The man said, showing them a Photoshopped picture they designed for that purpose. The man was seen lying on bed half naked in happy mood with a lady, and Lizzy's face was Photoshopped into the lady's face.

Lizzy's parents were novices in stuffs like that, they never knew that a picture can be altered.

"OK now.. You have seen for your self, agree with me that I am telling you the truth" He said trying to show the picture to Stan, but he stopped him from coming closer to him.
He then smiled in his heart that he never wanted him to see the photos anyway, that he will realise that, it was a Photoshop.

Lizzy's parents were left in shock....they couldn't believe their eyes.

Stan then approached them and told them that Lizzy had an abortion. That she got pregnant for another man.

"My son, I think there is a mistake somewhere. I know my daughter, she wouldn't even dream of doing such a thing. This is a shameful act, my daughter wouldn't stoop so low as to committing such an abomination" Lizzy's father explained

"My son, you have to believe my husband, we know our daughter. She is not that kind of person. We will resolve this as a family" her mother pleaded

Stanley then wept and replied: "I wished it were all lies. I wished, but everything is now clear to me. Mother, father, please when she wakes up, don't allow her to step her foot into my house, again. I don't want to ever see her face, again. I am no longer interested in the marriage, she can go and live with her boyfriend" Stan said and began to leave

"No no! My son, please come back... Please, we will resolve this" Lizzy's mother pleaded.

But Stan left.

"Leave him, just let him go.. Don't you have trust in God, anymore? He will fight this battle for our daughter. I have this strong conviction that my daughter is innocent" Lizzy's father professed his strong faith over his daughter.

And Ohadike stood, laughing joyfully in his heart: "ouffs!! Its done... Finally, I have gotten rid of her"

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To be continued

The author of Pure Love of Lizzy is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be copied, use, redistribute, reproduce either electronically or manually, without prior permission from the author.

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