Pure Love of Lizzy 2: Episode 10 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

When Lizzy got home, she approached Stanley and knelt at his feet, pleading.
"I am sorry, Baby, I never mean to hide the truth from you, I am still in shock after hearing the odd truth." Lizzy cried

"Lizzy, get up... I said get up" Stanley demanded

And Lizzy stood..

"Lizzy, the day I asked you about the second result, what did you tell me?" Stanley asked as his face flashed in rage.

Lizzy who was shaken all through replied: "Baby, did you expected me to tell you the truth while I was still finding it difficult to believe it myself?"

"Elizabeth! You have not answered my question" Stanley irked

Lizzy paused for some seconds and then replied: "I told you its typhoid and Malaria"

"Good. Elizabeth, if you were shocked like you claimed, you would have told me about it and not hiding it from me... But why? Because, you wanted to terminate it before my arrival, but thank God that I returned today to see things for myself... To tell you the truth, I don't know who you are anymore. I trusted you more than anything..... How could you betray my trust, just like that?"

And Lizzy broke in tears, without uttering any word.

Adaeze blurted: "Brother, she is not an ideal woman for you......its better......you...."

"Shhh!" Stanley interrupted her....:"Adaeze, keep your mouth shut, I don't want to hear anything from you, I am talking to her, and not you" Stanley shunned.

And Adaeze felt bad on how he shunned her.

"Lizzy, I think its better you leave this house for now, we will still meet to settle this. But right now, I need to be alone, I can't wrap my mind with all the shocks I have encountered today, its too much for me to handle. Its better you leave." Stanley demanded..

"No Baby! You can't do this to me!! You can't!!! I am innocent, I have never cheated on you ever since I met you..... Baby, search through your heart, you will know that I am saying the truth, trust me"

"Trust you? Do you say, trust you? Elizabeth, to tell you the truth, I can't trust anybody ever again.. Just go inside, pack your things and leave..... I am ordering you"

Lizzy kept crying, while Adaeze jubilates, saying: " Yes! Go oo!! I told you you will leave oneday....but you were hellbent on sticking your rotten ass in this house "

And Ohadike stood, watching what was happening. He was so happy that Lizzy was finally leaving his house.

"No! I won't leave!! Baby, I am not going anywhere, and not when I'm innocent and the person responsible for it is in this house. Baby, to tell you the truth, I never expected you to react this way. I was so concerned about your relationship with your father and things were falling badly for me. I feared that if I told you the truth, you will hate your father and severed your relationship with him, that was why I kept quiet. But since the world does not appreciate good deeds, I have refused to remain silence"

"What is she saying? Does it mean she found out? Even if she did, there is no proof to showcase her point." Ohadike feared in his heart and went closer to where Lizzy and Stan were standing and asked: "Lizzy, what are you implying?"

"Father, allow her to speak" Stan requested

"So Elizabeth, go on, I am all ears.... What were you trying to say" Stan asked, so eager to hear her out.

Lizzy then took a deep breath and opened up that it was Ohadike who drugged her. He raped and got her pregnant. She then told them how the door bolt was loosened and she had to call a carpenter and got it fixed. But she never knew that Ohadike had already achieved his aim after troubling her that night.
She then asked Adaeze if there was a time Gloria's door bolt was faulty to the extent of falling off.
"Why are you asking me, do I know?" Adaeze replied

She went further to reveal to Adaeze the main reason she pleaded with her to return home and be going to lecture from there. Earlier, she told her that Mama needed her presence around for quick recovery, but her main reason was to keep his father's unselfish desires at bay.
"Baby, do you think that I would be so stupid to allow this baby to grow inside me like that? God forbid that I cheat on my husband but, had it been I went out of the way, I would have protected myself... I am not that dumb. These are the things you should have considered... Like I told you, I am not going anywhere, I am innocent. I am so sure that your father was the one who did this to me. If not for the shame, I would have loved to deliver this baby, and the DNA test will be conducted, with that, you will come to realize that I am saying the truth...."

"Lizzy! How dare you accuse of me of such a perilous act?" Ohadike asks, slapping her soundly on her face

"Father? How dare you slap a woman?.... She said something, its still your duty to debunk it, if you think she is lying and not resorting to violence" Stanley intervened

Lizzy then broke in tears and headed straight to her room.

Though Stan was angry with Lizzy, but he couldn't stand her tears.
He then went to the room, stood by the door watching her, sob.
A part of him desired to hold her, kiss her and wipe away her tears, while the other part was angry, especially the baby she was carrying...
"What do I do now? What if she is telling the truth? Does it mean my father has not really changed like he claimed? I must get to the root of this. I must surely root out the person who is saying the truth between them. As for now, let me cuddle her..." He then approached Lizzy, held her by the shoulder and told her to stop crying.
And Lizzy fell on his arm and continued sobbing...
Stan wanted to push her away gently, but he allowed her be....and comforted

"Are you truly telling me the truth?" Stan asked warmly

"The DNA is the only thing that will reveal the truth to you, Baby... But I can't bear this child, its an abomination, I will abort it... I wish a DNA test can be conducted when the baby is still in the womb"

"No Lizzy, there is now a new development for that. I have a doctor in Abuja, they have the equipment that can determine that"

"Really? Then I am ready, let's do it then, you will know that I'm innocent"

"If you claim you are saying the truth, then I have no objection. But I really hope you are telling me the truth, I can't bear the heart ache of your betrayal" Stanley said

"Baby, trust me, I am telling you the truth, I am innocent..... Believe me my love. You are my life, I have never dreamt of cheating on you with another man. Now tell me, who would love me like you do? Nobody! Believe me my king, my Love, my joy, my happiness, my everything, you mean the world to me, my love" Lizzy said holding him, showering him with romantic words.....
And Stan was melting... And finally, Lizzy won him over again.

"Baby, you know that I love you, I just hope that my father is the culprit...... I just hope, Baby.... You know I can't live without you....better be in the right....my Love"

"I am my love, I am happy the DNA test will be conducted.... So for now, can you kiss me? You know how much I am dying to have you in my arms....kiss me please...."

Stan then gave her a quick kiss...

"No, its not enough! More" she requested

And he did.......

They continued playing as their voices were heard loud out from the living room.
Adaeze and her father looked at each other in sheer surprise.

"Father, I said it! That girl is using charm on my brother, I knew it. Can you imagine! Brother Stan who was burning in anger not while ago can now be heard echoing in laughter.... That girl is evil and I must surely get her, exposed..."

Few minutes later, Stan informed his father about the DNA test.

"DNA test? Why, what for? Stanley my son, don't tell me you believe what that woman said. She is lying and playing with your head. Open your eyes my son, that woman is playing you"

"Father, remember, the woman you are talking about here is my wife. And she has agreed to this.... So if you are so innocent, I expect you to comply without pulling any resistance" Stan said

And Ohadike couldn't believe what he heard....
"Oh no! This is not good for me... I am about to get dipped in a very deep mess, what should I do now?....."

Pure Love of Lizzy was written by Ngozi Lovelyn 0.
Warning: All Rights Reserved

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