Pure Love of Lizzy 2: Episode 1

Stanley had traveled back to US while Lizzy stayed with her parents.
Lizzy will be joining him over in the US after she must have been through with her degree exams.
Everybody was happy, Chief Ohadike had in several occasions displayed attitudes that steered into everyone's face that he was indeed a changed person and Lizzy believed that there was nothing to worry about anymore.
Stanley called her on phone everyday to enquired how she was faring, wishing for her to be through soon so that she would join him over in US.

Lizzy loved crashing her weekends at her inlaw's place, she visited them at least 2 weekends in a Month. Stanley's mother had started developing love for her. She had no other option after witnessing how kind and homely Lizzy was. Whenever she visited them, she would cook, clean the entire house, washed their clothes. She will also made sure she turned her mother inlaw's appearance, took her to a saloon, painted her nails and took her out for shopping.
They love gisting together, as Stan's mother taught her some of the techniques of being a good wife.
Lizzy found her ways into the hearts of her in-laws except one person, Chief Ohadike.

Lizzy was in the living room answering Stanley's call in a romantic manner, Chief Ohadike was at the hallway watching her, lusting over her.

"Why is it that I can't have this woman? She was my sweet Lizzy Baby and Stanley came out of nowhere and snatched her from me. Just look at her long sexy legs, see how sexy she was sitting, ow! Lizzy, this I promise you, I must have you back to my arms, just wait for me, you don't belong to Stanley, you only belong to me. No one can have you except me. I was mad at you before that I won't have anything to do with you anymore, but seems I was very wrong about that. Lizzy, you are too beautiful and my type on bed. Oh damn! How can Stanley enjoy you all to himself, this can't happen, never." Chief Ohadike infatuates, lusting over her.

Lizzy never knew that somebody was listening to her conversation with her husband: "Baby, I missed you so much, I can't wait to have you inside me. You know what? I am hotly wet as I'm talking to you right now"
Chief Ohadike started licking his lips, imagining if he was the person Lizzy was actually talking to. Immediately the licking sound became audible, he quickly got himself and hid by the corner.

Lizzy who felt she heard something asked: "Its anybody there? Who is there?"

"Baby, what is that?" Stanley asked from his end.
"I think I heard something, it's like somebody is eavesdropping to our conversation" Lizzy replied

Stanley then laughed and said: "Come on Baby, don't tell me you are shy. Nobody is kid there anymore. Anybody who cares to listen, can listen, there is no big deal. And now see, you have just spoiled our sweet romantic mood"

"No Baby, I'm sure of what I'm saying. I heard somebody" Lizzy insisted

"And? You heard somebody and so what?"

"Yes, the person should have entered inside and not eavesdropping" Lizzy replied

"Baby, don't tell me you are worrying yourself over nothing. So tell me, how was school today?"

"Hmm, just fine" Lizzy replied

"And what and what did my Queen, the Love of my life eat today?" Stan asked

But Lizzy was still not comfortable with the sound she heard, she then said in her heart: "I know it's a crazy idea getting married into Stanley's family, but what should I have done? I love him so much and I can't help it. Its just that I have to be very vigilant. Though Chief has changed for the good, but I have to be on the alert in case any negative changes manifest."

"Hello, My Love, are you there?" Stan asked as his voice tapped Lizzy's consciousness from his end.

"Yes Baby, I am here, you were saying?" Lizzy asked

"You mean you did not grab all I have been blabbing since?"

Lizzy laughed softly and said: Sorry Love, the network was breaking, but I can hear you clearly now" she said as they continued with what their chat.

Chief Ohadike tiptoed out of the place so that he wouldn't be heard. He went straight to where his wife was licking oranges and sat beside her.
"You are looking so beautiful this days. You made a new hair?" Ohadike asked

"My husband, its all my daughter inlaw's doing oo. Have you forgotten how she normally takes care of me each time she comes around?" Gloria asked

And Ohadike got irked by her statement: "This Lizzy girl has bought the hearts of everyone in this house, how do I make everybody to hate her, including my son,
Stanley? I am the man to have Lizzy and not Stanley" Ohadike said to himself and then continued:
"Honey, you now have so much faith in this Lizzy"

"Off course I do Honey, she has proved herself to be the best daughter Inlaw any mother Inlaw could ask for" Gloria replied licking her oranges in sheer happiness.

"Honey, you see, we shouldn't trust her that much, infact we have to be convinced she is worthy of our trust before granting her that crown of best 'daughter inlaw'"

"I don't understand you honey" Gloria asked

"You know Stanley is our only son. It is our duty as his parents to always look out for the best for him. Lizzy has succeeded in making you see her as a good and responsible girl, what if she is only putting up an act? I am sure you have not forgotten about her past. You know how our son is, he is too kind that even if somebody is hurting him, he will keep it to himself and and be dying in silence. We shouldn't be in a haste to allow them live over there in US, all by themselves. Before we allow her to join him, we must make sure she passed every test of qualifying herself as a worthy wife to our only son.
Now that I have repented, I have finally realised the kind of mistake I almost made in the past. I can't even believe that I almost married her as a second wife." Chief said as he fakingly knelt pretending to be crying, asking God to forgive him for having ever tried marrying Lizzy who was a very bad and irresponsible girl. A girl who almost broke his family.

His wife got melted watching her husband regretting his past deeds. She believed him to be a total changed person. And all he said reminded her of Lizzy's past. How she almost broke her marriage. And the reckless lifestyle she lived.

Ohadike continued: And Honey, to tell you the truth, I shouldn't have allowed my son to marry that worthless girl, despite knowing about her past, I went ahead to give consent to the marriage, will God ever forgive me? I have failed in my fatherly duties." He said and then continued sobbing.

His wife who clearly understood what he was saying held him and said: "My husband, I understand what you are trying to say, have you forgotten I was against this marriage initially, but Stan was so stubborn and now it is too late, that is why I have been trying so hard to find a place in my heart to like Lizzy" Gloria said

"Honey, nothing is too late when God is involed, all we have to do is to pray about it, hand everything to God in prayer. If actually she is the one for our son, then so be it, but if she is not the one for him, he should expose her and throw her out of our son's life. Honey, I don't know how much you trust in God, but as for me, I trust in him completely. Ever since I gave my life to him, he has proved himself to me in so many ways and I kept wondering why I failed to worship him during my youthful days..."

"What are you saying? I trust him completely, he is my Lord and personal saviour" Gloria replied

"OK since you believe in him too, I would like us to kneel down and ask him to help us reveal the true nature of Lizzy before its too late"

And Gloria accepted as they knelt down and prayed.
Gloria was jubilating in her heart that her husband was indeed a changed man in the Lord.

And Chief Ohadike who led in the prayer said in his heart, laughing: "Yes, my first step of ruining Lizzy's marriage is successful, now I have garnered my wife to my side, Lizzy soon, you will be standing alone and no one to support you. Now moving over to the second step. Lizzy, watch how you will helplessly crawl back at my arms again, and I will show you how much I have missed you, Lizzy Baby"

To be continued

Pure Love of Lizzy was written by Ngozi Lovelyn O.
Warning: All Rights Reserved.

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