Kukere Sisters: Episode 35

"Mama Eberechukwu, calm down, do not rush into conclusion" Ebere's Dad said

"No, I said this man is a murderer"....

" I am not a murderer Mummy, I am not" Austin interrupted.
But mummy does not even care to listen to what he was saying and she continued talking to her husband.

"Mama Ebere, do not do anything irrational. Calm down, we will talk over this at home".

But she does not want to listen to him, and was talking on top of her voices. Papa who noticed that talking to her on phone won't solve any thing decided to end the call.

"Papa Ebere? Hello! Papa Ebere, are you there? Did he just hang up on me?

"You, Chijioke, leave my children alone, people come and see this murderer oo, he is responsible for my two daughters condition, he wants to use them for rituals, people come and arrest him oo" Mama said shouting, attracting the attention of people who came out to see what was happening.

"Hey! Woman, why are you disturbing the peace of this hospital? What is your problem?" A Securuty guard with some Nurses asked, urging her to keep quiet or they throw her out of the hoapital.

"Nurse, this man is a ritualist, he wants to kill my daughters for me" Mummy said pointing at Austin who was sitting down shaking his head in agony on how mummy was disgracing him.

She continued: "Chijioke, I said leave my children alone, please leave them alone, go away from them....!"

When he noticed that talking to her won't save the situation, he decided to leave and to return when her anger must have subsided, so he walked away in shame as people starred at him.

Mama sat beside her daughter crying:"Onyinye, you should have told your mother your pains, instead of allowing depression to kill you."

About 1hour later, Papa Onyinye arrived the hospital, and the wife told him all that happened.

"Hmm, My wife, you went too far, seriously you went too far. Your daughters are in critical condition. All you need now is prayers for God to restore their lives and not aggravating matters. They knew what happened, so allow them to recover first, then we can know exactly the real story." Papa Ebere suggested.

"Papa Ebere, you don't know how it hurt me in the heart seeing my children in this condition, knowing quite well the person responsible was the man that call himself My son-inlaw........ Whose son Inlaw sef? God forbid, he can not be my son inlaw anymore!!.

"My wife, stop burning in anger, they are my children too, let's follow this quietly. But how come you have been noticing all these things for a long time now and you never cared to relay them to me?"

"My husband, I should have told you, but I was never sure.. But I have gotten the concrete evidence I need now"

After some minutes, Onyinye started making some sound. She raised her left hand a bit.
It was her younger brother who saw her and informed his parents.

"Daddy, see Sister Onyinye is shaking"
The parents turned but she was still, after some time she moved her hand again, so mummy called a nurse and they attended to her.
 Austin later approached Ebere's father based on the accusations the mother levelled against him. The father asked him to leave the matter for that moment, that it would be discussed at a later date as a family.

After some few days, Onyi and Anna regained their health, but unfortunately, Anna lost the baby in the process. But she was traumatized the more when she heard Onyinye wanted to take her own life.
"I rushed home to stop Onyinye and Austin from making up, but lost my baby in the process, my sister who I was trying to prevent took her own life so that she won't be an obstacle for me again. The love my sister has for me despite all i did to her, Lord i pray she forgives me."

When Anna was discharged from the hospital, her father pleaded with Austin to allow her daughter stay with them for sometime, that she will return soon after she must have regained herself.

"No Daddy" Anna interrupted:"I want to go to my husband's house first"

"Ebere, listen to your father and stop being stubborn" Mother cut in

But she insisted that she wanted to go to her husband's house. Austin was just there wishing in his heart that she followed her parents and never return to his house.
The mother tried all she could, but she insisted. So the father urged his wife to allow her do her wish.

So they asked her to enter the taxi they chartered and she was conveyed home. When she alighted, she asked the taxi driver to wait. Anna went inside, picked all her things and left Austin's house without saying anything to him. Austin was looking confused on her action but was glad she was leaving, anyway.
When they reached home, Anna saw Onyinye and couldn't believe what Onyi had to go through just because of her betrayal.

"She fell on her kneels and started pleading for her forgiveness.
"Anna no naa, don't kneel for me, please stand up" Onyi warmly requested as tear dropped

"Onyi, I was so blinded by the evil love I thought I have for him and destroyed the sisterly love we shared. Can you ever forgive me?"

"Yes I will forgive you, why won't I? I was never angry with you, please stand up my dear and give me a hug, because I missed you so much"

The two sisters stood and gave a comely hug and celebrated their tears. Their parents were behind watching as they shed their own tears too.

So later in the night, their parents asked them what happened, Anna revealed everything to them and how she suffered in Austin's house.
The Mum said well, they have to return Anna's bride price, that he won't marry any of their daughters either.

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