Kukere Sisters: Episode 36 (The End)

"No mummy, like I have explained, everything was my fault. Austin was already making plans of coming to see you people for Onyi's introduction before I stepped in and destabilize his plans" Anna explained.

"But why my daughter, why did you stooped so low, following the ways of the devil? What happened to all the principles I instilled in you?" Mummy asked, sobbing

"I am sorry Mummy, I was stupidly in love and allowed my selfish interest to got hold of me. Daddy, Mummy,  Onyinye.... Please forgive me, I was in darkness before, but now I have seen the light" Anna pleads

The mother continued sobbing, wiping her nose, feeling disappointed on what her elder daughter did to her younger daughter.

"I am so ashamed of you Ebere, I am. If somebody had told me that my own daughter would be this evil, I wouldn't believe." Mummy said

"Mama Ebere it's OK, the mistake had been done and the good thing is, she has realized her mistakes and which is the most important. What we should be saying now is how to apologize to our Inlaw on how you disgraced him at the hospital" Papa said.
"Apologize to who? I can never do that, he was also part of everything, he should have used his senses" Mummy snapped.

"Ebere, I don't like the way you left your husband's house, its like I even made a mistake by asking you to stay with us for a few days. I will take you back next tomorrow"
"No Daddy, I am not going back to him. Going back there means going back to suffering. I was in hell while I was in his house. He made it clear that the baby was the only reason he accepted me into his house. And all those times, the only he care he showed me was towards the baby and nothing more. Whenever he sees me, it will be like he saw the devil." Anna explained.

"Do you mean there is nothing we can do save your marriage?" Papa asked

"There is nothing Daddy, my marriage with him is over. Onyinye is the only woman he loves. I saw it in his eyes, everything about Onyinye revolves round him. There is this one gift Onyi gave him, he doesn't like anybody touching it, despite the fact his relationship with Onyinye was severed, but he valued all her things in his place". Anna laughed faintly and recounted how she mistakenly broke a glass tea cup Onyi bought for him, he nearly killed her that night. He said it clear that his "Sunshine" was the one who bought it for him and that she had broken a part of him.
"I admired his love for you. Onyinye, he is the man for you. No other man can be able to love you like he does."

"What are you saying Anna, you are making me to cry and remember the things I have forgotten already. Austin is in my past now. And yes, I am not denying the love I have for him, just that everything has soured and am not going back to him. Not after making my sister suffer like he did"

Mummy who was not happy with the way everything was going burst out.

"Papa Ebere, I don't like the soft way you handle serious issues sometimes. This man needs to be punished for what he did to our daughters and you are planning on sending her back to that beast of a man. I said 'NO'... Did you hear me, No!"

Daddy sighed and said: "So Mama Ebere, what do you suggest we do"

"Let's return her bride price to him, simple"

"Yes, and am not saying agsinst that, its still exactly what Ebere wants, and I won't force her to go against her wish" Papa said

"Yes Daddy, and also accept him back as your son Inlaw because he will be returning to Marry Onyinye" Anna said

"Not while I am alive" Mummy snapped.

"No mummy, Onyinye is his life and Onyi loves him too, hope I am right Onyi?" Anna asked looking at Onyinye.

Mummy angrily left the sitting room and said over her dead body would she allow Austin have any of his daughters again.

"Ebere my daughter, I know you are trying to redeem yourself but your mother is right, Onyinye is not getting married to him."

So later in the night, Anna told Onyinye what she saw, that after she had the accident, she found herself in a strange place, she started wondering where she was, suddenly, a voice spoke from behind that she was Onyinye's guardian Angel.
"She told me to return and make everything right again, that I shouldn't go to that place I wanted to go. According to her, you can only find life happiness with Austin by your side. No man can love you like he does.
And I am not doubting him, I have stayed with Austin and realized you are his life, everything about you revolves round him."Anna said trying to convince Onyi.

"Anna dear, I understand all you said, not that I don't love him anymore, but what about you, what would people say?"

"Forget people, you have to know that no matter what you do in life, people must talk, sh, let them say what ever they want to say, your happiness should be your concern, because life its too short. That was why I waited for him thinking I would only be happy with him, but never knew life has another thing in stuck for me"

"But Anna......."

"There is no but here Onyi" Anna interrupted.

Anna did all she could to convince Onyi that night but she refused to accept Austin back.
The next day, Austin came to Onyi's house, admitted his mistakes and pleaded for their forgiveness. The parents returned Anna's bride price like Anna suggested, but to accept  him back as Onyi's husband was something they never kerned to do.

When Austin explained everything to his people, Obioma was shocked and disappointed on how Anna played her kind kind heart to create a room for herself in their family, though they felt bad she lost her baby.

10 months later, Austin was still pleading for Onyi's forgiveness. Anna had already moved on hoping to find her own love one day.
Austin had tried all his best to win Onyi's heart again but all proved abortive. So oneday, Austin who couldn't endure it anymore stormed Onyi's hostel and told her that if she fails to forgive her, he will not see him again. So he thought his words will touch her heart but it didn't. He stood there the whole day. He was there, Onyi left for lecture and he was there she returned. People were seeing him, but he never felt ashamed because he was fighting for love. About 7pm when Onyi went out to buy something, she still met him there. And later, she asked him to go that her parents won't accept him into her family again. And that her kingsmen will also speak ill against her family. But yet, he remained where he was pleading. Onyi went and told Anna that Austin had been in her hostel the whole day.
"Onyinye, what are you doing? Accept this man back, please. He is your life."

"But what about you? What about Mummy? She made it clear that Austin won't be accepted in the family again and it also look somehow"

"Onyi dear, forget us and consider your own happiness. You still love Austin why are you punishing yourself like this?"

Onyi breathed deeply and said she will think about it. She then went back to her hostel thinking that Austin would have been gone by then because it was already late, but was surprised to met him there.

"Austin please go, I will think about it, just go. Its already late"
Austin knelt in front of her pleading trying to touch her hand, but Onyi slipped herself and went inside her room.

About 11pm, Austin was still there, and this time, he was crying, knocking, singing her name, some of her lodge mates started sending her messages that she should allow the guy in, that she saw a guy who loved her that way and she was doing "shakara".
Another sent her message that if she is no longer interested, she will go and seduce him for the night".

The last message made her laughed, but when she noticed that Austin was crying, she rushed and opened the door. She doesn't like seeing him cry.
When she opened the door, she asked him to enter and he did. He knelt pleading again, she told him it was OK, that he should stop with the pleading. She set a bath for him and after, she prepared a noodle for him and they slept on Onyi's small mattress.

He wanted to sleep on the floor, but Onyi insisted he lie on the mattress.
Later in the night about 3am, Onyi woke up and started starring at him and later, she tapped him.
"Can you hold me?.
Austin who couldn't understand believe what he heard asked
"You mean I should hold you?"

"Yes" Onyi replied.

So he went closer to her and cuddled her and Onyi held him tightly. Onyi started touching his hair chest and called "Baby"
Austin felt like he was dreaming hearing "Baby"

"Yes my sunshine"

"I missed you so much, I thought I have lost you forever. Why did you do it? Why did you left me? Why?" Onyi asked romantically

The words sent chills down his spine...He said in his heart: "please God, let this moment last forever, don't make her change her mind when the day breaks" He said to Onyi: "My Sunshine, I was the biggest fool ever to have walked the face of earth........"

"Sshh..." Onyi cut in. "Don't say that my love, we are bound to make mistakes sometime....... Love you my Prince..."

"I love you too my Sunshine.. You are my sunshine., because when I left you, the whole world turned dark but now you are here, there is light in my life again, please don't change your mind my world, I beg you." Austin plead running her hair.
Onyi did not reply again. She went closer and dipped her lips on his... And they kissed like never before. Austin was trying to resist so that Onyi won't think he came for se..x but Onyi was giving in to him in a relaxed mood and whispered to him.....My Love I want to feel the warmth of your skin?"

"My Sunshine, is that really what you want?"

"Its something I have always wanted, just that...."

"Don't worry my sun, I understand"

Austin made love to her like she wanted. And that was the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.
Onyi accepted to marry Austin but only when Anna must have found her own love too. So finally, Anna fell in love with Ebuka, the man whom Onyi had been advising her to marry. And Ebuka turned out to be the best man in her life, she even regretted ever fighting for Austin. Love comes freely, it doesn't seek permission, it falls on whoever it chooses, its not something we force.

They did all their best to convince their parents, so finally, Austin was accepted. Few months later, Austin and Onyi, Anna and Ebuka got married on same day and they lived happily ever after.

Love is free like air, we don't force it. When we try altering it to favour our own interest, it finds a way to reverse all we did and return to it's natural state..

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