Kukere Sisters: Episode 33

When Mummy came out, she could not find Anna. She asked those in the ward with them, they said she just left without saying anything.

"Where could she have gone to? Ok, maybe, she entered the rest room" Mama said sitting down, waiting for her. 
About 10mins later, Mummy decided to check the restroom, but she was not there. 

"Where is she? I hope she has not gone to the place she said she wanted to go?"
As she was still wondering where Anna could be, a nurse came and started yelling at her:

"Where did you sent your daughter to go? What kind of mother are you, you knew she was sick and you allowed her to go out all alone in that condition"

"My own daughter, please where is she, I am even looking for her myself" Mummy replied.

"You are looking for her? She is at the theatre, some group of people brought her in some minutes ago, she had an accident" The Nurse said eyeing the mother for being so reckless, she never knew Anna left on her own accord.

"My own daughter? Chim egbuem oo(My God has killed me oo) Nurse please, take me to where she is. Eberechukwu iraputam (you have put me in trouble) I warned you not to go anywhere but you insisted. Please Nurse take me, take me oooo, take me to where she is" She pleaded, dragging the nurse.

The Nurse who was infuriated at how she was dragging her barked, asking her to stop rumpling her uniform, she then hissed and told her to go to the second floor and ask them the emergency unit. 

So mummy hurriedly left, jumping the hospital stairs forgetting she had arthritis.

The nurse blamed the mother for being reckless.
When she reached the emergency Unit, she was asked to stay outside, that the doctors were tending to her.

Mummy was there walking up and down, any nurse that passed, she asked her the situation of her daughter, if she was still alive, if she was going to make it, also about the baby....

Immediately the doctor came out, she rushed him "Doctor! Doctor!! Doctor!! Please how is my daughter and the bady, how are they? Mummy's heart was beating so fast expecting to hear what the doctor will say 

"Madam, relax, how are you related to her?" The doctor asked.

"I am the mother, Doctor, I am the mother ooo...please what is her condition now? Mummy was so scared, bad news was the last thing thing she expected to hear.

"We will do our best. But how come she was found outside, I thought I gave a strict instruction to have her under observation?"

"Doctor, she left on her own, I don't know when she left oo"

"Who is Onyinye? She has been calling the name" Doctor asked..

"Onyinye is her sister, my second daughter" Mummy replied shaking all through.

"OK, she and the baby are out of danger now, but I insist the Onyinye should be brought to her"

"OK doctor, but can I see her now?"

"No, not yet, she needs rest and when the Onyinye comes, inform me, but if I am not around then, inform the second Doctor"

"OK Doctor, and may God bless you for saving them, and may he reward you abundantly" Mummy prayed.

"I am only doing my Job, Madam." The Doctor said and left.

When all these things were going on, Mummy forgot to inform her family. She quickly went upstairs, brought her phone and called her husband.

He was shocked and told her he was about coming to the hospital with Nonye. She said OK.

Mummy remembered Onyinye and wondered what had kept her for that long.

When Onyi left Austin's apartment, she bordered a bus to their own house to prepare the soup for her sister. While in the bus, she touched her lips and reminisced Austin kissing her, she imagined what could have happened if she had not ran away and the level of ecstasy her body would have reached and she sighed, saying: "Austin is one good thing I can never have again, maybe in my next life, the door will be opened for us again. For the sake of my sister, I am getting rid of him from my mind" Onyi said and this time, she was determined to.
After cooking the food, she dished it in a food flask and gave to Nonye who was also going to visit Anna in the hospital with their Dad.

Mummy called Austin, informing him what happened. She feared Austin would got angry with her for allowing Anna to leave the hospital, but he said OK that he will be coming in the next one hour, that he was somewhere.

"Drama queen, who knows what she is planning this time. Can you Imagine? That she had an accident, that girl sef. Ebere, I will not give you the chance to control me ever again. I am informing your people that I am no longer interested in this fake marriage" Austin said...

But when he remembered the call came from Anna's mother, he said:"This could be true oo. Let me go to the hospital first and see what she is up to this time"
When he reached, he was so astounded.

 "Mama, how did it happened"
"My son, please forgive me for not taking care of your wife oo, I went downstairs to buy something not knowing she was looking for an opportunity to leave. The next think I knew, they informed me she was involved in an accident ooo" Mummy explained crying.

"Where is she now?" Austin asked..

"The doctor obstructed me from seeing her. She has been calling Onyinye's name, and the Doctor said we should bring Onyinye to her, and I have been calling Onyinye's number, not reachable."
"Stop crying Mama, nothing will happen to Ebere. Onyinye went home to cook the food, she will soon arrive with the hospital"

"I dont understand, what do you mean by " "she went home"?" Mama asked
"She said she does not want to stay in my place, that the place is not conducive for her enough, so she called me on phone that she is leaving" Austin lied.

"What is wrong with my children today, they are no longer heeding to advice anymore! O chim oo, nekwam oo!! (My God see me oo)"
Daddy reached Hospital with Nonye carrying the food flask, they looked for Onyi, but couldn't find her. "Papa Ebere, where is Onyinyechukwu?"
"She is at home, taking care of her younger brothers" Papa replied.

"Oom, the Doctor requested for her. Ebere has been calling her name, so the doctor demanded we bring her here and 
I did not brother telling you  because I thought she will be coming with the food."

"Let's call her on phone then" Papa suggested
As they were trying to call her, the Nurse informed them that they can see Anna now. They rushed to the unit. When Anna saw them, she asked for Onyinye, Mummy patted her and told her that Onyi is on her way to the hospital.

"Mummy call Onyinye, Mummy call Onyinye, Mummy call Onyinye!!" Anna requested breathing heavily, fainting 

"Doctor, Doctor! Nurse, please come come !  Oooo, I dont know what is wrong with her, she looks like someone who is about die" Austin said, calling for the attention of the doctors and nurses with fear in his heart.

When the nurses arrived, they asked all of them to stay outside. 
The mother burst into tears demanding the father to go and bring Onyinye.
Austin said "Mama, let me drive home and bring her quickly, I will be very fast."

"My son, please rush and be be fast oo."

"I will be fast Mama, just keep on praying, I believe in my heart, nothing will happen to her" Austin prayed in his heart for God to restore Anna and the baby.

Onyinye was in the room cursing her life. She can't fight for her love, she knew Austin still loves her but she can't help the situation. Austin marrying her sister means he will forever be closed to her. And the mistake that happened that day will still repeat again, and that time she might not control it. After having all these thoughts, she pleaded for death to snatch her. 

She sighted an insecticide placed on the window side. She brought it and started looking at it, contemplating committing suicide.

"Is it not better I die, because I can not bear the pain any more. He is marrying my sister, he won't stop crossing my path. I better die and save myself from this heart ache. She opened the bottle.
Austin was already close but before he could reach the house, Onyi had already drank the insecticide.................

To be continued......

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