How to understand the kind of spirit you have

It's been long I have being nurturing this idea of channelling our minds to the spiritual realm, bringing to our understanding on how the spirit works, but I'm finding it more cumbersome and that it will pose a kind of strain to my health since I'm already tied with huge responsibilities, but right now, my spirit is troubled because I haven't started yet. So therefore, I have decided to reach an agreement with God to give me all the super powers that I need to carrying out this task. You all know me as a story writer, but you are about to see a different side of me.
And please, don't think that I'm weird, I'm still a human like you, Ngozi Lovelyn O.
We all need to know this.
When you learn how to understand your spirit, then you will master the act of avoiding dangers and temptations.
As we humans are different, so does their guiding spirits are.
Some have a very active spirits which doesn't need their permission to act on their behalf while some have ones that rely on them on any given issues, confusing right? You will find out soon..
That's why we all need to know the type we have....... So tomorrow, by the grace of God.... I will be opening our eyes on how to interprete messages from our guardian spirits and how to act on them.....
I will also entertain questions... So, you can draft your questions for tomorrow..

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