Understanding the Spirit (Volume 1)

As we are about to divulge the things of the spirit, may God open our spiritual eyes to understand him the more, Amen.

I will like to be very simple so that an average reader can comprehend without any difficulties.
Spirit has different definition attributed to it. And one can not be wrong when citing his own definition.
But the type of Spirit I will discuss today is the one embedded for our guidance and protection, you can also call it our "comforter".
You can't see this spirit, but you can interact with it through feelings.
Have you ever woken up sometimes or a period of the day and found your feelings moody or extremely excited and you tried figuring out what could be the reason for such feelings?.. Some call it mood swings... What ever name you call it, let it not skip your mind that something is definitely going on in the spiritual realm and it's directly concern your affairs, all you need to do is to simply kneel, pray and seek for God's protection.
This study about the spirit is a wider scope and we will disperse it in gradual steps.

Like humans exist in different attitudes, so does spirits.
1) There are people whose spirits are very strong. You can say that these group of people have a very strong instinct. You will hear them telling you that their instincts have never disappointed them. And they will always listen to their instincts. They learnt this act from the environment they grew up.
It could be that their parents or guardian instilled it on them to always listen to their hearts and as their age progresses, so does their skill of listening to their spiritual guardian progresses. And it will get to a stage where his or her spirit won't need any form of action, such as prayer before carrying out a particular task because they are both reasoning together, the people they are protecting hears and understand them without any stress. Fortifying your spirit means giving it more power in the spiritual realm, and as your spirit becomes more powerful, so you are becoming more untouchable. OK let me use example of this event that happened in Unizik in 2011. Three female students who were fond of partying and clubbing together were approached by one rich guy with jeep. Asking them to hop in to enjoy with him at his family house, that his mother was having a birthday and that he needed female friends since he just entered the country. But one of the girls declined the offer, asking her friends not to follow the man. So they asked her why, that the man doesn't look evil and besides the place he mentioned was very close to their school. But the girl insisted. She told them that her spirit does not accept following the man and that she can't. They tried persuading her, but she refused, and was pleading with her friends not to follow the man. So they left her and that was the last she ever saw nor hear from her friends till today. Another example, I know most of us have heard cases of where people who tried boarding a bus, and when the bus was about to leave, they alighted from the bus and boarded another one. Only to see the same bus they almost boarded in a ghastly accident without any survival. Or maybe the person in the spot he was sitting died? And they will tell you that their spirit asked them to leave the bus and enter another one. So these are the group of people who listen and adhere to whatever their guardian Angel ask them to do.

(2) The second group are the ones who have an active spirit but they don't listen. They are very stubborn and that's why you will hear them say "my spirit was against this and now see what I have caused myself".
Well, it happened because its not something tragic. Their spirit can only become more troubled when something like death is approaching. Sometimes, it can start bringing up physical signs. We will discuss the physical signs of the spirit some other times.
This group of people, when tragic event like death is approaching, their spirit will use every means to get them into prayer or prevent them from going to that place they are about to go. And if they refuses to listen, their spirit will go to the person they know that will help them out, beckon on the person's spirit to pray on behalf of the person. It could be the person's mother just like we see in Pure Love of Lizzy, it could be the person's father or any of the person's siblings who are spiritually active. 
OK, let me use example of a heartbroken story of a man who was killed by a stray bullet. It was a Christmas period, and his friend came to his house, asking for them to hang out at a new bar in their village. He never wanted to go, he was from morning of that very day, complaining of a strange feelings he was having. So when his friend came to pick him, the feelings became more tensed. He tried figuring out why he was feeling that way, but none came to him. He never wanted to go, but his friend insisted. So immediately he left, his younger sister started having a weird feelings. She approached their mother, relaying to her how she was feeling. So the mother asked her if she was feeling sick, and she said she doesn't know how to interpret it. So the mother asked her to go and lie down and catch some rest, that maybe she was tired. And she heeded. She never knew that her brother's spirit was pleading with her for prayers. Had it been she had prayed, her brother would have been protected. And praying at that period means giving her own spirit the permission to act on her brother's behalf. This is why its necessary not to forget our loved ones in prayers. It means giving your own spirit permission to also act on their behalf when in danger.
It was when the death of her brother got to them that she was able to understood everything.

(3) The third group are the types that have never for once receive any feelings but they see themselves escaping dangers with ease. This group can be labelled lucky but when they failed in fortifying their spirits, a disaster could occur. That is why if you belong to this group, you should be praying every hour. The prayer I meant is not the type you will keep shouting... No,... Just making a simple prayer in your heart. You can say it anywhere you are, even if you are in a meeting. Just say it... And your guardian Angel will always be fortified 
"Eg.... We have heard cases of where somebody will tell you... " I was just here and immediately I left, an accident occurred". Let's take case of a 5 story building that collapsed in Onitsha. The building was still under construction. So in the evening, when all the workers had left, one of the workers who carved out a room at the second floor decided to go down stairs to buy an airtime. Immediately he reached the gate, he started hearing rumbling sound. He turned and was shocked at the sight. The building collapsed in seconds. Had it been he was still inside, what would have happened? The guy did not receive any feelings, he only felt the need to buy a recharge card. 
Some can call it Grace, yes grace is also applicable but ask yourself, why is it that some normally feel strange when something is about to happen? Their are some gifted ones who receive revelations through dreams but my topic today is for those who receive theirs through feelings. 
But no matter the type we have, prayer is extremely important. 
You are fortifying your spirit the more. When you pray, your spirit will have something to present to God. He is our comforter and the mediator between God and humans. 
Our spirit is there in the spiritual realm fighting all kinds of battle for us. That's why your prayer is highly needed so that it will be their base to shield you from any harm. And understanding the type you have is extremely important. Mastering the techniques it operates will have a long way to determining the number of days we live on earth. 
And hey! Don't feel confused yet... You can ask questions...
This topic continues next week Sunday for a more clearer understanding. 

And how to know when our spirit is talking to us will be coming up in the next topic. 
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May we remain blessed. See you next Sunday..
Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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