Hehehe.. I can't stop laughing at those copying my works..

Hehehe.. I can't stop laughing. Seriously, some people does not have shame.
My story Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend went viral on Facebook, and the people who were copying it claimed to their friends that they were the author, and that delved the readers into giving them glory in different forms. But when the continuation of the story was obstructed, instead of accepting what happened and opened up to their friends, they began adding their own ideas, claiming its the continuation of the story. And their gullible readers were even happy reading it. Except for one smart reader who was able to pinpoint the lines.
He said "I'm kinda confused.... It's like the original writer has been changed, because what I'm seeing here is different from the words I have been reading".

I laughed like mad when a fan showed me the name of this person who has been copying and pasting the story, claiming to be the author.

People can be shameless. If you want to be a writer, then showcase yourself with your works and not violating other people's works, and land yourself in trouble.
Everybody must not be a writer, we all are unique and blessed with our own different gifts. Why not try and discover yours and let the world benefit from it instead of claiming to be what you are not.  

Guys, you should always know the source you read from, so that you won't miss the original inspiration and the message a book is portraying.

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