Dare the Truth: Episode 6 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Oluba was controlling the steering, wondering why Grace requested him to come down to the village.
"And what does she mean by 'what the woman I intend to marry is doing?' Anyway, I will soon find out, no need stressing my brain"

"I just hope Oluba comes fast and catch her red handed before she leaves, otherwise, he will think that I'm a jealous cousin that wants to set an obstruction to their marriage and he will hate me for it" Grace said in her heart, anxiously waiting for Oluba to arrive.

Nana who was unsuspecting of what awaited her was busy having a cool romantic time with Efe.
"Nana, so you will leave me and travel to the city with your husband, but why is it that you don't want to wait for me?" Efe despondently asked

"Sshh! Don't say that again... You want me to wait for you and end up like my cousin, Grace? God forbid! We are almost the same age, it will still take you like years before you start thinking of getting married, and besides you are not making plans of becoming rich tomorrow, because I am not seeing the hustling tendency in you. Rich men are born strong, and I am not seeing that quality in you. Anyway, they say that, one can't be good in every thing..... You might not be rich, but you are good on the other side, unlike my husband. So that's why I'm still managing you"
Her last statement flared up Efe's emotions

"What? You are managing me? Am I that worthless that you are managing me? If that's the case, then what are you still doing here? You are already somebody's wife, I still don't get what you are doing here."

"Hey! Hey! Don't shout at me like that, you get that? I don't tolerate insult" Nana snapped

"See who is talking, you don't tolerate insult but you can open your mouth wide and insult another, right? Nana, in fact, I think it was a mistake allowing you here. You can leave now please. Just go, I have had enough of your insults"

Nana who saw that Efe was becoming serious, and they had not done the reason she came, and she was desiring him so hot, she then decided to mellow him down.
"Efe.........." She stretched his name and continued: "I don't know why you took my words seriously, I was only joking. Please don't get mad. You know why I came here, and I can't leave without having a warmth of your skin. My husband might be rich, but he is no where near you on bed. So, is that one a complete man? He is not... He is nothing compared to you on that side...." Nana went on telling him words that were able to subsidised his anger and his mood became mild again....

Grace was still at the place she was hiding, keeping a close watch, praying for Nana to remain with Efe and continue doing what they were doing in order for Oluba to catch them.

When Oluba reached the village, on passing the village market, Chibugo saw his car.
"That car looks like my son in-law's car or could it be actually him? Let me call Nana to know if he told her he was coming"
She then brought out her phone and called Nana. It rang but there was no response.

"Why is she not answering her calls?" Chibugo wondered

Nana's phone kept ringing, but she refused to answer it. She and Efe were at the heat of the moment, and wouldn't want to be disturbed.
But the mother continued calling, she then stretched out her hand, grabbed the phone and switched it off, saying that it was interrupting her concentration.

"What? She switched off her phone? This can't be, with this simple attitude, I can confirm she is with Efe. I have told this girl to stop seeing that Efe, but she wouldn't listen. And I'm suspecting that that man that just passed was Oluba and Grace was the one who called him. There is no need speculating, I better flag down a bike and take the short route to Efe's house before Oluba reach there, if actually he is the one" Chibugo suggested, stopping an Okada rider.

When Oluba reached Grace's compound, he called her on phone that he had reached.

"Good! Just stop your car in front of my house and be coming straight, you will see me. And just be fast, we don't have much time" Grace said

And Oluba did as she told him.

When they got to Efe's compound, Chibugo was already there, but her words exposed her daughter's true intentions towards him.

Efe's compound was not guarded with fence, Chibugo followed the back yard and got there before them. When she was still knocking for Nana to open the door, Oluba and Grace silently entered from the front. They hid behind the window, and began listening to all she was saying.
"Nana, I know you are in there, I have warned you to stop seeing Efe until you are successfully married to Oluba, but you won't listey. I know that you don't love him, but at least show him some respect. Rich and kind men like him hardly come by.. Do you want our enemies to use this against us? And right now, Oluba is in this village and I'm sure he is coming straight to this place."

"It's not possible Mummy, you only made that up to get me to leave. Don't worry, I won't waste time anymore. I will soon leave, OK.... Just go home, I will return home soon." Nana said from inside.

When Oluba heard Nana's voice, and also confirmed it was hers, he went closer to break the door so as to have a view of what was happening inside.

Chibugo was still busy knocking, telling her to leave immediately, when Oluba approached and slightly pushed her away from the door, and then broke open the wooden door with one just kick.
He couldn't believe his eyes.
Nana and Efe were caught pants down.

"Nana? Oluba called in a deep shock.
He stood for seconds watching Nana as she was rushing her cloths to wear them.
Nana was lost, she felt for the earth to open and swallow her. She then asked Oluba the next questions that came to her mind.
"Oluba, you came! You did not tell me you were coming....?"

Oluba ignored her question, and instead dipped his hand in his pocket and brought out N15,000 and gave it to Efe to get their door fixed and then began leaving.

And now the story, begins..

To be continued

The author of Dare the Truth is Ngozi Lovelyn O.
Warning: No part of this work should be copied, used, redistribute, reproduce either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author.

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