Dare the Truth: Episode 5 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

When Grace was seriously approaching Oluba, Nana felt her zealousness of exposing her in front of him.
She then nudged Oluba, showing him Grace who was coming towards them.
When Grace reached where he was standing, she smiled and asked: "Oluba, hope you are free now, please can I steal a minute of your time?"

"No Oluba, don't go... Can't you see? She is trying to separate us?" Nana whispered to him

While she was whispering something to Oluba, Grace tried figuring out what she was trying to tell him. She did not hear what Nana said, but Oluba's response gave her a clue of what she said.
"Come on Pretty, I don't know why you and your mother are so worried for nothing. Nobody is separating us, OK" Oluba lovingly shunned her

"Oow, she is scared of getting exposed? Nana, I swear, I can't allow you ruin Oluba's life all in the name of marriage" Grace said in her heart and reminisced what Nana told her the say she caught her having sxc with Efe. "No, Oluba, you are a nice man, at least I owe you this truth. You can't get married to Nana." Grace said in her heart waiting for Oluba's response.

"Grace, you wanted to have a moment with me, right?" Oluba asked

"Yes, please" Grace answered, giving a faint smile

When Oluba tried making a step, Nana held him back, asking him not to go... And Grace who had understood her reactions asked: "Nana, I am not going to eat him or are you scared of your secrets getting exposed?"

"W.....wh.....what sec...ret...are you talking about?" Nana stammered

"Hmm, nothing.... I have known Oluba before you...... I never knew he is the one coming to marry you, if I had known, you know what I would have done?"

"Wai....wait.. You girls are speaking in riddles, can you make your words plain, please?" Oluba asked, looking at their faces and found a bitter connection between them.
"They are cousins but their facial appearances towards each other strictly depict strain relationships. It clearly explains one thing, the two families are not in good terms."

He was still trying to figure out what was happening, Nana interrupted him.
"Oluba, have you seen what my mother was trying to tell you. That they won't rest until they soil your mind against me, and I'm sure that is what she is trying to do now."

"Hmm, Nana, I don't like this anymore. What's up with all these soiling of mind and all that? And why are you scared? Innocent people don't fear anything because their hands are clean, so I see no reason why you should be scared and why does it look to me you are panicking? And you are also sweating"

"Me, panicking? No, I'm not...and why should I?" Nana asked

"So relax, I know Patience, she is a nice woman. Now, I would love to have a chat with her before leaving and you know we have stayed more time than we should"

"Alright, I should let you go then" Nana said, reluctantly releasing her hand from his arms.

"So Grace, how are you? Long time? You guys disappeared from the city and no words were heard from you again, and you also forgot me, your best friend. It was so unfair" Oluba asked, holding her close to him on the shoulder as they walked towards her house.

"What? Look at how he is holding her? Where is my mother? I should tell her this. Grace, is really up to something" Nana said, rushing inside to tell her mother

When Oluba got to Grace's house, he saw his Aunty who accompanied him to the place, chatting with Patience.
"Oh! Here you are? No wonder nobody has disturbed me to leave."

And the Aunty laughed and said: "Oluba, you never told me you were coming to Patience's country home."

"Aunty, to tell you the truth, I nevee knew. I was surprised when I found out" Oluba replied

The Aunty then looked at the way he was standing with Grace and said: "Aww, you two still adore your friendship" She then turned to Patience and said: "I wish you guys never left the city, Oluba's friendship with your daughter would have graduated into an intimate relationship and who knows, they would have gotten married by now. I still remembered that faithful day when Oluba returned from school, he was worried that he did not see Grace in school that day, but was more shattered when he found our that you guys had packed out"

"Yes Aunty, I was devastated that my best friend had left me. But here she is now, she has come back to me again. Grace, I am so happy to see you again" Oluba said, looking at Grace, smiling, as Grace laughed along.

"You are right Oluba, she has returned to you but things won't be the way they used to be before, because you are getting married."

"Yes you are right, I am getting married to her sister, which means, she will be my best sister in-law and I will not mess with her cousin, ever" Oluba replied, laughing hard.

And they all broke into laughter.

And the Aunty said: "Oluba, do you know I would be happier if Grace was the one you came to marry, to tell you the truth, I'm finding it difficult to come to terms with that girl. There is something in her eyes."

"Hmm Aunty, you know it's already late now and besides I love her. So don't worry, you will come to love her soon. I promise you, she won't disappoint you, she is a very nice girl" Oluba assured.

While Oluba was still inside chatting with Grace, Nana was becoming tense.
"Mother, I am scared. What if Patience or Grace turns Oluba's heart against me, and make him marry her daughter instead?."

"Nana, that can never happen. She wouldn't even dare"

"But Mama, you really need to see how he held her when they were walking inside their house. And people even sneered at them, murmuring. Mummy, I have every reason to be scared"

"He held her, how?"

"Mummy, he held her so close to him. It seems like the relationship they had in the past transcended casual type. What if they were lovers? What if she opens her mouth?... To tell you the truth, Mummy, it will be a shameful thing that the man who came to marry me ended up marrying her instead, I really can't take it, Mummy. Please do something, I will go there myself and drag him out"

"Nana, look at me, you will do no such thing... Listen to me, I have played my cards well. I have already filled his mind and got him prepared in case Patience and her daughter try anything abnormal"

"Mother, all you said does not even produce any effect on him. He even shunned me when I wanted to remind him of all that."

"Nana, see how scared you are. Its the plain reason I asked you to stop seeing that Efe until this marriage is successful, but you wouldn't listen"

"Mummy, let's forget about Efe for now and deal with the situation at hand"

While they were still nurturing their fears, they got a call from outside that their visitors were about leaving.

"Mummy, did you hear that? He did not come to tell me himself that he is going, are you sure they have not succeeded in inciting him against me?" Nana feared, stamping her feet, placing her hand on her head..

"Let's step outside first"
When they got outside, Nana stood looking at Oluba who was standing behind his car, giving her a long serious look.

"Its over then. Grace, you have succeeded in taking him away from me, but don't think that this game is over. I won't have him get married to you either"

"Come on Pretty, are you not going to wish me goodbye?" Oluba requested, laughing

"Ow! Seems I was wrong" she said, walking to him....laughing in joy that things were still normal between them.

So after they left, Nana was happy: "Mummy, wow! I can't believe that they did not tell him anything"

"I know she wouldn't dare try such rubbish with me, because she knows exactly what I will do to her. Its a good thing she is scared of me" Chibugo boasted, smiling

Grace was trying to relay to her mother her reasons for keeping quiet.
"I saw it in his eyes that he love her, so he won't be believing anything I say without proof. And finding that proof is all I need to do.

"You did the right thing my daughter, but how are you going to do it?"

"Don't worry mother, I know what to do"

3 days later, Nana was trying her best to avoid Efe, but her incessant desires for him couldn't do justice to that. So they agreed to meet on a particular date. On that appointed day, she targeted the time Efe's parents normally leave for work, but little did she knew that Grace had been keeping a track on her.
The village was calm, most people had gone out for their business, while some went to their farm. She then took off, hoping she wasn't seen nor followed.
Immediately she stylishly entered the place, Grace who had been following her called Oluba on phone.
"Grace, how are you?"

"Oluba, how long would it take you to get to my village?"

"About one hour 8 minutes" Oluba replied, noticing the hastiness in her speech.

"Good, I need you to drive down to the village and see what the woman you are about to marry is doing"

"I don't understand, can you explain better, please?" Oluba asked

"Oluba, there is no time for explanations, just rush down to my village, please and you will see things for yourself"

"OK, I am on my way"

To be continued..

The author of Dare the Truth is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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