Dare the Truth: Episode 4 by Ngozi Lovelyn O

When Nana drew Oluba away, she tapped him, asking him what he was discussing with Patience and her daughter.
"Pretty, I have known them for a very long time. They were my father's former tenants in the city before things grew bad for them and they relocated to the village."

"My son, please come inside, there is something I would love to reveal to you" Chibugo said, requesting Oluba to follow her inside.

Things were becoming confusing for Oluba, he tried fathoming what was happening. As he was following Chibugo inside to hear what she had to reveal, he gave a long distance stare at Patience and Grace. He still found them giving him a deep pitiful look.
"The looks on Patience and her daughter clearly have strong meanings attached, are they pitying me or what? And it looks like they are not happy with me marrying Nana... I'm kind of confused here. My father had warned me to make inquiries about Nana's family background before proceeding with the marriage, but I turned down the idea, because it's kind of ridiculous, its a system that was practiced by the old generation and not in this modern time. Hmm, anyway let me hear what Nana's mother is about to say" Oluba said, racing in his mind.

While they were going inside, Chibugo was thinking hard on how to make Oluba not to trust anything Patience will tell him regarding her daughter.
"I really need to make her look bad in his eyes, but before doing that, soiling her image will be the best strategy to achieving that. But in order to make my words convincingly strong, I will have to attach prayers to it. I will make him see me as a prayerful person. Yes, that is the only way I will succeed in achieving this task."

Nana on the other side, was also following them, she kept wondering what her mother was up to.
"What is she up to? And I can't ask her anything now... I just hope she doesn't spoil things for me. She is too impulsive and doesn't know how to control her emotions."

When they got inside, Chibugo calmly asked him :"Oluba my son, hope you truly love my daughter, Nana and wants to marry her?"

And Oluba said yes, nodding his head, tightening his face, waiting to hear what she will say next.

"Good, and from the look of things, my enemies are about to destroy the blessing that is about to enter my family."

"I.....don't understand, Ma" Oluba said, seriously looking at her

"OK, let me break it down for you. Last night, I dreamt about where a woman and her daughter were sneering at you. They were busy muttering something, immediately they raised their hands to hit the ground, I woke up. But good thing is that, I prayed against it" She continued
"But my fear became real again after I saw you chatting with Patience and her daughter. Everybody in this village know her as a witch. Maybe because she couldn't succeed spiritually, she resorted to physical means."

"Is that so?" Oluba asked, laughing calmly: "It can't be possible, Ma, Patience is a God fearing woman, kind and loving. She can't belong to that category you are assigning her. I know her right from my childhood. So relax, you don't have anything to worry on that"

"Oluba my son, you are too kind hearted, that's why you can't see any evil in another person's eyes. It gladdens my heart that my beautiful daughter chose you as her life partner, but this is reality. OK, if you said she is kind, why is she not here to celebrate this gathering with us? She chose go stay in her house. Why she followed me earlier to greet you people was just to see the man who has come to marry my daughter. And immediately she saw you, she left and returned to her house. OK, when everybody was jubilating over the car you bought for my daughter, did you see her anywhere near others? No, she chose to stand in front of her house, watching what was happening. See how bad she is, she can't even hide her wickedness and evil tendencies anymore. And I'm sure the next thing she will do now, is to try every means to tarnish my daughter's image. In fact, she won't rest until this wedding is canceled"

"Wait, just wait.... I don't think you are talking about the Patience that I used to know. Are you not accusing her of something she is not?" Oluba asked

"No my in-law, how can I accuse her of anything when the evidence is very clear? Did you see her and her daughter celebrating with others over the car? No. OK, Grace was supposed to be with her cousin, but she was no where to be found. She chose to leave the compound because she can't stand the sight of seeing her cousin sister getting married. See the level of their wickedness, they can't just hide it any longer. My son, I am not forcing you to believe me, but their soon to manifest actions, will. They will use the advantage of the friendship that exist between you and them and try to separate you from your wife. Just watch, she will tell you so many negative things, things that will trigger off hatred for my daughter. But I only trust in my God, he will never disappoint me, none of their evil schemes will work on you or my daughter. So I want you to mind how you relate with them because they are poisonous vipers."

"Hmm, you don't have to worry about that Ma, I know patience, she can't do anything of such and I don't want to hear such things again, OK... I wouldn't like anybody to badmouth her like that."

"Alright my son, and I am sorry for being over concerned, but to be on the safe side, I will love to pray for you and my daughter." She requested, and then asked her daughter to sit beside Oluba.
"Mummy, you are too much, I never knew you could come up with this terrific idea. Seriously, I'm impressed" Nana said in her heart, as she moved to sit beside Oluba

And Chibugo began praying for them.
While she was still praying, Oluba was happy in his heart.
"At least, I have gotten a good sign that I'm not making a mistake. The woman has proven to be a prayer warrior and I'm sure she instilled such qualities in her daughter. Because a prayerful wife, builds a strong happy family."

As Chibugo was still firing prayers, Nana pretended to be moved deeply in spirit, praying along with her mother.
And Oluba was more happier.

Patience and Grace were confused on what best to do.
"Mummy, how can Oluba marry Nana? Oh my God! Didn't he ask questions before coming for her? He is too good to have such a rotten girl as a wife" Grace worried

"To tell you the truth my daughter, the situation weakened me. I'm already feeling for him, because getting married to Nana means digging his grave. Nana is not only promiscuous, she will also render him useless just like Chibugo did to her husband. Like mother, like daughter. And the fact Chibugo supports her evil attitudes is another disaster to Oluba's life."

"Mama, we can't just be silent, Oluba deserves to know the truth, he shouldn't get married to that decayed girl, he shouldn't.."

"But my daughter, our hands are tied, there is nothing we can do about it. All we need to do is to pray for God to expose Nana's true colours"

"Mama, do you think God will come down from heaven and expose her? Its people like you and I he will use to expose her. I can't allow Oluba to proceed with that wedding." Grace determined

"No my daughter, don't get involved, please. I don't want to enter into any fight with Chibugo, please. I don't have strength for her troubles"

"Mama, Oluba took you as his mother, he helped us a lot when things were bad for father, at least you owe him this truth. If you think keeping quiet will solve the problem, I'm sorry, I won't support you on this. I will tell him the truth about Nana. He can't marry her, he should find himself another woman and not Nana" Grace boldly affirmed his determination to reveling to Oluba the true nature of the woman he intended to marry.

After Chibugo finished praying, Oluba appreciated her for her concern and also urged her to stop worrying herself about Patience and her daughter, that they love him and won't do anything to jeopardize his marriage with Nana.

"OK my son, we shall still see about that, because Patience that I know will strive every means to stop this marriage. Even her own daughter might even tell you bad things against my daughter, but all I know is that, no matter how hard they try, the truth will always stand tall. I have trained my daughter in the ways of the Lord, she upholds God's principles and that is how she will raise your home for you. Please, pardon me that I repeated the words again, just that I'm only concerned for your happiness"

"Alright Ma, I have to join my brothers, because they might be wondering what I'm doing inside"

"Alright my son. May you remain blessed"

And Oluba said "Amen"

Immediately he stepped outside, Grace who had been searching for him sighted him, and began approaching him with all mean and seriousness on her face

To be continued.

The author of Dare the Truth is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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