The winner of our yesterday "story guess" is Reader "Chibuzor Chibuzor"

From the three readers who got the answers correctly, making it hard for me to choose the winner.
Chibuzor was the person who hit it exactly.
She said, "Rose will run, but on trying to escape, police will arrive"

And that is exactly how the story ended.
Rose was about opening the gate when the policemen arrived.
I hope you will all agree with me that Chibuzor is the rightful winner.....
So send your phone number to, the one you will wish to be credited for the internet subscription.

But this has not ended. Every Month I will be appreciating my readers by giving away free one month internet subscription to readers who comment regularly on each post.
Reason I included Facebook comment on the site is to make it easier for those who don't know how to comment with their Google account, so that everybody can participate.

For those complaining that their phone can't open a link, trying using Chrome, Operamini, or Ucbrowser, they goes with one touch, except your internet connection is not strong.

I know that you all are bigger than the gift, but its just my simple way of appreciating you all for being here for me and also encouraging me.

So happy commenting...

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