Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend: Episode 13

"Mandy, I said you should keep your mouth shut!" He continued: "Listen, I have high hopes by asking you to engage in that business, and my decision about it still stands."

"But you can't force me into what my mind does not accept. Baby, can't you understand, my mind is no longer there, infact it has never been there. Remember you were the one who forced me into it, so I decided to obey my husband, but I finally found out that it was a huge mistake on my own part, I should have given it a thorough thought before venturing into it. Please understand me. Its not my dream. I have never for once dreamt of becoming a fashion designer, I don't fit in such world. I'm fed up, I have just wasted 3 months for nothing." Mandy says, standing up to leave.

"Mandy, sit down." Fred orders

"But my decision is now final, you can't make me change my mind"

"Mandy, I said sit down!" Fred orders in a faint angry tone

"Hmm, OK" Mandy murmurs and sluggishly sat down

"I was actually waiting for you to finish your learning process before I say this, but seems my speculations have been right." Fred says and then said in his heart: " No need shouting at Mandy, I need to calm her down and make her see things in the perspective I will channel her."

"What speculations?" Mandy asks

"Remember when you told me about one particular room Linda and her sister never allowed anybody to enter?."

"Yes, but I later discovered that its the room they normally sleep in whenever they need to sleep over i the office, maybe when there is too much workload"

"That is what they made you guys believe. Now Mandy, I think Linda's hand is not pure. Her riches are not natural, they are not from God" Fred stipulates

"How?" Mandy asks with a questioning look.

"Yes, everything is now clear. You have always been a fast learner. But what happened? Answer me, what happened? That room must have an answer to all the problems. She is stealing the destinies of all the apprentices that registered with her fashion school. OK now tell me, ever since she started her business, has any successful designer emerged from her side?" Fred went on and on, feeding Mandy with many convincing words in other to help him bring Linda down, and his tactics seemed to be working.

"You might have a point, seriously.  You see when I started newly, I had this strong passion that I will make it, but at a point, I started loosing interest. Baby, I think you are right. She is not pure. No wonder she is the only famous fashion designer in the country. I knew that something was not right, I had always knew it."

"Good you are understanding the area I'm going now. That particular room she is preventing people from entering must surely have an answer to all our questions. But the question now is, how do we expose her?"

"Baby, please, we shouldn't get involved, we might be putting our lives in danger, you know how such evil people behaves, they eliminate anybody that poses as a threat" Mandy fears

"No Mandy, we shouldn't ignore these facts. Let's expose her and save the lives of innocent people she is destroying their destinies. Can't you see, God must surely have a reason for revealing this to us. So we should not ignore it, let's act fast"

"Yes, you are right. But how are going to expose her now?" Mandy asks.

"Don't worry, leave everything to me. Your own job is to continue working  there as if you don't know anything. Don't allow anybody to suspect you, you get?"

And Mandy nodded, knocking her fingers: "This is unbelievable. I used to admire that lady a lot, I never knew that behind that her beautiful smile lies an ugly evil woman who is making money through evil means. Who knows how many people she must have killed. God forbid. I rather be poor than make money in such scheme." Mandy shudders in deep thoughts

"Mandy, I'm not happy, you have disappointed me. I wanted you to complete your learning program before bringing Linda down so that you will be the next famous designer. I wanted to make you snatch her dream, but since you were not so keen in venturing into such business, then Linda won't continue living in her affluence in peace. Its time I destroy all her reputation, I will continue dragging her name to the mud, taint her until everything about her disappear from the face of the earth."

Fred then approached a man who ran an online business. He gave him all the necessary information about Linda.
He also showed him the pictures he took Linda took when they were still in school in order to make him believe that he knew all the secrets about Linda. He then lied to him about how ambitious Linda was, on how she was desperate in becoming famous. On how she belonged to a secret society, ruining the destinies of innocent people. He said many evil convincing things about her. The online reporter was finally convinced after Fred told him that his main aim was to save more innocent people from falling a victim to her evil schemes. He also told him about the secret room in Linda's company. He later offered the reporter 100k tip-off to post the news.

So the next morning, about 6:am, the special report was posted and it quickly went viral, buzzing the net and shocking people.
When Fred checked the comments on different social media handles, the comments were pouring exactly the way he wanted them.

He then smiled to himself and said: "Linda, let me see how you can become successful without me by your side. You will have to remain the same Linda that I used and dumped, not this famous Linda, only then will I be comfortable"

"Linda! Linda!! Linda!!! Wake up, wake up Linda!" Mercy called, tapping her hardly

"Yes, yes! What is it?" Linda asked wiping away sleep from her eyes

"Linda, read this... Its all over social media now" Mercy said showing her her phone

When she collected it from her, she was shocked to her bones. And she forcefully rose from the bed, reading the horrible article which was intended to ruin her reputation.

"Linda, you have to stop reading it" Mercy said snatching the phone from her

"But Sister, who could have done this to me? Who could have want my ruin? But this is all a lie, people will not believe it because its not true" Linda says as tears dropped from her eyes

"Linda I stopped you from reading further so that you will not see the comment section. You know how people used to react towards sensitive news like this? Fake news are easily bought by majority. This accusations are too much. I'm even scared for our business now" Mercy says, shuddering in fear

Hmm..... Nawao.....To be continued...... Fred, we shall see...

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