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"Officers, please arrest her...she is the one responsible for everything. She tainted my reputation, defamed me, hid a charm in my company, all for what? All for reasons best known to her" Linda says in a teary eyes.

"Madam, don't do something you will later regret. I am innocent, don't trust this man. Its true he is my husband, but I never knew he is an extremist. You will be making the biggest mistake of your life by trusting him. I never knew he was using me to destroy you, try to listen to your heart, you will feel that I'm saying the truth. I was such a fool by trusting and believing in his words, but don't make the same mistake that I made. I am innocent Ma, don't get me arrested, he is the real culprit here." Mandy cries, begging on top of her voice.

"You said listen to my heart? What my heart is telling me now is to see that you rot in jail for all the pains you made me go through. Hope you enjoy using charm, let's see how your charm will save you this time. Officers, please take this evil woman away from here and make sure she rot behind bars." Linda angrily demands, on a high volume

"Don't stress your voice honey, her evil deeds have been exposed, what's left now is for her to dance to the tune of her actions. She will face the consequences of her actions, according to the law" Fred, said holding Linda on her shoulder, giving a side look, to know how she would react at the touch.

And Linda felt exactly the way he desired her to feel.
She felt butterfly tickling her stomach, as shivers of cold ran through her veins, reminding her of the beautiful moments she and Fred spent together.

And her face turned romantically gloomy, as she looked at Fred's side face.
On noticing that, Fred decided to add more to his drama, making her believe he was the real victim. That it was all Mandy's fault that they got separated.

He approached Mandy at where the police were handcuffing her and said: "Mandy, I never knew that this day would come so easily. You got me separated from the most precious thing I adored so much for your own selfish gains.
You knew that I never loved you, and will never do, you then devised for a heinous means and had me by force. Since then, I have been suffering inside. I got married to you, but was never happy with you. But I thank God for finally answering my prayers. I am free now. Tomorrow morning, I am taking a bold step to making sure we get divorced" Fred, said, crying so emotionally, making Linda believed everything.

Linda who was so touched, approached and requested him to stop crying, that Mandy had been finally exposed.

"No Linda, you don't know how I have suffered just because of this evil woman" Fred continued crying, and fell on Linda's arm to be consoled.

And Linda made him to balance on her shoulder as she patted him, asking him to stop crying, that everything will be alright.

"Linda, to tell you the truth, I never knew this moment would come. I never envisaged it. And now, I'm already picturing myself taking you to the alter....oh wow! This is amazing. The stars are in my favour, that is why they turned everything to my own good. You fell for me easily which means, your soft spot for me is still very much active. And who told you that I'm crying? I am only craving for your sympathy which has just worked perfectly" Fred said in his heart, rejoicing.

"So stop crying, everything is alright now, she will pay for all the atrocities she committed." Linda continued patting him.

"I know, I know, just continue touching me, I am enjoying the fragrance of your perfume, and your palms are so soft.., I'm enjoying it" Fred said in his heart, smiling.

Mandy did not say anything again, because nothing else she will say, will ever make Linda change her heart, all the proofs were pointing towards her, she only kept on crying as police took her away.

Mercy was just watching everything fuming so bitterly in anger.
"If I should have my way now, I will give this Linda a very hot dirty slap. What kind of human being is she? Fred is manipulating the whole thing and its clearly written all over his face, but she doesn't want to see that. I think I'm done with her. She is matured enough to know what's best to do and she has even made that clear."

She walked up to where Linda and Fred were standing and said "I hope we did not send an innocent person to prison" she then went back to the office.

"This woman again! Well this time around, I will employ the best tactics to make sure she doesn't ruin my plans of getting Linda back" Fred said in his heart and then spoke up:
"Erm.. Linda, I have to be going now. Thank you for getting Mandy arrested. I wish I can turn back the hands of time, but now, its already late, far far late. I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors. I thank God that I came here on time to prevent Mandy from complicating things further for you. Take care and have a nice life"
He then left, pretending not to have anything to do with Linda ever again. But he knew in his heart, that Linda will come running after him. 

"Wait a minute Fred!" She called

"Oh yea! And the plan is working perfectly" he smiled in his heart.

"Oh my goodness, this girl is such a big fool" Mercy cursed in her heart, slightly hitting her fore heard.

Linda gaited to Fred, with a smiling face and asked him if he was still using his cellphone number, the one she knew and he said yes, hiding all his feelings from radiating on his face.

"Alright, I will give you a call one of this days"...

" Alright Linda, I have to go now..." Fred said....

"OK then, Bye"

And they bid farewell . 

"Oh my God! Am I in the journey of getting my love back? Wow, they said that every tribulations comes with a new favourable beginning. At the end of every tunnel comes a light. I thought I have lost him forever, but I never knew that this temptation was all God's plan of sending my love back to me and exposing who that evil Mandy really is. Oh Lord, please bless this day for me" Cheerful Linda smiled, walking back to the company as Mercy stood, glaring at her, angrily.

"Mercy, why are you looking at me like that? This calls for celebration. Let's update the latest development. Update our website immediately and let the public know that it was all a conspiracy against us by our very own apprentice who only desired to see our end for her own selfish reasons."

Linda was cheerfully making the statement as Mercy continued looking at her, disgustingly.
She asked: "Linda, I can see happiness shining all over face, but tell me, what's the source? Is it that we have been vindicated or that you now see every chance of getting back together with Fred?"

"No Mercy, I don't want to discuss about that now. I always know your stance whenever it comes to Fred, please let's not talk about him. Come inside, let's make a press statement we will be releasing to the public."

"Oh, I thought my opinion no longer matter? Why do you still need my idea on making a press statement? Linda, I think I should be resigning. I no longer want to work with you. Today, I experienced the worst kind of injustice, and continuing working here means, heating my conscience with brimstone. You made me the co-owner of this company, but today, you have made it crystal clear that my opinion does not matter at all. You said, you are now mature enough to differentiate between right from wrong, so Linda, I still see no reason why I should keep working with you." She continued

"You know how much I hate injustice? So today, I don't want to be a part of it. I am quitting" Mercy said, with anger flashing her eyes 

"No sis, you can't possibly, be serious. You are not leaving me at this critical time. And what's up with this attitude, is it because of Fred?" Linda asked

"Critical time you say? Linda, all the negative challenges that visited Lili's Collections have been cleared but it gave birth to another bigger problem. Now tell me, how would the society react when it is finally proven that you locked up an innocent woman behind bars just because of one outrageous feelings you have for your ex-boyfriend?
So Linda, you will be the one to take all the blames and not me." Mercy aired her point and walked into the office, carried her bag and left.

Linda was dumbfounded, she does not know what to do.
"No Mercy, you can't leave me, I really need you in this company, I can't just allow you quit like this. We will talk this over at home" she said in her heart, watching Mercy leave.

Fred was extremely happy, he couldn't believe what just happened to him.
"In other to make sure that Linda landed safely on my bed as my wife, I will have to set records straight with Osita, because he seemed to be the only challenge that might create a stumbling block for me....... But that will be later, now let me reminisce my sweet reencounter with Linda... Her perfume when I fell on her, her soft palms when she was patting me..  My Linda has really done so well for herself.. I just can't wait to have her."

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