Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend: Episode 11

"What has gotten into him?" Osita rhetorics: "Could it be jealousy? Oh! oh!! oh!!! Now I see, he is driven by hatred and jealousy. He couldn't stand Linda becoming so successful and famous, he is now trying to make Mandy be like her? Hmm, Noo, I don't think so, because if that is actually the case, he wouldn't have desired Mandy to have anything to do with Linda" he continued:
"But how do I find out what is in his mind? I must press him further to find out what he is planning" he suggests and ran after Fred
"Fred stop, Fred!" He calls

But Fred had already entered his car, and was about to move. Osita then waved his hands, and called out his name, laudable enough to catch his attention,  and then he stopped.

When he alighted, he smiled indignantly, looking at him approaching.
"Nice one Osita, you concluded immediately without stressing it, I'm impressed. Sometimes, its good to have a little secret that will prove beneficial in achieving some difficult purposes" Fred says, smiling annoyingly

"Fred, I'm so disgusted at you right now. Man, what has gotten into you? Why allowing this hatred to drag you into ruin? You know you will be silently digging your own grave if you refused to depart from this path you are about setting for yourself?"

The statement irritated Fred, and he irked aggressively.
"Osita, enough! I told you I don't need your lectures anymore in my life. And why did you stopped me? I thought you have finally come to your senses and ready to help me with what I asked of you. Osita, don't be deceived by the friendship that existed between us, because its now invalid. The only thing that still have us together is for you to accept my candid proposal, and once you are done with it  you just "voom" to your own separate way, and also keeping your mouth shut, because if Linda ever find out that Mandy is my wife and denied her the opportunity of.......... Oh, I think I'm talking too much now. I can't unveil my little secret to you, my wife does not even know my main purpose of sending her to that place." He continued.
"So Osita, if you really value your life and career, better do what I asked you, failing to do so.... Then, I won't be responsible for what will be coming your way?" Fred says, as his eyes flashed dim in hatred.

"Hmm, like what exactly?" Osita asks, folding his hands, standing erect.

"You are asking as if you don't know how Amalia's family would react if I should reveal to them the truth about what happened. How their daughter died"

"But you know that I'm innocent, its just that I was so unfortunate to be at the wrong place at the wrong time" Osita defends himself

"And you think they will believe that? You know how much they love their daughter?" Fred threatens

"Fred, what is wrong with you? What has gotten into you? See, this path you are setting for yourself will only lead you to your grave. You are silently digging your ruin, Fred. Obstruct this envy and hatred from eating you up. You dumped Linda, why is it that you can't see her happy? You should be happy for her, happy she is doing well, despite all you did to her, she picked up her life from scratches and made something out of it, why can''t you be happy for her and allow her be for crying out loud."

"Never! You hear me? I said never! Because that girl lied to me. She deliberately fashioned it out for me to go away from her so that people will pity her and then call me the bad person. She deliberately planned it all. While I was dating her, she was secretly creating her empire, lying to me that she wanted to be a housewife. How can somebody who doesn't have any dream create such a famous world? How can somebody who doesn't have any aspiration be successful like that, in just 2 years? You know how much I used to love Linda. I loved her so much, but that only one statement of hers was what made me change my mind about her, I thought she was the lazy type, I never knew she has such greatness and potentials hidden in her"

"Fred, you left her on your own will. Linda did not made you do anything. Remember I told you then to speak to her that such matters can only be sorted out when discussed warmly, but you flagged down my candid advice, simply because you were blinded by Mandy's charming personality. So Fred, forget about Linda, she is now in your past"

"Osita, tomorrow, you are taking Mandy to Lili's collections."

"Sorry Fred, but I can't do it. And I think I have done enough talking to you"

"You can't do it huh? Don't worry, this little call will make you dance to my tone without asking for a particular rhythm"

"Stop bluffing, man, enough with this your
threats, because you and I know that you no longer have Amalia's family's contact" Osita says walking away from him.

"If I were you, I won't make a step. You forgot there is something they call digging. I know you will turn down my request, so I decided to make a little research before approaching you. Hope you still recognise Amalia's father's thunderous voice. Hope you still remembered how it sounded when he was warning you to quit your secret love affair with his daughter. I think I have talked enough now. Don't worry, you will hear his voice once again. Just listen." Fred says, dialing Amalia's father's number

And the threat became real to Osita, but he decided to remain cool, until he confirmed that Fred wasn't bluffing.

And the phone kept ringing. When he finally answered, Fred set it on loudspeaker for Osita to hear too.

"Hello Sir, am I speaking with Mr Vincent Odorogun?" Fred asks, flattening his face .

"Sir, I'm calling regarding your daughter's d....." Just then, Osita interrupted him.

"Stop! Fred stop, I have heard you. Just stop it there."

"Hello, hello... Hello!" Sir Vincent kept helloing from the other end.

"Oh sorry Sir, It's like I called the wrong number. Sorry, bye" Fred disconnected the call

"You now believe me, right? You know he has a unique voice which is easily recognizable. Now back to business, are you ready to do my bidding now because we have had enough chat?"

"Bewildered Osita replies: " Fred, you are making me do this against my own will. But I'm putting it as a challenge to you, nothing
will happen to Linda. The God who lifted her up to that position will surely give her all the necessary protections she deserves. You can't harm her Fred, trust me, you can't harm her"

"Who is talking about harming her? I might as well make her my second wife, so who is talking about harming her here? Now, tomorrow morning, I will drive Mandy to your house, and you then take her to Linda's company. Use your influence to help her become an apprentice. Just beg Linda to teach her all the necessary things she needs to know. I trust Mandy, she is a fast learner, I'm sure that 3 months is enough for her to learn all she necessary things she needs to know about Fashion and designing. So tomorrow morning, before 7, let it be you are already set. And don't think you can disappear. You know how influential Amalia's families are." Fred warns, entering his car

Osita was dumbfounded and shattered in disappointment. He was so confused on what to do.
"Why now, why is it now that I'm finally starting a promising career? Fred is planning to ruin my life. What am I going to do now?"Osita became scared of his future. He then went to the bar stand and requested for a liquor.

While drinking, he contemplated on what best to do. "What am I going to do now? And Fred is so mean! No, I can't allow Amalia's family to come after me, not now that I'm starting a promising career. No, I will have to listen to Fred. I have to save my head too. I have my own future to create, I can't stuck in the middle while trying to be good and protecting Linda. We all have our own cross to carry, so let her carry hers.
I will have to do it." Osita concludes.

The next day, before 8am, Fred and his wife had already stormed Osita's place.
He was shocked at the way Mandy dressed.

"Mandy. what happened? Why wearing such bogus dress and what's up with the barret?" Osita asks laughing jokingly

"Ask your friend, he was the one who made dress this way, he said that if I dressed poorly, that the company will agree to accept me immediately and......."

"OK ...OK.... I understand, he is right ... Osita cut in and said in his heart: " Hmm, Fred you planned everything so well, because you knew that Linda might recognize her as your wife.. OK, let's see how long this your smartness can carry you"

Fred had told his wife that, through out her learning period, she will continue hiding her real identity. There will be no make up, and she won't use her social media. He warned her to keep her marriage a secret. He restricted her to so many things, but when, Mandy tried asking him why he gave her such rules, he said that it was for her own good.

"Don't you want to become the next famous fashion designer?"

"Off course I want to?"

"Then you have to do this little sacrifices, don't you know that nothing good comes easy. In other to achieve greater things, you have to do huge sacrifices. Its just for couple of months, and you will be all set"

"You are right Baby, I'm ready to do anything just to make sure that I succeed" Mandy assures

So Osita later took Mandy to Lili's fashion industry, they waited for 3hrs before Linda arrived. She was happy to have Osita in her company. After having some social discussions, Osita introduced Mandy as his cousin sister. He gave her name as Stella.
He then declared their intention of coming to the company.

While he was making the introduction, Linda was observing Mandy to know if she was capable for that kind of business.

"So Stella, what do you know about tailoring?"

"Um..." Mandy clears throat and continued: "I don't really know much about it, but I have high enthusiasm that I will do well, if I put all my energy and determination into it" Mandy replies

"Linda?" Osita cut in: "See, I trust her so much, I know she can do it. She is a great fan of yours, you have inspired her so greatly, and since she was the one who made up her mind to learn the business, I believe she will come out successfully. That's why I brought her here, because, I believe you can help guide her. Please don't turn us down" Osita pleads

Hmmm, Linda paused for some seconds and said : "OK, I will help based on our friendship. Provided she is of good behavior"

So after everything, Mandy became an apprentice in the company.
And she was referred to the place where learners are staying.

Later in the evening, Linda called Mandy and introduced her to Mercy.
After the introduction, Mercy continued looking at her with sheer uncertainty.
" Have you met before?" Mercy asks

"I don't think so, Ma" Mandy replies

"Your face looks so familiar, I can't really recollect where I saw your face"

"So Mercy, while you keep trying to recollect, allow her to return to her base." Linda says and Mandy was excused.

"Linda, you really have to be very careful with the way you accept people here. You know you are now a public figure, and you are growing stronger day by day, which means you are bound to have enemies. So be very careful, did you hear me?"

"Yes Ma'am, I have heard you. But that's why I also have you, here, nobody can mess with me as long as I have you by my side" Linda says, smiling.

And they laughed out softly, together, just then ,Mercy's face tightened.

"Linda, its like I'm getting a hunch as to where I saw that face. I told you that I know that girl" Mercy says, looking straight at Linda's face

To be continued..

The author of Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author..



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