Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend: Episode 12

"Are you serious? OK tell me, I'm listening"

"She is Fred's wife" Mercy says

"Which Fred?" Serious looking Linda asks

"Fred, your ex-boyfriend. I knew it, I need to meet her right away and ask her what she is doing here"

And Linda burst into laughter.
"Sis, are you alright? She is Stella, my old time friend's sister. He was even the one who brought her here. And besides, why would Fred allow his wife to work here. And by mere looking at Stella, she can't even be Fred's wife. So Sister, remove such thought from your mind, she can't possibly be Fred's wife, no way!"

"Linda, you know you are always too stubborn when it comes to important matters. You trust people so easily and that has been your problem."

"Sister, forget it. She is Stella, my friend's Osita's Cousin. He was the one who brought her here. He pleaded with me to help guide her through. And that is exactly what I'm going to do as a friend."

"Linda, my instinct has never deceived me before. I have a strong hunch she is Fred's wife"

"But if I may ask, why would Fred allow his wife to learn tailoring in my own company?" Linda asks

"I don't know, you know that Fred is a very cunning man, he must have a reason for flaunting his wife here. That's why we need to act fast before he tries something funny"

"Sister, you see, it doesn't add. Your words are beginning to sound ridiculous now. Stop worrying yourself for nothing, OK, there is no way she can be Fred's wife. No way, just trust my words on this. Please let's go inside and sort out the accounts" Linda says, nudging Mercy, trying to shake off the feelings from her.

"Hmm, Linda....... But we shouldn't just ignore this feelings that I'm hav........."

"Mercy dear, please stop now, let's go inside.." Linda cuts in

And Mercy sighed, following her inside.

But she never stopped worrying. "No, there is definitely something about that girl, I really can't get my mind off it"

When it was time for them to close, Linda asked for Mandy.
When she came, she inquired from her how her day went.
"It was OK Ma, its my first day, so everywhere is still kind of strange to me."

"Yes, its normal to feel that way, I'm sure with time, you will get used to it. Hope you have been guided with the rules and regulations of the company?"

"Yes, they have put me through."

"Good, endeavor to adhere to them, we don't usually ignore offenders. You know, before we accept people into this fashion school, there is certain amount of money we collect for registration, but I allowed you here for free because of the friendship between me and your brother, so I wouldn't like the situation where you will soil that friendship. Learn to uphold good behavior and we will all be happy and your stay here will be an enjoyable one"

"Thank you so much Ma, I promise to stick to my good behaviours and try my best to win your trust and friendship. Once again, thank you for accepting me here, only God will reward you"

Linda smiled and said "Its OK. You can go now"

When Mandy turned to leace, she saw Mercy sitting at the edge looking at her with a straight stern face.
She then greeted her, but she kept mute. She only nodded and continued looking at her as she left.

"Why was she looking at me like that? She said she knew my face, that she had seen me before, but I don't think I have come across her face anywhere before. Hmm, I hope she doesn't create problem for me in this company, because I am so determined in achieving my aim here" Mandy worries, carrying her bag to leave.

When Mandy got home, Fred had already returned waiting for her.
"Baby, you are home already, unbelievable"

"Yes Darling, you know today is a very important day in our lives, the day you made the first step of becoming a great person, so tell me, how was your day in the office. Did you meet Linda?"

"Off course I met her, she is such a sweet lady, beautiful and charming
 Her smile is enough to quench the wave of a sea, I like her, I wish I can win her friendship, she is my role model"

Mandy was still recounting her warm encounter with Linda, Fred was swimming in ocean of desire and regrets, mixed with sheer jealousy: "Mandy, you are so right, this is Linda you are talking about here. The humble innocent girl that I left. You came into the picture and blindfolded me, wiped out all the sweet memories I shared with her. Mandy, only you can save me from this situation. If you can be like her, rich, famous and humble just like her, then I will be happy again, I will be proud that I did good leaving her. That I never made a mistake leaving her for you. So only you Mandy."

"Hello, Baby! Are you there?"Mandy calls tapping him: " What's up with you? What were you thinking, you seems to be lost in your thoughts"

"Sorry my dear, I just remembered something. So what were you saying?" Fred asks

"I was still telling you how my day went. Everything went fine but there was one proplem"

"And what's that?"

"Linda's sister was not so pleased having me there. She was such a grumpy fellow and I was never comfortable with the way she was looking at me"

"That must be Mercy, that stinkard. That one is a problem herself" Fred said, forgetting that Mandy was right in front of him

"Excuse me? How did you know that her name is Mercy?" Mandy asks, looking so curious

And Fred quickly got himself and asked: "Mercy, who?"

"You just called her Mercy now"

"And I asked, who is Mercy?"

"But you just said Mercy now"

"No, I just said " lord have mercy. Maybe you did not hear me right"

"Ow, is it? I was even thinking you said Mercy"

"Now, Baby, thinking about that, you should be very careful. Don't allow them to find out that you are married ok.." Fred instructs

So days went by, Mandy continued her learning process. And Mercy later decided to ward off the feelings she was having, and accepted what her sister said that thare was no way she could be Fred's wife. Three months later, Mandy was getting fed up. She was gradually loosing her passion in the business.
"Seriously, I have been here for months, but was not so much interested in what is happening her. I certainly want
to be like Linda but not in the fashion business. All the people I started with have already gone far, they have learnt how to put things together, but me, it seems not to be working for me. I never accepted this job out of my own will, it was my husband who forced me and I accepted without giving it a thorough thought. Seriously, I'm not enjoying the business, its high time I left instead of wasting my time. I resigned from my job just because of him, how do I secure another better job now? Everybody must not be an entrepreneur. If everybody becomes an entrepreneur, then who will be the employee? Where will they see the workers to employ? No, this is like living my husband's dream, I must stand for myself and tell him what I want. When I reach home, I will tell him this. I'm no longer interested "

When she got home, she waited for the appropriate time to relay her worries to him.
Later in the night, she left the cat out of the bag.
And Fred was highly disappointed at her.: "Mandy, with all my high regard and expectations, you just dashed my hopes to the wall. I never expected this from my you"

"Baby, I'm sorry, I don't have passion for such business. I can not do well in it. I want to look for a job elsewhere. I love the corporate world and not a tailor. I don't have strength for such business"

"Shut up your mouth there!" Fred roared in a deep angry voice.
And Mandy shocked, looking at him. She had never seen him so angry before.

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