Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend: Episode 17 (End of Season one)

Mandy was inside a taxi going to Lili's Collections.
"No Fred, you can't use me to achieve your selfish means. I should have known. No wonder he was so passionate about me becoming a fashion designer, he was so obsessed with Linda. No day passes by without her name being spitting out from his mouth.
Now, that lady's reputation is at stake just because of me. I was so, so, so stupid. But not to worry, Linda, I am coming to rectify the mistakes. I am coming to clear all the misunderstandings. You are as pure as crystal. It was all Fred's doing. He used me to tarnish your image, but not to worry, because I will also use myself to restore your reputation and clear all the atrocities that was committed against you." Mandy determines and then began reminiscing how she learnt the truth.
"Her phone was initially flat, so after she saw the photos, she decided to charge it in order to call Fred and ask him for explanations, but her decision was altered when the phone turned on.
Messages from her classmate's WhatsApp group began pouring in. She decided to check to know why the group was so busy unlike before.
After a clear check, it got to her knowledge that they were discussing about Linda and the box.
"The box? Which box are they talking about?" She rhetoric and began scrolling up to know if she can see the picture of the box. Lo and behold, it was the same box Fred asked her to store in the company. But she was more shocked seeing the content that was found inside.
And everybody was demanding for Linda's arrest, that she was a ritualist.. She stood up in sheer disappointment.
"Fred, so it was all your plan? I still can't get the clear picture as to why you are trying to incriminate her like this, but one thing is certain, your agenda is on the evil side. Linda is innocent, Fred is the one who should be arrested and not Linda. No need of calling him on phone, I need to get to Lili's Collections right away." Mandy said, and hurriedly carried her bag and left.
And the reminisce elapsed..

As Fred was driving close to the company, he saw Mandy entering inside. 
"Oh No! No!! I am late. This useless woman is about to ruin everything. But why did I made such a mistake, why did I forgot to hide those pictures back? Now, everything will be over. Does it mean I will soon be arrested instead of Linda? I wanted to destroy her, but everything is turning against me now and Its all Mandy's doing.
Just look at how she is trying to destabilise my whole plan, her husband's plan without giving it a second thought." He continued

" How did I end up with such a woman? How did I end up marrying such stinkard with a low mentality? A woman who can not even think for a moment only to see her husband ruined. Mandy, you have proven to me that you don't love me, you don't have any regard for me. You were only pretending to love me all these while. Hmm.. I can't consider you my wife anymore. Foolish woman...!" He cursed

"But Fred, you have to think of something, do you want to spend your days in prison? Why not use the situation to your own advantage? Who knows, you might win Linda's trust again, and if things favour you, you might end up marrying her. So you have to do something right now" An inner voice suggested...

"Ye......s, what a nice i.....dea, but how am I going to do it? How....how.....how.?.... Fred, you have to think of something, because you don't have much time left..so, ......think...........think........!"

Just then, an idea which he considered solid, came in.
"Yes, this is exactly what I will do.
Mandy, for trying to betray me like this, I swear, the table will now be turned against you, you have proven to me that you are not an ideal wife. What a wife should have done is to wait for her husband to return, hear from him first before taking any necessary action, but since you have decided to take matters into your own hands by trying to ruin me, your own husband? Just watch how I will ruin your life right now. Mandy, you will have to take the blame" Fred concludes, driving into the building.

He alighted and rushed inside.
Mandy was about telling them the whole truth when Fred interrupted, looking stressed out.

"Yes, thank God I caught you here." He said, walking towards them: "Linda, I am sorry that I barged into this place like this, please pardon me, but I had to do it just for your own good. You see this woman?" He asked, pointing at Mandy "She is my wife, but she will soon be my ex-wife because of the horrible things I just found out"

Mandy was shocked looking at him, she wondered what he was trying to do.
"Fred, what are you doing here and what nonsense are you talking about?" Mandy asked and then turned to Linda: "Madam, please don't listen to him. He is trying to mislead us"

But Fred used his manly power to overshadow her and he caught the attention of everybody who were present at that time.
And he continued: "Ever since she found out that I was still in love with you, She became madly jealous. Everything started after she found the picture you and I took together inside my pillow. But her anger turned rage when I revealed to her of my desire to have a divorce, that the marriage was not working anymore. So she started insinuating that I was planning to dump her for you, just like I did with you. She was the one who made me reject you, she made me dumped you. It was later that I caught her red handed, but before then, it was already late. She used charm to won me over, I was under a spell then, that was why I left you without looking back. She made me forget all the promises we made to each other, I wasn't myself, Linda, I wasn't myself then. So after the charm cleared from my eyes, I declared my intention of seeking for a divorce, and she quickly concluded that I was about leaving her to return to you.
But she was mistaken, because I knew that Linda won't have me in her life anymore because her social status is far higher than mine, and with the way I left her, she can't think of nurturing the idea of having me back in her life again." Fred narrated, shedding fake tears

Mandy stood agape, with her mouth wide open, looking at Fred..
"No no, he is lying. This is not true. You people should not believe him. Fred, I never knew you are a snake. What kind of a man are you? Madam, please he is lying. It was all his plans, he was the one who asked me to come here and also deny that I'm married, it was all his plans. That box, he was the one who set everything and made me execute the plan, I thought it was on good intention, I never knew he had an evil agenda. OK now, let me explain everything" Mandy opened her mouth to explain, and Linda who already believed what Fred said, interrupted her.

"Explain what? Stella or whatever they call you, so you were the one who snatched my happiness from me?" Linda asked.

And her question irked Mercy so bitterly, she became so disappointed at Linda for arriving at such conclusion immediately without giving it a second thought. She wanted to react and shunned her, but due to the people around, she maintained cool. She was the CEO, so it will look embarrassing and humiliating shunning and scolding her in public. All she managed to say was to allow her speak.

"It will be nice to hear from her own point of view, its not wise judging from one side. So, Linda allow her to speak" Mercy requests, but was burning in anger inside.

And Mandy thanked her and then continued....

"Mercy! Mercy!! So uptill now, you are still nurturing that your hatred for me? Everybody here has already found my words convincing, but you, it's always different with you. You always pull a strong head when ever it comes to me. But I'm not bothered, my greatest weapon is your sister's weakness, see how she fell for me immediately, without much stress, who knows, we might be heading to the alter soon... Ooow, I never saw this coming. I'm such a terrific con artist. The whole thing has now turned to my own favour, I really can't believe this." Fred smiled in his heart.

Mandy was still narrating how everything happened, how Fred made her quit her job to learn tailoring at Lili's school of fashion. She was still on the process and Fred cut in again

"You see, you all can agree with me that this woman is lying. How can a man ask his wife to quit her job and learn tailoring at the company of his ex? Does it not sound ridiculous?"

"Fred stop lying this instant, if I'm actually guilty then, what am I doing here? Why would I have the effrontery to show my face here knowing quite well they will be looking for me? You deceived me with that box, you told me that the box has a device which can capture the events that is happening around it, that with the box inside, you can capture Linda and all her shady dealings. So after reading from the news and the content that was found in the box, it then cleared from my eyes that it was all your plans. Maybe you are trying to make me look bad in order to win her heart again." Mandy yelled, with a teary eyes 

"Mandy, have you finished? OK now let me speak. I really thank God for this day, your true colours have been revealed. What has this innocent woman done to you? Why trying to destroy her like this? OK now, you said that I wanted to win her heart again, which means, I still love her.  So tell me, why would I destroy the woman that I love so much? A woman I love more than anything in the entire world. You knew that I loved her so much then, that was why you resorted to using charm on me. And now that your charm has failed you, and you knew that I have already knew what you knew, you deviced for another means to ruining her, to make sure that I never have her back again. To make sure she rot in prison and also make her look evil in my eyes." He continued
"And speaking of coming here to reveal the whole truth to them, I know that you only came here to change the plan, maybe you somehow figured out that the plan was turning against you, so you decided to play the game against me, by making me look like the culprit so that Linda will hate me forever and thereby destroying every chance of us reuniting again."

Linda had heard enough. Fred's own statements were sounding more convincing. She quickly analyzed the whole situation, that it was indeed Mandy's plan all along. 

Mandy who knew that Fred had soiled the minds of all the people around them, making them see her as an evil opportunist, she left herself on the ground, crying that she was innocent, that it was all Fredrick's plan. "He was the one who asked me to keep the box here, I never knew he had an ulterior motive" 

Linda was already calling the police to get Mandy arrested.
And Mercy touched her, requesting to have a private discussion with her.
And they entered inside her office.

"Linda, don't tell me you believe everything that swine said?" Mercy asked

"Mercy, his words are very clear. Mercy, didn't you hear him? He is still madly in love with me, it was all that evil woman's plan. She was the one who spelled him. She forcefully took him away from me, the love of my life" Linda said, crying

"Linda, are you crazy? Gush! I concentrated on looking at Mandy's eyes, that lady might be saying the truth, so don't be too quick to judge, please"

"Mercy, you know you have never been a fan of Fred, you have always hated him. And that hatred is clouding your judgement right now, preventing you from seeing the clear truth in Fred's eyes. Fred has been my love, I can interpret when he is saying the truth and when he is lying. I have always known that he didn't left me willingly, and now, my speculations have been proven right. So Sis, I think I am old enough to differentiate between right and wrong. As for that woman, she must surely rot in prison for everything she has done"

"Linda, wha...." Mercy tried to speak as Linda interrupted her.

"Enough Sister, I think its best you allow me handle this matter from here." Linda requests, leaving

Mercy slumped on the chair: "Oh no! Why is history repeating again. What kind of charm is Fred using on Linda? He is the only one who knows how to control her like a remote control. Right now, I'm stripped of ideas, I really don't know what to do."

Linda later called the Police and Mandy was arrested.

The End of Season One....

Season Two will be coming soon...but I won't leave my readers like that, because its time for our first "weird story" and the episodes are usually short. 

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