Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend: Episode 16

Mercy and some of the workers were set to leave to catch Mandy, she then informed Linda of the need for her to prepare a statement they will release to the press, debunking all the accusations levelled against them.

"But Mercy, do you think the public will accept any truth from our statement, won't they see it as a kind of damage control?"

"Linda, we are doing the necessary things here, just get them prepared first, and forget what the public will think or say. The most important thing is that, we are innocent, and no matter how huge or heavy the lie is, the truth must surely overshadow it. Just relax, we got this..."

And Linda sighed deeply, released a faint smile, giving her sister a "thumb up".

And Mercy smiled back, heading towards the exit.

"Now, guys, let's go. Let's hope that meeting Stella(Mandy) will have all the answers and solutions to this present mayhem that is trying to taint the image of Lili's Collections. If our company continues to flourish like it used to, everybody will be happy, and you will continue receiving your salaries at the end if every month to look after your families. You know how bad the economy is, do you want to go back in the streets in search of another job?" Mercy asks the workers who were in the bus with her

"No Ma" they replied in unison

"Do you want Lili's Collections to fold after treating you all like a family?" Mercy asks

"No Ma", "Never", "God forbid", "Our haters will never succeed", "God will reveal them and put them to shame" the workers replied in their different languages

"Good! Now, all hands must be on deck, we must fish out the imbeciles who think that our years of hard work and sufferings will go down the river just like that. We are unstoppable, repeat after me?" Mercy requests, giving them a sense of belonging.

"We are unstoppable" And they all chorused.

Mercy's main reason for energizing their spirits was for them to have the believe that they were actually innocent, and that it was their responsibilities to pin out the people behind it all. She does not want to create any room for doubts in their minds which might urge them into quitting their jobs.

And doing that might give the company a bad image. When the public observe that none of the workers desired to resign, that they were even fighting for the truth to be revealed, it will strike a different signal to their perceptions. And they might start thinking that maybe it was a conspiracy channeled against them. :"Lord please help me keep them together, so that we can all fight this battle and come out victorious"Mercy prayed in her heart.

When their company bus reached the address Mandy filled in her registration form, it was discovered that she filled a fake residential address. They asked all the people around, to make sure they were not mistaken.
"I am telling you there is nobody with such name in this compound. Even the flat number you requested does not exit." One of the residents replied

"Guys, our speculations have been proven right. Now, let's call her on phone to appear before us or else she will have the police to answer for all her crimes" Mercy said

And her number was called, it gave a switched off signal.

"Hmm! Her number is switched off. Ok, there is no need standing here, let's go back." Mercy demands, as they all entered the bus and returned to the office.

When Mercy reached the office, the Private investigator she hired was already there, going through the CCTV recordings. The area where the box was hidden was not covered but Mandy's actions and her appearance provided a strong proof.

Her bag was full when she entered the company in the morning of that very day, and was flat when she left. Which meant, she had some questions to answer.

"But how do we get Stella now?" Linda asks

"Please stop calling her Stella, her name is Mandy. This is what I was trying to tell you the first day she came to this company, but you failed to heed to my warnings, and now see where your over trust and confidence have landed us. I hope this will serve as a warning to you. Next time, mind how you trust. In fact, its better not to trust at all, because you don't know who is who" Mercy says, cautioning Linda

"I'm sorry Sis, I have learnt my lessons now, it will never happen again." Linda pleads

"Linda, I'm not saying that you shouldn't have compassion on people, but everything has a limit. Not everybody in this world needs to be showered with mercies and trust. Please be careful, and always watch your back against back stabbers" Mercy advises, looking so serious, with a tight jaw.

"I have heard you Sis, I trusted her thinking she was actually my friend, Osita's sister" Immediately she said Osita, an idea popped up:" Yes, speaking of that, I think I have gotten a clue as to where to find her. Osita, my friend was the one who brought her, claiming she was his cousin.. Oh my God, I couldn't ever imagine that Osita could do this to me. Sis, we need to contact Ostia right away." Linda said, bringing out her phone to call Osita.

And the Private Investigator, Mr Wilfred demanded her to stop, that they should be allowed to remain in the dark.
"I will contact my team now to swoop in on them unannounced"

"OK, that is a good idea." Mercy agrees

"Since we have gotten the real perpetrators, can we go public now, telling them that we have captured the people behind it all?" Linda asks

"Linda, are you crazy? Didn't you hear what Wilfred said? Just calm down, going public now might ruin our plans. So relax, we will catch them with enough evidence to clear our name"

And Linda sighed deeply, and said; "Just that I can't wait for Lili's Collections to be cleared from all these negative drama, I can't wait to have my happiness back"

"See, we are making progress, right?" Mercy asked the workers

"Yes, we are, Ma" some of them answered, while some nodded.

"OK, you can now return to your work, the police will handle things from here." Mercy ordered

And they all returned to their respective positions.

Osita was in his work place reading all that were happening to Linda. He was so pained that he couldn't do anything to help. He was stuck in the middle of where Fred left him with the threat of revealing to Amalia's parents the real cause of their
daughter's death. He then started reminiscing how everything happened.
"Amalia had returned from a nightclub with him that very night. She complained of not feeling too well, that he should take her home.
So he pleaded with Fred to drive them home that Amalia was not feeling too fine, and he did. So after staying with them for few minutes, Fred left and returned to the club. About 3:45 am, Osita woke to inquire about how she was doing, but found her lying lifeless. He checked for pulse, but there was no response.
He tried all he could to wake her up, at a point it got to him that Amalia was dead. And he became scared. Amalia's parents had warned him several times to stay away from their daughter, but due to the love he and Amalia shared, he ignored their warnings.
At that point, it reached Osita's mind to flee from the room before somebody sees him. Because if her parents learnt the knowledge that he was lying on the same bed with Amalia the night she died, they won't take it likely with him, they will conclude that he was the one who killed their daughter, and been influential in the society, they would make sure he rot in prison."

After the recall elapsed, Fred shook his head and said: "Linda, I'm sorry for what you are passing through right now, just that I had to save my own future and career too. I hope you will survive through this ordeal."

Mandy has gotten into the house, rushed to charge her phone and then stumbled on the photos that were kept on the table.
"Whose pictures are these? I haven't seen them before..they look like an old pictures" Mandy said, picking them up....
Her eyes widened the moment she saw a lady who looked just like Linda.

"Wait a minute is she? Oh my! Linda, with Fred? I have seen Linda with this same dress and hairstyle in one of her throwback pictures. If Fred and Linda used to be friends, how come he never mentioned it? Wait a minute? If Fred and Linda used to be friends, how come he is so bent on exposing her true colours? This is confusing, I'm not understanding anything. Fred will need to explain these photos. This is unbelievable. He never mentioned it. What is really going on here? Where is my phone? I need to charge it and call Fred right now, he needs to explain what he is doing with Linda in these photos. Something is not right here, something is definitely not right." Linda said, plugging her phone to an electric socket.

While Fred was controlling the steering, he kept calling Mandy, but her number was not going through.

Immediately he reached, he couldn't find Mandy at home. He checked for the pictures, and couldn't find them either.
"No! no!! no!!! Mandy, please, don't do this to me, please, don't do this to me. You will regret it if you ever betray me like this. Don't try anything stupid, Mandy" Fred said to himself, rushing outside.

He approached a woman who owned a provision shop in front of their building and asked if she had in anyway seen his wife.
"Yes, I saw when she passed, its not up to 10 minutes that I saw her passed"

"OK, thank you" Fred said, and hastily left.

The woman continued looking at him, wondering if everything was alright with them.

Fred concluded that Mandy had left to reveal the whole truth to Linda.
"Mandy, if you ever betray me, I swear, your name will be sorry. Don't even try me. If you had seen those photos, the best thing you should have done as a wife was to wait for my return, to give you all the explanations you need and not taking them to Linda." Fred said, fuming in anger, driving to Lili's collections to wait for Mandy before she gain entrance into the building.
The author of Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

To be continued...

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