Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend: Episode 14 and 15

Episode 14

Linda never saw the blow coming. She then left herself on the floor and burst into tears.
"Mercy, I am scared. Do you think people will actually believe this?" She fears

"Linda, this is not time for questions, that reporter needs to be contacted. Infact he has gotten himself into trouble by trying to mess with us. That same hands he used to type those rubbish, he will use them to beg for mercy. So Linda, this is not time for cries, its time for action. Give me your hand. Stand up and give me your hand" Mercy demands, stretching out her own hands to Linda, looking so serious.

And Linda stood up, offered out her own hands. Mercy held them tightly and uttered: "Linda, look at me!"

And Linda heeded.

"Listen, I don't want you to break down because of this. Like I told you before, with the weight you are growing, you are bound to have enemies. So it seems my predictions have come to light. I had always feared this moment, but one thing is sure, we are pure. Your wealth and fame is from God, no matter what the enemy does, we will emerge victorious, so I think our trying times have come. But not to worry, because one with God is majority. Very soon it will pass. Just tell me, have you seen any successful man on earth who has not pass through one challenge or the other? So this temptations means you are on the right track of becoming the great person you are made to be. So relax, chill, don't panic, I'm with you on this. We are going to face this challenge head on. Our reputation can not be soiled like this, never, so look at me right in the eyes" Mercy boldly requests

And Linda raised her head, looking at Mercy's eyes which were filled with all assurances and protections. Looking more at Mercy's eyes, all the fear in her heart were stripped off, a new feeling of boldness and faith rained all over her.
And she said: "Sister, thank you. I became scared at the moment forgetting all the important details of achieving greatness. Exactly, this is one of them. Thank you Sis, I'm not scared anymore. This person chose the wrong Lady to mess with. My key protection is that I'm innocent of all the rubbish they wrote, and that's my weapon of soaring higher, I'm unstoppable"

The sisters were still rekindling their faith when their business phone started ringing.

"Don't worry I will get this" Linda said, heading to grab the phone.

When she answered, it was one of her dedicated customers.

"Good morning Linda!"

"Good Morning Ma, how are you?" Linda asked in a cheerful tone

"Ow, she is sounding as if nothing happened, its like she has not read the news" the Lady quarried in her heart and then asked: "Linda, have you read the news this morning? There is one article written about you, and it has gotten everybody talking"

"My dear, that is how I saw it o. It means that my enemies are at work. I have dedicated all my time to my business, it still sound ridiculous on how somebody
would just wake up to see me destroyed. I know the God I serve, he will expose and disgrace them one by one"

The caller was impressed on how Linda sounded. She trusted Linda and knew that she is innocent of all the accusations.

"Yes Linda, I know its not true. The matter is very simple. Arrest the reporter for defamation, he must surely regret his actions. Don't worry, God will never forsake you, it is well"

And Linda appreciated her for believing in her, and they ended the call.

As she was dropping the phone, another call came.in, but this one supported what the article said. Immediately Linda pressed the green button, she started raining abuses on her. That she is burning all the clothes she sewed for her. She even went ahead to accuse Linda that she was the reason she started having serious problems in her marriage. That ever since she started wearing the clothes she sew for her, she started facing serious challenges in her home.

"Linda, its God that will punish you, thank God you have been exposed, evil woman" the woman abused and disconnected the call, without caring to hear Linda's own side of the story.

The woman's harsh abusive words almost pierced her heart, but her mind was fixed on the inspirational words Mercy filled her heads with.

And she took a deep breath, placed her right hand on her chest and assured herself that it's well: "Linda, don't let them get to you, this storm will soon be over. You have a God who never fail"

She then dropped the phone, headed to the bathroom to take her bath.

Mercy on the other hand had received series of abusive and insulting calls, but she did not relay them to her sister, in other not to add to her worries. She only told her about the ones who called to render their support.

Fred was jubilating in all happiness.
"Yes I did it.. Linda, this is just one blow, just wait for what is coming next. How dare you Linda? How dare you think you can make it without me? You know I wouldn't have left you if you had told me you have such great potentials in you. You made me leave and married Mandy, who I thought will be better than you in all ramifications, not knowing that that one is just empty brain, whose ambition is only to be working under somebody........ So Linda, I will now watch you fall, believe me, it will be so interesting"
So in a cheerful mood, he left the room to have a cup of water and met Mandy watching television.

" Baby, you are not going to work today?" He asks looking surprise

"Work? I'm not going back there o, before her evil shadow fall on me too"

"No no, this is not what we agreed on. I said you will continue going there until I ask you to stop"

"Like seriously? Not possible Fred, I'm not returning to that place." Mandy declines

"Baby, I really need you to be there. Our job is not yet complete. OK, now listen to me. Journalists will full her place today to have an interview with her. She will fight every means to redeem herself and make the news look fake. But you being there will definitely prevent this from happening. The
world need to see who she really is. So we are truly on the right here, and believe me, God will be highly proud of us for doing his job. So Mandy dear, help me expose her and see that she rot behind bars."

"OK, I will go, but I'm making it clear now, it will be only today. Did you hear me? Only today."

"Don't worry, after today, I won't bother you again, I promise" Fred says

"OK, so what do I need to do there again?" Mandy asks

"Come let me show you something." Fred said, drawing Mandy as they entered the room.

He then showed her a dark brown box.
"Baby, you see this box, it's a special device that collects data of all the events that happened around it, it can cover all the actions that took place in a particular building. So with this, we can know what Linda is up to. We can catch her red handed."

"But Baby, I really don't understand. This device.. What you just said sounded so impossible. I don't understand" Mandy says, trying to open it

"No! No! You shouldn't open it. Its already sealed. The person who created it strictly advised me not to open it. This is just like a network. It also has battery inside which can last for 20days."

"Really? Baby, to tell you the truth, your explanations does not add up...seriously, it does not" Mandy wonders

"Baby, I would have loved to explain further, but as you can see, we don't have enough time here, you should get prepared and be there early so that they will not suspect anything. When you get there, look for a place where no eyes can see easily and drop it there. Don't allow anybody to see you." Fred instructs

"Baby, see what you are asking me to do, don't you know its too risky? What if somebody sees me?" Mandy fears

"Nobody will see you Baby, because you are very smart. That's why I'm entrusting you with this job. Very soon you will become a hero. Trust me.. Now, go and get prepared, there is no time to waste any longer."

And Mandy reluctantly agreed and left to get prepared. She then put the box inside her bag and left.

When Linda and her Sister, Mercy reached office, journalists had already flooded her company's gate waiting for her. She knew that something like that would happen, so she arranged for 3 body guards to help her get inside in case violence erupts.

As soon as her car reached, they approached throwing questions at her.
The bodyguards wanted to clear them from the way, but she ordered them to stop, that she wanted to address some few things.
She then stepped in their midst and said: "What do you want to hear? That I'm a ritualist or what? All I know is that I'm clean from all the accusations they are leveling against me. I will wait for that reporter who made such ridiculous accusations to come forward and answer when, where and how such things came to be. He said that an insider categorically told him that I have some skeletons inside my cupboard. So I will not remain quiet until I clear my name from all this rubbish because I'm innocent."

"But Madam, what about the secret room?" One journalist asks

"Secret room? This is so funny. At home, after I built my house, I couldn't live there all alone because its a very big house, then I pleaded with my sister to pack in with her family. And which they did. In that house, all the rooms are opened for anybody to enter because we are family. But here, how can I give strangers such authoriy? They are workers and workers should have their limits.
So that room they are talking about is also a room my sister and I used to sleep in whenever we needed to sleep in the office. Why am I explaining all these things to you? It will even be better I show you guys the room they are accusing me off" Linda said, inviting the journalists inside her company.

Fred who looked so unrecognizable stood outside watching what was happening.

Immediately the journalists entered inside, he screamed! Yes! Yes! Yes! This is it. Linda's final days are here. I can't wait to see what happened next"

Episode 15

Before Linda arrived her company, Fred had already briefed one of the journalists about the secret box.

He acted as if he was in a haste so that the Journalist will not press him with questions on how he got to know about it.
He only told him that it was an insider who gave him the information.

After Mandy dropped the box, she contacted Fred, informing him where and how she hid the box.
She hid it under a staircase.

Few minutes after the journalists swooped into the building with their cameras flashing through the places, Mercy ushered them into the room they were labelling "alleged evil room".

But before then, Fred had already called Mandy to leave the place.

After some minutes, one of the journalists said: "This is just a normal room, and its so different from what was alleged against the company. It now looks like a mere accusation"

"Yes, its very true" another Journalist affirmed

Then the Journalist whom Fred had already briefed suggests: "Ma'am, since the rumors flying round are different from what we have seen here, can we use this opportunity to have the company in camera so as to clear the minds of people and for your own image to be redeemed as well?"

"Alright, feel free" Linda agreed

And they left. The journalist who was so eager to know if what Fred told him was actually true, went straight to the direction he gave him.

He then brought out the box, asking Linda what was inside.

"Where did you get that?" Linda asks

"Madam, I found it under the staircase of this building, can you please explain what it's for?" The journalist boldly asks

"Explain what? You can as well explain what is inside, where you not the one who brought it here?" Mercy attacks verbally

The journalist was not buying what they were saying. He placed the box on the floor and opened it. All the people around exclaimed in shock at what they found inside.

The fingers of a new born baby were found inside with a red cloth.

And the camera began flashing uncontrollably all over Linda. She sat down dumbfounded and confused.

"No, there has been a conspiracy here. This is a set up. This is not true" Linda says, trying to clear herself, flashing her eyes on all the cameras pointing at her.

Mercy who was dumbfounded, racing in her mind, trying to figure out who was behind it all. None came to her at the moment. She looked at her poor sister, and  was touched so dearly. She knew that Linda was the soft hearted type. She can easily break down on any little thing.: "Linda dear, I won't allow them to destroy you like this. I know what you must be thinking now, that the world is over for you, but no, this is just the beginning of your starting point"

She then stormed in the middle, and obstructed the cameras from further capturing Linda's face. She stood bold looking at all the journalists who were throwing different questions at Linda. And she angrily vents: "What kind of questions are you guys asking her? How can you believe anything without verifying the authenticity? This is a clear set up. I want to say this loud and clear, I know that the people behind all these are watching or hearing my voice, but I'm assuring you all that, no matter how much you try, the truth will always prevail. Lili's collections has made name for herself through natural and godly means, so anybody battling with us is battling with the same God who has brought us this far, and I'm sure he never
forsakes nor disappoint those who trust in him." She continued
"In a nutshell of my statement, we will never rest until the people behind all these get exposed and rest behind the walls of the prison cells. This is a promise. For all those who love and support us, this is the time we need your earnest prayers, for those who believe that we are guilty of all these scandalous accusations, I won't blame you, but if I were you, I will pray for the truth to be unveiled, and for our enemies to be unmasked. Just do it for us. Believe me, you will be glad when the truth finally comes out, that you later made the prayer. Thank you all and please, you can now leave the company?" Mercy orders the journalists....

And the bodyguards Linda appointed started ordering them out of the company.

Linda who was crying profusely walked into the room, laid on the bed crying her eyes out.
Majority of the workers knew that it was a frame up. They went inside the room and started consoling her.

"Madam, you shouldn't worry, those people will be exposed." One of the workers consoled

"Since that day I read the news, I knew that somebody was trying something evil against this prosperous company. Somebody is trying to ruin the image of this company. But that box, how did it get here? Does it means we have a Judas among us? Because an outsider can not comfortably walk into that place and keep it. And also the reporter, how come he knew that something was there? Because I saw how he went straight to the place and brought out the box. What if he was acting under someone's directive? Can you imagine the room somebody called secret room? Are we not in the room now? Or is today the first time we are entering this room?" Peter who was also a worker asked his colleagues

And they said "No" in unison

"You sure have a point, Peter." Mercy said from behind, entering the room.

"Can I see all of you outside please?" She demanded

And they all stepped outside the room.

She walked to where Linda was lying shedding tears and said: "Linda, I want you to be strong."

"Mercy, how can I be strong where everything have been ruined. My image has been tainted"

"Linda, where is your faith? Like I said before, the truth will always prevail"

"Sister, I am scared now, the police might be arriving here any minute to arrest me"
Linda fears

"Linda, I want you to keep calm, I want you to be strong, let's wrap our heads together and fish out the people behind this. I have already hired a private investigator, and he is on his way now. Trust me, the perpetrators can never go unpunished. They chose the wrong sisters to mess with, Lili's Collections has come to stay and we ain't going back. I want you to be strong, don't show your enemies that you are weak. Seeing you strong will even get them confused. So I want to know if you are with me on this, if you are with me on finding the truth?" Mercy boldly asks

And Linda looking at Mercy, a new feeling of boldness entered her. And she stood up, cleaning her face and said: "Sister, I don't know what Lili's collect I on would be without you. Now, let's figure out who is behind all these" and the two sisters boldly stepped out, facing their workers who were also ready to help redeem the image of the company.

Linda had always treated her workers with respect and love. And because of that, their respect, love, admiration for her can never be overemphasized. They were willing to help at any cost.

So Mercy cleared throat, trying to address them, she then discovered that Stella(Mandy) was missing.

"Wait a minute! Where is Stella?" She asks

"Ma, she came this morning and left almost immediately" One of the workers answered

And Mercy's mind flashed to what her instinct told her the first day Mandy came to the company.

She quickly turned to Linda who was also thinking the same thing.
"Could it be she is actually Fred's wife? Oh! I think she is! She is his wife... I knew it.. I shouldn't have left down my guard. I think we should go to her place right now. Get her record, let's check for her address" Mercy orders

Linda was so confused on the whole thing. She decided to call Osita to ask him about it, but he was not answering.

"Guys, we all need to find Stella. Stella might not really be her real name, her name might be Mandy, if she is actually the person I'm insinuating she is. But we all need to find her first." And the workers began looking at themselves, making assurances that they will find her.

Fred who later left the place after seeing how the event turned out joyfully went straight to his office. He couldn't stop checking the social media.
The negative comments pouring in were sweetening him to the bones. The news were all over news websites, blogs, and other social media platforms.
"Linda, you made me stopped enjoying reading news online, because of fear of stumbling on a wonderful article they carry about you. But now, I can log in peace, because I'm enjoying all the things I'm seeing and reading now. Am I not too much. See how it took me just two days to destroy what it took you 2 years to build, am I not too much?" He said, laughing out loudly......

Just then, he remembered the pictures he and Linda took when they were still in school, the one he showed the online reporter.
"That picture? Oh my! That picture is on the table. I forgot to hide them back after glancing through them this morning. Oh no no! Mandy should not see them. She should not see them, I hope she is not home yet."

He the quickly put a call through Mandy, but her number was switched off.

"Oh no no! I need to get home now, she shouldn't see those pictures...." Fred said, rushing out..

To be continued

The author of Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be used, reproduce, redistribute either manually or electronically without prior permission from the author


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