Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend: Episode 10

Linda and Mercy were in the corridor of her new mansion having a cool chat, bringing it down with peanuts.

"Linda, you and peanut, that thing should not grow in your stomach oo" Mercy tease

And Linda chuckled and said: "Sis I don't know oo, its like I should ask Mama the dealings she did with peanut when she was still carrying me in her womb"

And the two sisters laughed out loudly as their voices echoed through the whole building.

While they were still laughing, Mercy looked at Linda and admired the kind of person she turned out to be.

"Linda, I am so happy for you. You have really made it. But I'm not that surprised, you know, because I have always known that greatness is in you."

"My dear, its God oo, but you know that, it became possible just because of you. Had it been you hadn't persuaded me into pursuing my dream, I wouldn't have been who I am today. So it's all thanks to you sis, its all thanks to you."

"Noo, its nothing. I did what an elder sister should do, its always my duty to guide my siblings towards the right part. That's why God made me the first child"

"Yea yea! And you are doing the job perfectly, even if it warrants breaking someone's head, you are ready to do it..."

"Me?" Mercy asks widening her eyes

"Yes you..."

"Its not true... I'm a cool headed, sexy lady" Mercy boast

"Hmm..... Hahahahaha,,, look at you... you are still doing shakara....abi? You are no longer a machine, you should be retiring now...." Linda jokes

"Come on shut up....look at you, do you know how many men that still stop me on the road? I'm still the most sexiest ever, and I'm even sexier than you sef...., a mother of 4 and I'm still standing straight, check out my flat tummy, my hourglass figure...check me out naa" Mercy said adjusting herself fashionably

And Linda burst into laughter: "Please stop, stop, you are making me laugh so hard... Please stop...my stomach oooo..." Linda pleads, and continued laughing at the funny way her sister was demonstrating her physique.:"Yes sis, you are so sexy and beautiful both in and out. You are the best sister in the whole world. And in the next world, you will still be my sister.. There is one thing about you. On the outside, you look tough and harsh, but on the inside, you are this soft caring person who always want everybody around her to be happy... I love you sis"

"Hmm. Please stop naa, you are making my head to blow. But just know that I love you so much. But Linda, there is something I have been wanting to ask you." Mercy asks becoming more serious

"And what's that?"

"Hmm, Linda, have you started considering about getting married?"

"Nooo Sis, please, please don't even go there. What do I need a man for? My dear, anything about men is off my mind now. It was when I was still in darkness that I considered men to be the ultimate saviour for women, but now, my eyes have opened. They are only good to be made friends, but for love, no way... Never.... Sister, you couldn't imagine the great amount of happiness and peace I have felt all these months after Fred left me. I'm so glad he left, marrying him would have been a terrible nightmare"

"So, which means, if Fred should return to you now, you won't open your heart to him again?"

"God forbid bad thing, sister his name alone irritates me." Linda smirks

"I knew that you will hate him one day. The only ultimate healer of wounds is "time". With time, you get to forget your wounds and bury them in the past where they belong. As for the marriage stuff, its normal for you to react the way you just did. You don't hate men my dear, its simply because, your God destined man has not yet arrive. Whenever he crosses your path, your spirit will not even need your permission to fall heads over hills in love with him. In life, some people are meant to marry early, while some marry late. Whichever way, God's promise must always be fulfilled. Just mark my word, your own Prince will come for you one day, trust me"

"But sister, how am I even going to know the right one when he comes, since I hardly give men chance to initiate such relationship with me?"

"Linda my dear, trust me, when he comes, you will know."

"Hmm, OK oo.... So now, back to business. What about the Governor's wife, did she later decide on the material she will use?" Linda asks as they start discussing about the business.

Mercy was Linda's step sister. Linda's mother, Egoyibo, waited for years before having a child. While she was still waiting on the Lord, her mother inlaw and brother in-laws pushed her husband into marrying another woman.
So one day he got drunk and mistakingly slept with the woman they found for him, and she got pregnant. Immediately Mercy was born, Egoyibo became pregnant. And the husband's love for his first wife increased the more, ignoring the one his family brought for him.

So the second wife who could no longer bear the neglect and rejection, left the man leaving her child, Mercy with them.

But Egoyibo was the loving and caring type, she raised Mercy as if she was her own child. She treated her as her first daughter, all the benefits that were accrued to Ada (first daughters), she never denied her, any of them. And Mercy grew up to be a very strong lady, the bedrock of her siblings. You can't mess with her siblings and go free.

And still on that sisterly love, Linda made Mercy the co-owner of her company. They were so lovely sisters that everybody admired their type of sister/friends relationship.

Fred was still fighting for a way to get his wife into Lili's collections, just then, an old memory flashed .
"Yes! Osita, Osita! Yes! You are the one to do this for me.. You are the one to do it, I know you will not accept willingly to help me, but don't forget that I still have your little secret with me. I am sorry, but I will have to resort to blackmail" Fred suggests to himself

He then called Osita on phone, and requested to have a meeting with him, that it was very urgent.

"Urgent, hope there is no problem?" Osita asks

"No, there is no problem, just that its very urgent"

"Alright, just give me 50 minutes, I will be there since I'm less busy"

About one hour later, Osita stormed at the place Fred requested him to meet him.
"So Fred, I am here, you sounded so serious on the phone, is anything the matter?" Concerned Osita asks

"Osita, everything is the problem here, I can no longer sleep in peace anymore, I have lost all my joy and happiness all because of you"

"Because of me, but how?"

"Osita, if you hadn't brought the knowledge of Linda's new life, I wouldn't have known she was the CEO of Lili's collections"

"Man, you are not making any sense at all. Even if I didn't tell you, you will still find out someday. But I don't understand, what has Linda got to do with your happiness and joy, I thought she was a piece of rag to you?"

"Everything, everything, you hear me? I said everything. And that also includes you. Linda is my enemy now, and anybody who supports her is also my enemy"

Osita was shocked to hear such derogatory statement from Fred.
"Fred, what has gotten into you? Why are you sounding so bitter? I can see envy and jealousy running through you. Fred, you are trying to ruin your life with envy. How can Linda be your enemy when you were the one who jilted her, pushed her away from your life, how could she be your enemy? No man, don't be this kind of person, please"

"Don't call me your man, because you are no longer my friend, and I won't have you lecture me on anything"

Bewildered Osita sat, staring at Fred, he couldn't understand what his problem with Linda was.
"OK, if you said we are no longer friends, then what am I doing here? Why did you call me here?"

"Good question. Osita, I called you here because I need your help to get Mandy infiltrate Lili's collections"

"How? And why me? Can't you get her in yourself?"

"Osit.......a, you ask such a stupid and dumb question. You know Linda won't allow her inside once she learns Mandy is my wife"

"If I may ask, why do you want Linda inside that company?"

"Osita, like I told you, we are no longer friends, so I'm sorry, I can't share my reasons with you"

"OK, if that's the case, I'm not doing it. You can do it yourself, and I'm warning you, don't do anything to harm Linda, that girl has not done anything to deserve this hatred from you, you should be happy for her"

"Osita, did you think that I'm begging you? I'm only making you. Osita, you will have to do it otherwise I will raise the case that was already forgotten. The one you did while we were still in school which almost cost you everything, have you forgotten?"

"What? Are you blackmailing me now?" Shocked Osita asks..

"You can call it anything you want, or better still, call it a 'tip-off"

"But Fred, you know that what happened then was a mistake? It was never my fault"

"Mr Osita, the choice is yours. You will have to do what I ask you or you have your life turn into nightmare like mine has. Help me achieve my aim and we will all be happy again" Fred says, leaving, laughing so annoyingly

Osita stood bewildered, looking at Fred leaving... He couldn't believe that the friend he adored so much could turn into a monster.

Fred then turned and blurted: "The choice is yours Osita, and I'm giving you only 24hrs to make up your mind"

Osita looked on, shattered in confusion and shock.

The author of Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author..



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