Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend: Episode 8

"Fred, listen to yourself. Why are you so certain that Linda is stripped of all good qualities? Come on man, you have to stop thinking like that, and besides, you should have allowed me to finish before making that baseless assumptions."

"Baseless assumptions you think?" Fred asks

"Yes, because I have not yet finished telling you about the new Linda that i saw and you jumped into conclusions immediately"

"Really? OK, so what other things did you find out about her?"

Osita smiled faintly and asked: "Have you heard of Lili's collections? They also have a website where ladies troop in to search for designs and styles?"

"Yes, I think I have heard about them, my wife is a staunch fan of their blog, she can't stop eating my money on sewing their latest designs."

"Good, this is good. Fred, did you know that the C.E.O of Lili's collections, both their fashion house, store, website etc is Linda, your ex-girlfriend?" Osita narrates

And Fred burst into deep laughter and said: "Man, you can't be serious. It certainly can't be her. Did you know that at Lili's collections, the cheapest price they charge for sewing clothes is N70,000? This is according to my wife, she has been wishing to have at least one of her materials to be sewn by them. So that can not be Linda, she has nothing upstairs, she is certainly not the type of person to acquire such a magnificent company and besides, such an achievement can not be made under a short period of time, OK, let me say, she started immediately after we broke up, which means it took her only two years to reach that height? Osita, come on, maybe, she is a worker in the company, she certainly can't be the owner."

"Fred, I don't know why you are finding it difficult to believe me. Yesterday when I accompanied my Aunt, Abigail, hope you know she is the senator representing my locality?"

"Yes? I know" Fred replies

"Good, she requested me to accompany her to Lili's collections, when we got their, mehn! I expected to see a normal tailor shop but no, what I saw was a factory, a gigantic building. They have different sections for different kinds of clothes for all ages and gender. They have sections for men, women and children."

"Osita, do you think I'm so interested in this your fashion experience? Are you trying to venture into fashion and design or what?"

"OK, to cut my experience short, after 4 minutes later we got there, Linda entered the building, and my Aunt introduced her to me as the CEO. My Aunt has so confidence in her designs, that most times, she really don't have to make any choice, because she has her to choose designs and styles that will be suitable for her. And that is what made her spectacular from other fashion industries. Mere looking at you, she already knew what will fit you. Fred, she made use of her talent"

Fred was not so comfortable with what Osita was saying. He couldn't open up his heart to accept that something spectacular could ever come out from Linda.

"Osita, you are boring me with all these nonsense you have been spewing. Its not possible and can never be. In fact, why are you telling me this? You know that I'm married and Linda can never have me back again"

"No, you can never have her back again. You know I hate betrayals. Up till today, it still hurt me on how you treated that poor innocent lady. After promising her heaven on earth, making her reject different suitors, you left her for another woman, giving excuses that she has committed series of abortions, that she might not be able to conceive again, I remembered you also said she was lazy, and can't do anything.
But Fred, I want to ask you something, but please don't pick any offense, has your wife given birth now?"

"Osita, I wouldn't have you insult me and my wife" Fred flares

"Come on Man, don't pick any offense, I'm just trying to portray a point here. Off course you and Mandy will be soon, blessed with a child, that one is for sure... But you ran away from Linda and faced the same thing you were so afraid off. I will continue saying this, loosing Linda will continue being the only mistake you made in life. You know I was hurt when you left her, despite my warnings. But I am happy that her God did not forsake her, he gave her a new wonderful life"

"Osita, if you are not my friend, I would have kicked you out of my office this very minute. You deliberately came to my office just to insult me?"

"No naa, I only came to share what I discovered yesterday. OK, I am so sorry that I got you angry, so sorry buddy. OK, let's go and have a glass of champagne, it will be my treat..... Come on......." Osita, incites, getting him in a good mood again.

And Fred smiled faintly and nodded: "Let me tidy up some few things, we will leave soon"

"Alright buddy" Osita agrees

Some minutes later, they left and headed to their popular relaxation centre.
They settled in and ordered for a wine. And they were served. 

On sipping the drink, the discussions of other men close to their table caught their attention.
They were discussing about the Lady on the front page of the magazine they were reading. One of the men said: "She is so beautiful and tall. She has made a name for herself under a short period of time. She is a hardworking lady and every Man's dream. And she is also single, I wish she can agree to be my wife, I swear to make her happy"..... 

The other friend laughed out, mocking the speaker: " Look at you, swearing to make her happy? Are you in love with her or her money?" And the guys laughed out loud together.

And Osita blurted out to Fred: "Wait a minute, the lady on that magazine resembles Linda" 

"Ooh not again with this Linda talk naa... She possible can't be Linda... How can Linda cover a magazine? That girl is a lowlife, so get that into your tiny skull man" Fred says

And Osita ignored what Fred said and approached the men on their table, and pleaded to have a look at the Magazine. 
And the guy holding the magazine gladly showed it to him. 
When he looked at it, he confirmed that it was Linda. So he pleaded with them to allow him show the Mag to his friend, and they accepted.

"Now Fred, a simple look will make you believe" he placed the mag on the table and continued: "Fred, that's Linda, hope you see her full name clearly written on it"

And shocked Fred took a deep look at the front cover of the Mag.
"This is unbelievable, this is really Linda, oh my God"

"Yes, she is. Open the inside page and read the information they wrote about her" Osita requested

And Fred couldn't believe all he read. 
He felt like crying, shouting, throwing himself on the floor, he couldn't interpret what he was feeling at that moment. He started sweating profusely.

"Fred, what happened? What did you read that made you started sweating as if they poured you water? OK, bring the magazine here" Osita requests, collecting it from him and then opened it: "Oooh, they wrote she bought her mother a jeep for her birthday last month, wow! Oh my! They also wrote that she will be opening her new mansion next week......yea! Another one...."

"Enough! I have read it all, enough. Stop reading it for me again... I have read enough, please." Fred shunned

"Hmm, so you now believe me?" Osita asks

"Osita, Linda is a fraud and a cheater!" Fred says as tear dropped from his eyes

"And what does that supposed to mean?" Osita asks

"So she has such a magnificent talent and hid it from me, but why? Why? I wouldn't have left her if she had opened up. I would have supported her. She made it clear to me that she wanted to be a house wife and and.....and.....and......"

"Fred, can you listen to yourself? Osita cut in: "I can remember vividly that I warned you, but you failed to listen. I also remembered Linda telling you of her intention to open up a tailor shop, you shoved that idea off, and instead found a job for her. She worked their for few months and resigned, do you know why? Because it was not her calling. Born Entrepreneurs hardly work under somebody. They can never succeed as an employee because it can never fit in well with their spirits. That was exactly what happened to Linda. Now I see reason God took you away from her, it was because you were a shade obstructing her from shining, from achieving her dreams. I know she will be more happier now that you left her when you did. Remember I warned you not to leave her, I warned you to listen to her, hear her out and know what she wanted to do with her life, but no, you were so disgusted about her."

"Osita, I want to go home, I can't stay here anymore, please I need to go home, my head is beginning to spin" 

"Alright then" Osita says, and went to take care of the bills and also gave the men back their Magazine.

When Fred got home, he locked himself in his room and started sucking himself out.
"Linda, the CEO of Lili's collections? Oh, see what I have missed, but Linda why? Are you not that wicked? You have such a great talent and you hid it from me. Yes, you told me you wanted to become a tailor, but I never knew you had such big dreams about it, I thought it was all those ordinary tailors we see in the streets. Oh Linda, why?" He laments, and brought out his phone and started browsing about Linda, and was reading great articles about her.

The more he read, the more envious he became of her, and retiring to sober mood. He was also stunned by her new beautiful look.

"See my beautiful Linda, you left me and I ended up with Mandy, why, why did you make me leave you? Why? I want you to answer me Linda? I would have been the man behind this wonderful lady, the man behind the beautiful CEO of the almighty Lili's collections. I kept hearing the name of your company, I never knew you were the owner..." He continued delving himself in deep regrets.

Later in the night, Fred was finding it difficult to sleep, after much effort, he finally slept. 

For 5 days, he was no longer himself, he kept stalking Linda on Instagram and became more troubled on how her success activities were been flooded on the internet, it got to a point he could no longer endure her success stories.

"Linda you see, because of you, I have lost my peace of mind, your success has now become my nightmares. But not to worry, you won't be enjoying that for long. Since you succeeded in hiding your real self from me, just to push me away from you, just watch how I will ruin everything you have labored to build. If I did not succeed in doing it, then know that my name is not Frederick Ibuza. I will have Mandy to quit from that her job and have her infiltrate your company as a cleaner.

"Linda, if you hadn't pretended and lied to me of being a house wife, I wouldn't have left you. I would have supported you. 
You think you can make me jealous and envious? Not to worry, Lili's collections will be destroyed soon by me"

"Linda, I will have my revenge of creating this nightmare for me. I can never allow you to be happy without me, this I swear".

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To be continued..

The author of  "Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend" is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author..


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