Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend: Episode 7

"So Linda tell me, what are you planning to do? I'm ready to teach that fool a very big lesson"

"No Mercy, this is my cross and I will be the one to carry it alone. You shouldn't bother yourself with my problems. Fred will surely pay for what he did to me"

"Linda, what's the big deal? Just tell me what you are planning, two heads are better than one, you know"

And Linda began crying again after remembering the series of abortions Fred made her committed: "No, I am less than a human now, Sis. Did you know how many abortions I had to commit just because of him. He made me terminate all those babies while making series of excuses of not been ready for marriage. I was such a big fool."

"Are you serious? Like how many abortions?" Shocked Mercy asks

"Four, the last one was induced with drugs, so making it five" crying Linda replies

"What? Linda, 5 abortions? Oh my God! You are even more stupid than I thought. Linda, 5 what?" Mercy was boiling in anger. She became more enraged over Fred for dumping her sister after making her abort those babies.
"But Linda, this is also your fault, no wonder he left you. Do you think a man would willingly marry a lady with such an abhorrent history. Off course, he will think you have killed all the babies in your womb and won't give him any child after marriage. See what you have caused yourself, Linda. I'm highly disappointed at you"

And Linda cries aggravated, she became more bitter considering herself empty. "There is no need living anymore, there is no point living, but that will be after I must have been through with Fred. I can't die alone, Fred must die along with me" Linda soliloquies

"What? You said something?" Mercy asks

But Linda maintained mute, lying on the sofa crying, and Mercy continued: "Linda, since you don't want to say anything, I hope you are not planning anything stupid....." Mercy paused looking at her in anger and continued:
"I won't lie to you, I am very mad at you right now, but that won't stop me from giving my piece of advice.
If getting involved in murder is the revenge you are harboring in your mind right now, I suggest you forget about it. Don't stain your hand with blood and spent the rest of your life in prison, please."

"Mercy, do you think I intend living without him? I'm ending our chapter on earth.......and....." Linda mistakingly blurts

"And.....and what? Finish your statement, Linda! Are you not the most foolish person on earth? Is that what you are thinking? Killing yourself for the sake of a man. I wonder what you see in that ugly thing. That guy doesn't deserve you, he doesn't worth it please"

"But I love him" Linda cut in

"No, he is now in your past, just say, "you loved him". Mercy, if killing him is the only revenge you have in your mind, then I suggest you hear me out. Hear my own type of revenge" Mercy boldly said as Linda raised her head, looking at her.

"Linda, that time I told you that I saw Fred discussing with his friend about marrying another lady, he made mention of you being the lazy type, the housewife material type, that you are not suitable for any job, which means, he perceived you as a nonentity. So Linda, I want success to be your own type of revenge."

"I don't understand"

"Linda, you are the most talented person in the family. You are richly blessed in handiwork, and you have learnt tailoring for 7 months, so why not establish yourself now? My husband and I will support you, Linda. Fred married the other girl because she is an independent Lady, and he thinks you can never be anywhere like her and considers you the lazy type."

"So?" Linda asks

"Linda, I can beat my chest that you will be successful in life. You can make it as a fashion designer because you are venturing into the business with a difference, you will also have a fashion blog for all your collections, your business will be giving you money while your blog create more money for you as well. So, I want you to make Fred envious of you, make him regret ever leaving you and let your success become his worst nightmares. He will finally realise that you were a gold he lost.
So Linda, why crying over a loser like him where you have a talent that can make name for you? Linda, see some of the clothes you made for me during your learning period, can't you see how my rich
friends admire the styles? Sister, this is the time to put your talent into action and make your dreams come true. You have always desired to build a house for Mama? Your time to make that happen has come. Linda, look at me.... You can become the next wealthiest lady in town. I trust in your capabilities. Fred was stupid to not have noticed this in you. But he will come to see them later"

"But sister, of what use will all these achievement be when I don't have him by my side?" Linda asks

"Linda, God gave you this talent for a purpose, its time to start making good use of it, and trust me, Fred will come back, running to you, but I trust the atmosphere of that time, you will see him as a rag because the kind of personality that will be coming to you will give you a new perception about life. So sis, forget Fred, forget him sister....just forget him!. You can do it Linda! You can do it!! I trust in your abilities!! Mercy incites, trying to get Linda back to her feet

"But how can I move on, Sis? Life will be more difficult without him. I have lost my source of happiness forever"

"Come on shut up your mouth! Ask God to forgive you for making such a statement. When he created you, you came separately, you did not come into the this world with him, and when you die, you are dying alone and not with him, so why do you think your happiness is attached to him? Your happiness should be created from "within you", and not from anybody. You will experience more happiness when you
sit down and saw the amount of achievement you have made, and how you have created happiness in people' lives by making them look good. Don't you know that when someone wears a beautiful dress, it makes him or her look good, have confidence and above all, it makes them happy, so tell me what greater happiness than that when someone is happy because of the designer cloth you made for him or her? And as for not living without him, sister, time is the greatest healer of all wound. Trust me, before 3 months, you must have already forgotten him and moved on with your life, that's why I suggest you don't try anything you will regret later. Trust me, you will be happier then, remembering that I had stopped you and you will have no other option than to be grateful." Mercy was succeeding in elevating Mercy's spirit, obstructing her from making tragic mistake out of heartbreak.

"But sister, its painful, I'm really hurt, I'm dying inside" Linda says crying as Mercy sat beside her, and placed her head on her chest and started pacifying her"

"With time, everything will be alright my dear, trust me. Time heals all wound. Trust me, it is well"

And Linda continued sobbing.

Fred was still harbouring unto Linda's threats. He maintained maximum security throughout his marriage preparation period.
"Yes I am prepared for her, let her come and let my security guards deal with her"
On the day of the wedding, security was tight, he expected seeing Linda storm the wedding in rage, but there was no sight of her. So after everything, the wedding was successful. He then appreciated God for giving him a beautiful strong woman and not the likes of Linda who would have became a liability.

So after much persuasion, Linda decided to move on with her life and embraced her talent.

Days passed by, months passed, no words were heard from each other.

Two years later, Fred received a call from his friend.
"Fred, where are you?" Osita asks

"I'm in my office?"

"OK, I'm coming there right away"


About 1hour later, Osita stormed Fred's office, after exchanging pleasantries, Osita asked: "Guy, can you guess who I saw yesterday"


"I saw Linda, your Ex-girlfriend"

"Really? So how is she? Ever since we parted ways, I have not set my eyes on her" Fred says

"Guy, you really need to see her, she is now a very big girl"

"She was a big girl before naa, don't you know?"

"Not that kind of big girl, she is now very rich. I saw her riding a Venza SUV. If you see her skin, sweet. Fred, I hardly recognized her, she was the one who reintroduced herself to me, I shouted eeh...I couldn believe she was the one"

"Can you imagine! I told you that that girl can not have anything good to do with her life. So she is now into runs. She is now sleeping with old men, I'm sure its one of her sugar daddies that bought the jeep for her. Shameless girl. I despise her, thank Goodness I did not end up with a lowlife slut like her" Fred says

To be continued.....

The author of  "Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend" is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author..


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