Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend: Episode 6

Few minutes later, Linda reached Mercy's place.
"What's up Sis, how are you? Where is everybody?" Linda asks as her face beam in sheer happiness

"They are still in school" Mercy answers observing her.....

"Oh, I thought they are still on holidays"

"No, they resumed last week"

"I'm thirsty, a cup of chilled water will do" Linda says heading to the fridge.

"I'm so sad for you right now Linda. You sure don't know what is happening, I fear for your heart because it will be shattered into pieces the moment you see these photos." Mercy says in her heart.
"So Linda, what's that you want to tell me? I can see the glittering joy all over your face, so I'm eager to hear it.....gist me please" Mercy requests

"Relax Mercy,.......you see, that your mouth which you use to bad mouth Fred and I, you will use it to congratulate me right now"
Linda says, and started gulping the water

"Hmm, please tell me already.." Mercy becomes anxious

"Relax naa, just calm down, I will tell you...but first, congratulate me" Linda requests

"How?" Mercy asks

"I want you to say, " Linda congratulations, I am so happy for you"... So say it " Mercy requests

"OK....., Linda, congratulations, I am so happy for you... You see, I have said it. So can I hear the good news already?"

"OK..., Mercy, in two weeks time, Fred and I will be getting married...." Linda says, smiling joyfully...

Mercy paused in shock glaring at Linda, shaking her head in pity...

Linda who noticed the sudden mood change of her sister, stopped smiling and asked: "Why is your face like that? You should be happy for me, isn't that what you have always wanted?" Linda asks

"Linda, who gave you this ridiculous idea?"

"Fred told me before traveling, and I also confirmed it today from one if his colleagues at the office" Linda answers

"Linda, I warned you but you failed to heed to my advises, you labeled me a foe, an enemy of progress.... May God give you the heart to bear this disappointment"

Linda's face frowned immediately: "Why is it that you can't stop hating us, why? I just told you that Fred has finally decided to take our relationship to the next level and you are here spewing rotten things from your mouth, instead of being happy for me. Its now crystal clear that you hate me so much... I think its a mistake coming here. I'm leaving, please" Linda flares, trying yo grab her bag to leave

Mercy was busy listening to her, waiting for her to finish airing her mind: "Are you done talking? Alright..... take a look at these photos" Mercy says, handing her phone over to her

And Linda hesitantly collected it from her..
At first she couldn't fathom what she saw...
When it was clear in her eyes that Fred was the one in the photos, she began shaking, shivering in fear. She couldn't tell what was happening to her.
"She nervously looked at Mercy and asked: " Is this Fred?"

"Linda, at first I couldn't believe he was the one.. But later, I accepted the reality. According to the person who shared them, they will be getting married in two weeks time" Mercy answers

"Linda, we are in a dream, right? This is not real, we will still wake up from the dream, right?" Linda asks, as her eyes widened in fear shock

"Its real, my sister, Fred has gone his separate ways, so you have to choose what to do with your life from now on... Its such a pity he made you turn down marriage proposals of other rich men who came to seek for your hand in marriage. I warned you, mama warned you, but you did not listen. You were blinded by Fred's fake love. He locked up your heart and threw the key inside deep sea, blocking your ears from the advises of the people who truly want the best for you. And not only that, he made you severed ties with your siblings simply because we were fighting for what's best for you.... Linda, you forgot that your family will never deceive you, because we all have your best interest at heart. Now, the stupid fool has dumped you for another lady. Its alright, it's not the end if the world"

Mercy was busy making a statement, and Linda was reminiscing the moments she spent with Fred....:"No Mercy, it's not possible. Fred made it clear that he can't live without me. He love me so much, I don't think this person is Fred, he might be his lookalike."

"Shut up Linda! Come to your senses, please. Every time Fred! Fred!! Fred!!! Wake up sister and accept reality. Fred is no more with you, he has dumped you for another lady, so better get that into your head and forget him, please." Mercy says, feeling irritated at how Linda was still nurturing love for Fred.

"Mercy, you are not understanding me. Fred is not in the country right now. He traveled to Uganda, he has promised me that once he returns to Nigeria, he is coming to see our family... Even his number has not been going through, because, if he is in Nigeria, there will be no reason he will keep his phone off and besides, I would have seen the photos on Facebook because we are also friends there" Linda explains, living in denial mechanism that Fred was not the one in the photos.

"Really? What if he has blocked you from his friend's list. OK, you know what? Check if you can still see his profile from your account?" Mercy suggests

And Linda grabbed her phone, shivering in fear, hoping for the best, but unfortunately, Fred's profile was missing in her friend's list... And she unconsciously dropped her phone on the floor..., feeling like it was the end if the world for her.

Mercy held her, pleading with her to get hold of herself.: "Linda, its not the end of the world, you have to get hold of yourself" She then pushed her down to sit on the couch.

Mercy then grabbed her second phone to call Fred's number to know if it will ring: "Linda, you said you haven't connected Fred in his mobile line, let me call him with this my new line, if it rings, then it will mean one thing, that he has barred your number from reaching him"

"If it rings, you give it to me" Linda requests

"OK" Mercy nodded

And she called, the number... It started ringing.

"Its ringing" she said in a faint tone...and handed the phone over to Linda

"Hello!" Fred answers

In a teary shakky voice she replies: "Frederick Ibuza! So this is true you are actu...."

And Fred was able to decode her voice immediately and pretended to be having a poor network signal...: "Hello who is this? I can't hear you... Hello! Hello! ... I think I will have to call you back, the network is very weak" he then disconnected the line.

It then fell on her that Fred had left her, and she bursted into tears. She wailed bitterly in a heavy voice and her sister Mercy continued consoling her. At a point she got tired of consoling her, because Linda was not showing any sign of stopping her cries.
"Enough Linda, why are you wasting your tears, giving yourself head ache for a man who has already moved on with his life. He will be getting married soon and there is nothing you can do about it. Its late now Linda, you have lost him. Its over. It irritate me seeing you crying for a man who no longer give a fu*k about you, enough already. For the past 7 hours you have been crying.... Stop it biko.."

The part where Mercy said, "Fred will be getting married soon and there is nothing she can do about it" pierced Linda's brain, she forcefully stood up and said: "Mercy, its a lie, that wedding can never take place.. Fred can never ruin my life and live happily with another woman. Never, it's not possible, I can never allow that to happen.... Fred can not mess with me and walk freely on the surface of the earth. Fred! He will regret this"

"Linda, what are you going to do? You know I will always support you. Fred can't mess with my sister and go free. Its been long I tasted trouble, Fred will see the stuff I'm made off. Just tell me your plan, and watch it executed right away"  Mercy whose blood was always boiling hot incites

"Where is that your phone, the one you used to call him in the afternoon?" Linda requests

"Here is it? Are you trying to call him again?" Mercy asks

"No, I'm sending him a text" Linda says, typing a text which read: "Fred Ibuza, so you think you can mess with me and go free? I noticed you will be getting married soon, now read this, that wedding can never take place. It will never hold, trust me on this" message ends

And the message beeped on Fred's phone, after reading it, he started getting worried.:_"This is exactly what I have been avoiding. I knew that she will do something like this, that was why I tried my best to hid everything from her.. But what is she planning to do? Linda can be fierce when she is hurt and that her sister, Mercy is another added fury, they might join forces and wreck havoc, this is not good at all. What am I going to do now?.." Fred becomes tensed

to be continued

The author of Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author..


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