Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend: Episode 5

And Fred stopped, turned, watching Linda's furious face approaching him..

"Fred, where are you going?" She asks

"I just told you now that....."

"Fred!" She cut in: "Stop this your outrageous lies. Do you think I am a fool or what? You and I know that you are not making any sense here."

"Linda, please, I have just told you the reason that I am leaving. I will be returning in two weeks time. When I return, we will deliberate on it. If you will still agree to marry me while I'm away in Uganda, then so be it. The reason I asked you to marry another man was because I don't want you to marry a man who will be far away from you, a man that will not be satisfying your emotional needs. I wouldn't want you to suffer such fate my dear" Fred lies

"This is what you should have told me and not asking me to marry another man......If that is the case, then, there is no big deal, I will always be here waiting for you my Love. So far you are mine and you will always return to me, there is no problem...." Linda says and calmly placed her hand on Fred's chest and said: "Baby, you know that nothing will make me more happier than being your wife. You can marry me and travel to Uganda, am ready to wait and be faithful to you my love. Don't ask me to marry another man, please, its like asking me to commit suicide."

"Alright dear, just allow me to leave now, I don't want to keep my boss waiting, when I return in two weeks time, then I will go straight to your home and pay your bride price." Fred says, trying to ameliorate her heart.

Happy Linda jumped in joy and hugged him: "Baby, I can't wait, it will be the happiest day of my life. And that my sister, Mercy, her mouth will be shut forever. She won't bad mouth us again"

"OK dear, so can I go now?" Fred asks

"Yes, you can, my love, but just give me a hug please?"Linda seeks opening her arms.
And Fred hugged her and said in his heart: "I am sorry Linda, this will be the last time you will ever see me again. I wish you the best of life"

Fred then released himself from her, giving her a fake smile, as he gave her a quick kiss on the lips and left.

When Fred was leaving, Linda started receiving strange feelings: "Why am I feeling as if I'm loosing something so precious to me or is it because of my discussion with Fred?.. No, I shouldn't harbour this negative feelings before they turn into a reality." Linda says shaking off the odd feelings from her mind.

Later in the evening, Linda called Fred after waiting tirelessly for his call: "He hasn't called me yet? He is supposed to have called and informed me before his plane leaves. OK, let me call him now.." She then brought out her phone and called Fred, but there was no response. She called countless times, still no response.
"Haaa, what is wrong with Fred? He is not answering my calls." Worried Linda asks herself.

"Hmm, this girl won't stop calling. I think I should better bar her number, but before doing that, let me send her a text" Fred suggests
And then he sent her a text: "We are in a meeting, I will call you back as soon as I'm through"

Linda then smiled after reading the text: "He is in a meeting and I'm here worrying myself for nothing, I will wait till he is through, I know he will definitely call me."
So while waiting for Fred, the cool breeze of sleep blew her.

When she woke up at about 4:54 am, she screamed at herself for sleeping off without talking to Fred. And she feared she must had missed his calls. She quickly checked her phone but felt disappointed: "Fred did not call me like he promised? Hmm, OK, I should call him again, maybe he forgot" she then called Fred, and the line kept disconnecting, she tried many times, it kept doing the same thing.

Fred had already barred her number from his phone.
All Linda's effort to connect his mobile line were futile. So she took it that Fred had finally traveled, but was drenched in hurt that he traveled without even hearing her voice and her spirit became troubled. She started decoding Fred's recent attitudes before he left, the more she reminisced them, the more scared she became.

"Does it mean Fred was breaking up with me without me noticing it? First he stopped sleeping at home, he stopped eating my food, he stopped addressing me with pet names, he got easily agitated at any little thing I do, his calm charming smiles disappeared from his face, could it be he is.........? No, what am I even thinking? Its not possible, Fred can't do anything of such nature because we have gone through a lot. At least, he can't walk away from my life after everything we have being through. Yes, that is just it. He loves me and can't leave me for another woman" Linda says, giving hope to herself, assuring herself that Fred can't leave her, but her spirit was still troubled.

She hardly ate, she was yearning for Fred's call, at least with that, she will be convinced that Fred was still with her, but days went by, Fred never called. And her fears started becoming real.

Fred travelled down to the village for his marriage preparations. His family had met with Mandy's, and the two families had fixed a date for the traditional marriage. And it was fixed on a short time. He decided to had his traditional wedding in a low key and reserved the big celebration for the white wedding which he planned to be done in the city.

Linda was becoming impatient. She then decided to storm Fred's working place to know if she can get some information regarding his new job in Uganda.

When she got there, she was informed by one of the staffs that Fred had resigned from the job.
"What? That can't be possible, he told me that the company was awarded a new contract in Uganda, that he was the one the company chose to handle operations over there."

"Madam, that is not true, I don't know where you got that information from. If I may ask, how are you two related?"

"He is my Fiancé, and its been days since I heard from him" Linda replies

"Oh really, are you the one he will be getting married to in two weeks time?"

"Yes, I am the one" Linda says smiling, "so he had already told his colleagues that we will be getting married in two weeks time, that's awesome" Linda thought the man spoke based on the promise Fred made to her before he left.

"Wow, congratulations madam. I heard the wonderful news from his close friend."

"Alright my dear, thanks for your time, I think I will have to leave now" Linda says leaving, and rejoicing massively in her heart and forgot the main reason she stormed there in the first place.

"I think I will go straight to Mercy's house and give her this good news. Now, she won't open that her mouth again to insult my Fred, because very soon he will become her in-law" Linda says in her heart stopping a taxi...

"What? Oh my God! What? Fred, getting married to another girl?" Mercy became shocked after seeing Fred's pre-wedding photos on Facebook through a mutual friend.
The photos were shared by Mandy, but she tagged her friend who was also Mercy's friend on Facebook.

"Is this guy really Fred? OK, let me check very well" She said to herself checking the name of the persons Mandy tagged to the photos, lo and behold, Fred's name was also there. She quickly went to his timeline and discovered he also shared some of the photos on his own account.

"Linda oooo!" She blurted with her mouth wide agape as her eyes glared widely in shock.:"Linda, you have finished. I told you, I told you but you wouldn't listen. You counted me as an enemy of progress... Oh my sister, how are you going to take this shocking news now......how is she going to react? O.M.G, she really needs to know, but is she aware yet?.......
 I don't think so, otherwise, she would have called by now crying her eyes out. Oh Lord, I hope she doesn't do anything stupid if she gets to find out. This is shocking, I can't even believe that Fred could have a heart to dump my sister. I thought that their love will endure the test of time....... I think I should call her now and inform her"

But just then, Mercy's phone rang: "Oh she is the one calling, which means she has found out too" Mercy says, answering the call, designing her mouth to start consoling her.

"Hello Mercy, are you at home?" Linda asks

"Oh, she is sounding so cool, I expected her to be crying, does it mean she accepted it in good fate?" Mercy thinks, answering the call "Yes, I am at home"

"OK good, I am on my way now, I have a good news.... You will finally use that your mouth you used to bad mouth me to finally say, "Congratulations"

And Mercy was stunned listening to her. She wondered what she will be congratulating her for.
"Hello, are you there? You are so quiet this afternoon, are you alright?"

"Yes, .....yes...yes...I am fine, I will be waiting for you at my house"

"Alright then." Linda says and then hung up.

"Its quite obvious she is not yet aware. Oh poor thing, I wonder how she will react after seeing the photos. But what will I be congratulating her for? I really can't wait for her to reach here" Mercy anxiously wait.

The author of Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author..



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