Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend: Episode 4

"Babe, I'm coming, I need to teach that man sitting over there a lesson for trying to mess up my sister's life" she said to her friend, Naomi standing up..

"Wait a minute, which man are you talking about?" Naomi asks

"That man over there. I have been listening to their conversations. He is the same man I told you about, the man that has being dating my sister for the past 9 years."

"Yes, so which lesson are you trying to teach him?" Naomi asks

"Naomi look, I have been eavesdropping to their conversation. I heard him saying something about marrying another girl, that he can't marry my sister. Can you imagine? After wasting her time for 9 years, he is planning on dumping her for another girl? In fact, I'm still wasting time here." She arose, but before she could turn, Fred and his friend had already left.

"Like seriously, where is he? Where is he hiding now?" She said searching for him around: "Naomi, have you seen what you have caused now? Why did you stopped me? You were the reason he saw me and ran away. Why didn't you tell me that he was leaving?"

"Hei! Why shouting at me like that? I didn't see when he left! So stop shouting at me, please. Just sit down, people are staring at you" Naomi asks

"Why is he running, he should have stayed so that I will give him a little disgrace, hopeless man. Anyway, I don't blame him, I only blame my clueless sister for ignoring my incessant advises"

"But Mercy, you should always learn to control your anger, you are a woman, please." Naomi advises

"Naomi, you don't really understand anything. Anyway, lets forget about it"

Fred drew his friend and left the restaurant immediately he sighted Mercy.

"Guy, what happened? Why did you dragged me like that?" Osita asks

"Osita, I saw Mercy and I quickly captured what she was about to do next" Fred answers

"Mercy, who is Mercy?" Osita asks

"She is Linda's sister. That girl is trouble. She is shameless and can behave anyhow in public. I understood her body language when she wanted to stand up. Maybe she heard all I said. So I had to leave immediately to avoid disgrace"

"But what about the food we ordered?"

"They can take care of it"

"Hmm...Fred, just look at how scared you are. You are planning on dumping Linda but your conscience is not following you along, if not, you wouldn't be scared like this. So, I still suggest you retrace your steps. Linda has stood by you for so many year, you made her turned down other men with the stiff promise of marriage, so I suggest you think about it carefully. If you ask me, I would advise you to marry Linda. Those issues you listed are just minor things that can be sorted out. Maybe she thinks that you are OK with her staying at home, that was why she preferred it. Talk to her Fred, fashion out things with her, believe me she will change"

"Osita, you are not even understanding me. She is supposed to know things to do and when to do them, not waiting for someone to ask or instruct her to do them. I want a strong woman, a woman that has purpose in life and can also take actions without seeking direction from anybody. These are Mandy's typical nature and added to that quality, she is beautiful.
That is why I want to secure a new apartment and leave the old one for Linda. I will start creating a distance, so that before she knew it, I'm already gone. And by then, the pain of loosing me won't be that tragic for her.
"So, Osita please let's stop this Linda's discussion now. Can we go and have our lunch now in another restaurant?" Fred asks

And Osita reluctantly said "OK"

Soon after Fred left the place, Mercy called Linda on phone and informed her about the new development, but she was so not interested in hearing her out.
"Linda, shey I told you, but you wouldn't listen to me?" Mercy says

"Mercy, please, if its about Fred, I am so not interested. Ever since I started dating Fred, you have never liked him for once. You get easily despised at his personality."

"Linda, I am not begging for you to hear me out. Fred is about getting married to another girl. He is...."

"Mercy, I said enough" Linda cut in: "You know what, I think I will stop answering your calls, because this days, you have nothing important to talk about, only badmouthing Fred, spewing negative things about him. Please I am hanging up now"

"Wait.....wait.....sister wait, don't hang up" Mercy requests

But Linda was already furious, she disconnected the call. 
"What is wrong with Mercy? Every time she keeps making up stories against Fred, she has never liked him a bit." Linda infuriates.

"I don't know why my sister has refused to see the clear picture. Anyway, this will be the last time I will be tipping her. I am done talking to her, after all, its her life and not mine"
From that day, Fred started exposing his real intentions to Linda and she was getting worried.

When he returned home that day, he expected Linda to ask him about it because he knew that her sister had already gisted her about her encounter during the day, but she kept mum.

Some days later, Fred was lucky to find a new apartment. And that was when he started creating a distance from Linda.
He began giving her excuses.

Oneday, Linda who couldn't bear what was happening again asked him: "Baby, what is going on. At first I thought it was work that is stealing you away from me, but I have now discovered that it is something far from it. You no longer sleep at home, and you have dropped the rate at which you used to call me on phone. Baby, tell me, what is going on? I am getting scared. You know that loosing you is one thing that I fear most in life."

"I think I should use this opportunity to give her a hint" Fred suggests in his heart:"Linda listen "

"Stop it!" Linda cut in: "Why are you now feeling so comfortable calling me by my actual name, "Linda"? What happened to the pet names you used to call me?"

"Is Linda no longer your name? Whether I call you Linda or baby, they are all the same thing"

"Baby, you have never addressed me by my real name until recently, are you breaking up with me?" Linda worries

"I am not breaking up with you, but soon my job will be doing that?"

"What does that mean?" Stunned Linda asks as her eyes began glaring in anxiety.

"See, there is this contract that was awarded to my company in Uganda. I am the only person fitted to travel to that country to run it because of my marital status. I am not married yet, that is why."

"Baby, what are you saying? It doesn't just make sense. What has your marital status has to do with your job?"

"How do I make up this story now..." He asked himself: "Linda, to cut the story short, I'm releasing you from the bond that united us, you are free to marry any man that comes your way,, if I go to Uganda now, I might spend years and it won't be right asking you to wait for me, you know you are not getting any younger. Just don't wait for me, please. I have to go now, I'm running late" Fred says leaving

Linda couldn't even believe all he said, because she knew that the excuse he gave did not rhyme, it was a pure lie.
She stood fixed looking at Fred leaving, trying to decipher what could be the real reason behind his recent actions, when she got herself, Fred was already at the door with his travelling bag.
"Hold it there Fred!, I said stop there!" Linda commands with a deep harsh voice

To be continued

The author of Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend is Ngozi Lovelyn O

Warning: No part of this work should be use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author


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