Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend: Episode 3

"Now I am free, my next step is to get rid of her." Fred says to himself.

"Honey, hope you are happy now? You won't have any reason to be mad at me again, right?" Linda asks, smooching her body on Fred's back.

And Fred was feeling irritated about it, but he pretended to be cool with it.
He then turned to her and replied: "Yes baby, I'm not mad at you again."

"That's my love. Its my duty to always make you happy" Linda says, trying to kiss him.
But Fred stylishly released himself from her.
And Linda who noticed his slight resistance asked: "Baby, you don't want me to kiss you?"

And Fred shrewd his shoulder "But baby, you should know that I don't kiss when I have not yet brushed my teeth."

"Ow, since when did that start? Honey, you routinely kiss me every morning before taking your bath, so what excuse are you giving me now?"

"Ooh. She is not going to buy this little lie, what am I going to tell her now? Anyway, what will be will be, its better I start creating the rift now, maybe she will on her accord discover that things are no longer the way they used be and she will then ask for our separate ways." Fred suggests in his heart.

Linda was still giving him a "questioning look".

"Come on Honey, you shouldn't look at me like that. Like I said, I need to brush my teeth. Check the time, you will see that I'm already late for office."

"Hmm, OK then. Sorry for disturbing you with the kiss issue. You can have your bath now." Linda says, stepping aside from where he was standing.

"Thank you for your understanding" Fred replies, entering the bathroom.

"Since he is already running late, let me prepare oatmeal for him" she said dashing out to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for him.

15 minutes later, as she was setting the food on the dining table, Fred stormed out of the room and informed her that he was living.

"You are right on time, Baby, here is your breakfast" Linda offers

"Linda, I can't have breakfast now. You should have asked me first before preparing it."

"I don't understand anything, what's going on, Baby? You have never skipped breakfast before. What's up with this recent attitude of yours?"

"Linda, I don't have time for any argument now. I am off to work. Have a nice day?" Fred says, with a stern look as he left the house

Dumbfounded Linda slumped on the sofa, confused: "What is wrong with Fred? He is suddenly showing me attitude. He had never treated me this way before and he is becoming more comfortable addressing me by my real name, instead of the love name he used to call me. Recently, he is always easily irritated at any little thing I do, easily flared up on unimportant issues. Seriously, something must be wrong somewhere, and I need to find out what it is. I have done a lot for Fred, I have sacrificed a lot for him. So I can't allow anything to come between us. It will be a shameful thing that I dated a man for 9 years and gets dumped at the end, that can never happen, never" Linda swore to herself.

Immediately Fred stepped out, he called Mandy on phone.
"Hello baby, how are you my princess, hope you had a great night, did you dream about me?"

"Hmm, did you call to hear my voice or just to bombard me with questions?" Mandy asks

"Baby, I missed you, that's why?"

"You missed me? So what happened last night? You disconnected the phone while we were still talking. Fred, please answer me, are you married?"

"Married? What gave you the notion that I am married?" Fred asks

"Because its only married men behave the way you did last night. They don't call their girlfriends at night, they only do that in the morning, immediately they stepped out of the house"

"Baby, you shouldn't think like that. I gave you my word that you are my woman, and I am not going back on that. I am planning on going to the village to discuss with my mother so that we start making plans of coming to see your people"

"What? Going to the village to see your mother? Fred, I thought you said that your mother is staying with you in the city?"

"Oh shit! I will keep blabbing and make Mandy see me as unserious person. Fred, always calculate your words before spitting them out. I can't loose Mandy, she is my ideal woman and above all, she is a beautiful smart independent lady, not like that fool who calls herself Linda, sitting at home doing nothing. Always giving me an excuse that she can't find job anywhere." Fred said in his heart.

"Hello, are you there? So you have suddenly gone quiet because you know I am saying the truth."

"Baby, you misunderstood me. I meant that we will be returning to the village to meet my uncles and and discuss about my marriage. You know I won't be coming to your place alone, I will need my uncles to accompany me. OK. If you are doubting me, next week, I will invite you over to my house and you will spend the weekend, so that you will see for yourself that I'm telling the truth."

"Fine! That will be better, at least I will get to know you more"

"OK then, and I promise you, you will find more reason to love me more and be finally convinced that I am the man made specially for you" Fred boasts

"Hmm, I can see you are boasting now. You shouldn't be, so that you won't feel disappointed if you finally fall your own hand"

"Hmm.....we shall see about that"

"Erm... I need to go now. Do have a wonderful day" Mandy bids

"Alright Baby...you too"

And they hung up.

"Hmm, she hardly talks more than 2 minutes on phone, this is because, she is making useful means of her time, not like Linda who would want me to continue talking till eternity as if I don't have other useful things to do with my time. I really hate that girl, I despise her. She stinks horribly... Yuck!"... Fred says, feeling immense hatred for Linda, a lady whom he used to be madly in love with.

Later in the afternoon, Fred approached one of his friend, Osita who was a house agent. He declared his intention of searching for an apartment.
"What about your present house, because I still remember you have 7 months before the rent expires" Osita says

"Osita my friend, I'm leaving that house because I'm ready yyo settle down now."

"Oh man! So finally, you and Linda have decided to seal your relationship, that's wonderful" Osita says

"My man, I am sorry to disappoint you, I won't be getting married to Linda. I found
another girl and she is from my village"

"What? Fred, tell me you are not serious. Do you want to commit murder?" Osita asks in sheer surprise

"Osita, are you hungry? We can continue with the discussion over lunch" Fred asks

"Hmm, OK , let's go. I'm a little bit hungry" Osita says as they dashed out to a popular restaurant that was close to Fred's office

But before they reached there, Mercy was also there with a friend having lunch, but Fred did not see her when he entered.

So they sat and made their order.

"So man, I am so interested. What happened between you and Linda?" Osita asks

Immediately Mercy heard Linda, she then paid a close attention to their discussion.

"Osita, this issue is seriously eating me up. I don't know how to tell Linda that I can't marry her after all she did for me. Osita, to tell you the truth, I'm scared of breaking up with her because of what she might do but I can't marry her either. She is certainly not the kind of woman I can spend the rest of my life with. You know marriage shouldn't be considered out of sympathy."

"Fred, I understand but tell me, what is your reason for not marrying her after promising her marriage all these years?" Osita asks

"Man, there are some certain things I need in a woman which she are lacking in her. She is not strong, she is a lazy woman who prefers staying at home. She can not even find a job and the funny part is that she is not even trying. The last one I found for
her, she quitted from it, saying that the employer was not treating her well. Do you know the one that got me mad? She said she would love to be a house wife and be taking care of the house and the kids when they come, that working won't be giving her the chance to do any of that, what kind of a woman does that in this modern time? Though I used to love her, but her laziness made my love for her to start diminishing day by day. I certainly can't tolerate her anymore."

Osita was serious listening to him and was so speechless.
"Fred, seriously, I really don't know what to say to you, because looking at your eyes, its clear you have already made up your mind and there is no point stopping you, but I advice, you think about it carefully. Because the reasons you just listed are the things that can be sorted out if you guys sit down and talk over it like adults"

"Osita, do I need to tell her anything before she does them? She is an adult, she is supposed to know what to do. I need a strong woman by my side and not a lazy fellow." Fred replies

"What am I hearing? Linda have you seen what you have done to yourself. The man you are busy dying for is seriously making plans of dumping you. See your life" Mercy says to herself. She did not hear all the things Fred said but from the ones she heard, it was clear that Fred was making plans of marrying another lady.

"Linda, I must call you and tell you this. I warned you but you wouldn't listen. But as for Fred, I must confront him here, now. I will give him a little disgrace of his life"

To be continued.....

The author of  "Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend" is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author..


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