Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend: Episode 2

Linda couldn't understand what Fred meant, she angrily walked up to him: "Baby, I don't understand what you mean by that statement you just made. Have you forgotten that I did not get my self pregnant? Its our child. You should be happy about it like other men do when they receive such news."

"Linda, you know I worked all night at the office, so I need to rest now, can you allow me, please?" Fred meanly asked, walking into the room.

"What? I really don't understand anything. Anyway, he can say all he want to, but as for this baby, I won't terminate it. I will carry it to full terms." Linda says, going inside the kitchen to continue with her chores.

Fred was inside the room attacking himself on why he made a mistake by impregnating Linda.
"I don't know why I made such a mistake. I can't allow her to have that child, I don't want anything that will connect us forever. And I can't continue with this relationship, either...........I am ready to settle down now but it will be definitely not with her.
Eeeeeishhh!!....her sight disgust me, I can't even stand her for one minute. But the problem is, how do I break up with her? How do I tell her that I am fed up without her throwing any tantrum or creating a fuse or even committing suicide?...... But first thing first, I must find a way to get rid of that child."

Linda was washing the dishes and a thought came to her that she shouldn't have reacted the way she did towards Fred, she doesn't like seeing him angry.
"And now he will be angry with me. OK, I know how to pacify him. Let me make him a cup tea and receive his charming smiles" she says, getting a mug.

Fred was still contemplating on the best way to get rid of Linda from his life, his cellphone rang.
"Oh, my baby is calling me." He said, picking the phone
"Hi Baby?" He answers

"Hi dear" Mandy answers

"So good to hear your voice again, are you at home now?" Fred asks

"Yes dear, I reached home safely. So how are you? How is everybody at home? Your mother?" Mandy asks

Fred had lied to her that his sick mother and his younger siblings were in his place, so he lodged her in a hotel.

"Yea, everybody is fine.. Baby love, I really enjoyed the precious time we spent together last night. I cherished every moment of it"

"Yes dear, and I can't help but fall deeply In love with you. So Fred, I love you so much" Mandy professes.

"Wow, this is so sweet to hear, please can you repeat that again."

"I love you, Fred."

"Aww, I'm so loving the sound of it. I told you that you will fall madly in love with me, because from the first day that I met you, my heart told me that, my search has ended. You are the woman specially made for me."

And Mandy paused for some seconds and asked him: "Don't you think its a bit too early to arrive at this conclusion or are you one of those men who use marriage to deceive girls?"

"How can you say that Baby love? You know I love you. I don't need further inquires. I love everything about you. And besides, this is 4 weeks we have known each other, and I have studied you closely enough and have approved that you are that woman I have been searching for. I love you Baby." Fred professes

"Hmm, so you want me to believe you?"

"Yes Baby, you should believe me."

"Remember we are from the same village, so don't you think its another added advantage to our love?"

"Hmm, yes, that was why I decided to give you a trial" Mandy answers

They were busy chatting over the phone, as Linda barged into his room with a mug of tea.
On sighting her, Fred quickly disconnected the call.
"Linda, how dare you barge into my room without knocking?" He angrily asks

And the question shocked Linda, because she had never knocked on the door before entering.
"Baby? Are you alright? Is something bothering you? Since when do I need permission to enter our room, our room baby? And who was that you were chatting with over the phone?"

"Linda, next time, knock before entering my room, please."

"But why? This has never happened before. Why should I knock before entering our room?"

"My room, Linda! Its my room!! Remember you are still a guest here, do you know why? Because I have not yet made you my wife and I might decide to change my mind tomorrow" Fred says, as he smirked.

"Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!" The unexpected statement sounded like a bomb blast on Linda's ear. She had always heard Fred promised her he will marry her, she couldn't believe that he will still use the same mouth to say that "he might decide to change his mind". She then thought that it was because of her stubbornness over the pregnancy.

"But Baby, why are you talking to me in this harsh manner? Is it because of the pregnancy? OK don't worry, I am ready to do all you ask of me. You know I love you with all my heart , so I am ready to get rid of the baby so that you will remain happy for me, again. Please." Linda pleads, kneeling down, crying faintly

"Ooh, and this is exactly what I wanted" Fred said in his heart and then turned to Linda and asked her to stand up.

"Look at my baby crying. You sure know how to control me entirely. First you got me extremely angry and now you have tuned off my anger and made me happy again. Wow! The Angel of my life. Now get up OK, you know I love you so much, I love you so much."

And Linda wiped her eyes and asked: "Hope you are no longer angry with me?"

"How can I remain angry after the sacrifice you are about to make for me?" Fred replies, and opened his arms to hug Linda

And Linda approached and they hugged.
He smirked bitterly while Linda was in his arms. :"I can't just wait to get rid of you from my life. I am ready to settle down and I won't have you delaying me further" Fred says in his heart.

"That means we will be buying the drug this evening?" Linda asks

"You don't have to worry, I will get the drug from the pharmacy this evening" Fred replies.

"OK Baby, so here is your tea. I made it exactly the way you always want it"

"That's good. Bring it here?" Fred requests, giving her a fake smile.

And she handed the tea mug to him.

Later in the evening, Fred got the medicine and Linda took it.
The next morning, they confirmed that the baby was gone.

To be continued.....

All the ladies behaving like Linda, may they receive sense oo.... Amen.
The author of  "Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend" is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author..


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