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Love! Love!! Love!!!
Some people will say, "don't fall in love with your heart, but fall with your brain".
I think the latter will be more applicable especially when the relationship has not yet being defined.

"Today, I must visit Linda in that house she is wasting her life thinking she is waiting for an invisible marriage proposal. What is even wrong with her? She keeps turning down important suitors coming her way all because of that nonentity. I must go there uninvited" Linda's step sister, Mercy says, preparing to visit her at her boyfriend's house.

Linda had been dating her boyfriend, Fred for 9 years, and it had dipped her family members into massive state of worries, especially her mother. She was loosing herself on why her daughter kept turning down marriage proposals of well respectable suitors that had been coming for her hand in marriage. Her elder step sister, Mercy took it upon herself to knock some senses into her, but Linda was always pulling stubborn whenever it came to Fred's issue.

"The door bell rings"

"Who could that be? I'm not expecting anyone" Linda wonders, heading towards the door: "Who is there?" She asks

"Linda, open the door, its me, your sister" Mercy answers

"Mercy? You are here? You did not notified me before coming?"

"Linda, allow me to come in first before bathing me with questions" Mercy says.
And Linda ushered her in, shivering in fear.

"Why are you panicking like you saw a ghost? Or am I now a ghost?" Mercy asks wandering her eyes all over her sister's body.

"Um....not like that sister.. just that I was not expecting you and........and......"

"But I am here now" Mercy interrupts her: "Let's go inside please. I need to drink chilled water" Mercy says, entering inside

"Why is she here? She is certainly going to create a misunderstanding for me and my boyfriend. I will make sure she leaves before Fred returns." Linda says, heading inside.

Mercy who was thirsty opened the fridge to to grab a bottle of water and was astonished on the sets of food she found in the freezer.
"Oow, my sister is already living like a wife when nothing has been done on her head." She says to herself, wandering her eyes all over the house. When she got to the laundry stand, she noticed the heep of clothes Linda was about to wash and shook her head

"Linda, this is enough! Did you hear me? This is enough! When will you receive sense?"

"Sister, I don't understand. You just came to my house and start shouting at me, what is the problem?" Confused Linda asks

"Linda, did you just call this place your house? Listen, here can only be your house when Fred finally marries you. I'm pitying you, sister. You are totally blind that you are not seeing the clear image on the wall. Fred is not ready to give this your relationship a meaning. You are here washing clothes for him, cleaning the whole house, cooking different kinds of delicacies for him, sitting at the house all day doing nothing, waiting for him to return and serve him. Linda, are you not even ashamed of yourself? What happened to your sense of reasoning?"

"Mercy, I knew that your coming here will only add more matters to my worries. Its my friendship, so allow me to deal with it in my own way.
Fred had already promised to marry me, just that he pleaded with me to give him more time to arrange himself before hitting on marriage.
So Mercy, I would like you to stop bothering me with this issue of marriage. Fred and I love each other, he will marry me when the time deems right for him. So, I would like you to stop pestering me with it, please"

While Linda was expressing herself, Mercy was busy looking at her tommy and how frail she was looking.
"Is Linda pregnant?" She tried asking her, but decided to keep mute, since she was already flared up: "Anyway, let me observe her closely first before throwing the question" she said to herself and continued: "Linda, I did not come here to incite your anger, I'm only saying all these things just because I care.
Mother is busy worrying herself out with so many irrelevant things. If she is not worrying that maybe, you are an "Ogbanje", she worries that maybe her enemies are working overtime in your life.
You are not getting any younger, Sis, so everybody is worried."

"Mercy, I will get married when the time is right, simple." Linda snaps, entering the living room and lied on the sofa.

Mercy was still observing her. She joined her in the living room and they started watching a program on the television.

40 minutes later, Mercy asked Linda to give her something to eat, that she was hungry.

"Mercy, seriously, I am very weak.
 You can go to the kitchen and serve yourself." Linda says

"You are weak? But its too early to be feeling weak or is there something else going on?"

"Like what?" Linda snaps

Mercy went closer to her and quickly touched her stomach.

"What are you doing?" Linda asks, slapping out her hand.

"Linda, your stomach is strong, are you pregnant!" Mercy asks with sheer curiosity

"Ooom! What is all these now? Mercy, I think you should start going, and besides I don't want Fred to meet you here, he will be returning home any moment" Linda fumes and suddenly got herself. She never knew when that statement slipped from her mouth.

Fred had warned Linda to stop inviting her siblings over to his house, that each time they visited, they incited her against him with marriage issues, and they will end up having misunderstandings.

"What did you just say? You mean your boyfriend will be mad at you if he sees me in his house?" Mercy surprises.

"Its not what I meant, please. You are getting me wrong.
 You said you are hungry right, don't worry let me get you something to eat." Linda says, heading to the kitchen as dumbfounded Mercy continued looking at her while she left.

"Now, I see! This guy does not want to have anything to do with our family. He does not want to commit himself. And this my foolish sister is blindly loving him. No, I won't remain quiet, I must tell her this, I must" she gaited to the kitchen and spat out her mind whether Linda would like it or not.

"Linda, I have something to say, and I don't care if you will feel angry about it or not but I have to say it....
Linda, its now clear that Fred does not want to have anything to do with our family, he does not want to commit himself at all. Do you know why? Because he does not want anybody to blame him or point an accusing finger at him if he ends up not marrying you."

"Mercy, I have seen you won't shut up."

"How can I keep shut when a man is busy playing with my beautiful sister's life"

"OK, so what are you suggesting I should do?" Linda asks

"Linda, just call him, sit him down and calmly ask him when he will be coming to see your family" Mercy suggests

"And?" Linda asks, carelessly paying attention to what Mercy was saying. She only tried to get her busy talking so that she won't suspect she was pregnant.

"And if he fails to give you a satisfactory answer, you then hit the door and call it a quit. You have important men lying up for you, don't waste your time with him"

"Is that all?" Linda asks

"Linda, it looks like you are not paying attention to all I have been saying?"

"What did you mean by that? I asked you, 'is that all'?"

"Hmm, that's all for now, I am only being concerned, that's all".

"Mercy, do you think I haven't done all that? But he kept giving me a satisfactory answer, that he will be coming to marry me soon"

"OK, I understand that, but don't you think living here with him is quite odd? If you keep living with him, he might no longer value your worth and might end up not marrying you"

"Enough! I said enough!! What is all these? I won't tolerate you splashing negative words against my relationship. If not that you are my sister, I would have walked you out of this house. In fact, I'm not preparing the food for you again. And please don't bother me again. What nonsense! You are married, go and face your own family and leave my love life alone" Linda flares, hissing loudly and then left the kitchen. She doesn't like using her ear to hear negative things about her relationship with Fred.

The way she reacted pinched Mercy in the heart, she then thought that she had overstayed her welcome and decided to leave.

"Linda, I am going, and I am so sorry for showing much concern. Just take care" she said heading towards the door, hoping that Linda would feel remorse for how she shouted at her, and called her back but she didn't. She even felt glad that she was finally leaving.

As she reached the door, Fred was about pressing the doorbell.
"Good morning" she greeted him with a long face and walked passed him.

"Oh no, this is what I was afraid off, now he will think that I was the one who called her to give me advice on what to do about the pregnancy" Linda fears in her heart.

"And that? She came here?" Fred asks

"No Sweet, its not what you think, she came on her own accord. Didn't you see the sad look on her face? I gave it to her the way she wanted it and she couldn't endure it and decided to leave" Linda explains

"Hmm, Linda, I told you I don't like any of your siblings to be pock nosing into our lives, they only know how to create problems for us and fill your mind with negative things" Fred says, entering inside..

"And that reminds me, whats your final decision about the pregnancy? You told me last night that you will think about it?" Fred asks

"Sweet, I can't do it. I have decided to keep this pregnancy. If I decide to go for another abortion, it will be making it the fifth time, and besides you have promised to marry me, what's the need of terminating this one?"

"Baby, it's not like I'm asking you to go for an abortion, the pregnancy is still tender, all you need is just to take some pills and it will be flushed out. I have promised to marry you, and I will never change my mind on that, but you have to give me more time. I'm not yet ready for marriage, now. Please, give me a little more time."

"Yes, I know and I accepted to give you all the time you want, but having the child won't stop anything, I have come to the conclusion that I won't be terminating it."

"Linda! If you won't terminate the pregnancy, just know that anything that happens afterwards will be none of my business. So if you decide on keeping it, that will your own decision to make and not mine" Fred irks, walking out from her, as Linda gets confused, looking at him.

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